Found – Season 1 Episode 5 “Missing While Undocumented” Recap & Review

Missing While Undocumented

Episode 5 of Found starts with Gabi on call but staring at a photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This takes us back to 2003.

Through the flashback, we learn that Sir had intentionally left a book for Gabi’s exploration of different places in the world. He suggests they could move to Paris and start their lives afresh. He even suggests that Gabi  change her name to suit their new purported identity. However, all Gabi wants is to go back home. 

Presently, Gabi’s uncle visits her and tries to comfort her. He requests Gabi to spread the ashes of her departed father. For a long time, Gabi has been blaming herself for the kidnapping, while her father blamed himself for not being able to rescue her.

Gabi couldn’t manage to give her father an appropriate goodbye, so she kept holding the ashes. The talk makes her emotional and even sadder. She pours Sir’s food into the trash can and gives him a burnt piece of bread. 

Meanwhile, Gabi receives a call about a missing, undocumented immigrant called Satcha. Carlos, Satcha’s brother, feels threatened after his sister goes missing.

Gabi, through her inquisitive nature, starts gathering more information about Satcha. Lacey, Gabi, and Dhan search Satcha’s room for more hints. A man hits Dhan with a bat and later introduces him as Carlos, allegedly Satcha’s brother. 

We can also see Trent having trouble with his boss for getting involved in a missing person case, especially undocumented immigrants. Regarding that town, it’s about who you owe, and Trent owes his boss.  

Moseley’s team tracks down Satcha’s last location. The CCTV footage shows her entering a hotel, but there’s no footage of her leaving. The team also knows about Manny, a human trafficker who had killed an immigration lawyer. This is the same homicide case Trent is working on. 

As the team discusses the missing girl, Trent sees Carlos’s picture and tells Gabi that the pictured guy wasn’t Carlos but the human trafficker they were after. The team feels Satcha wanted to be free, and she could have orchestrated her disappearance.

On the other hand, Margaret asks Zeke to check the footage at the bus station, hoping for some good news. 

Meanwhile, we can see Dhan struggling with ADHD, especially now that his husband is out of town. He can’t find it easy sleeping alone and prefers spending time at the office. 

Shortly, we are taken back to captive days. Through a flashback, we see Gabi discussing with Sir about exploring the world. She’s worried about how she will see her father again and how life will be. But Sir tells Gabi that she should be loyal to him because he has been better than her father. 

Presently, Sir is helping Gabi solve the mysterious missing of the immigrant. Sir believes that Satcha is not an average 19-year-old lady. How she managed to avoid immigration officers still baffles. As Gabi tries to leave, Sir reminds her that she’s forgetting her tablet.

Sir holds a piece of broken wood behind him. He could have used it as a weapon to attack Gabi, but he doesn’t. 

Through Sir’s guidance and advice, Gabi tells the team to haste the investigation to find the missing girl on time. While in the middle of the investigation, the real Satcha’s brother, Carlos, comes in.

In the footage, Margaret spots Satcha trying to escape. The lead takes them to the hotel kitchen, where she’s being held hostage. The fight ensues between the kidnapper and Dhan. Just in time, Trent arrives and shoots the human trafficker. 

Dhan opens up about being held captive for three years. At this point, we learn that everyone at Moseley has had a kidnapping experience. Back to the bus station footage, Margaret sees a man plugging off the tab to wrap his chewing gum. The news disappoints Margaret, who was hoping to find her son. 

Gabi takes her deceased father’s ashes and heads to a river they used to fish. Trent accompanies her, and they talk about their life experiences. However, Gabi isn’t ready to let go of her father. So, she doesn’t spread the ashes and carries them back home. 

Through a flashback, we learn that Gabi refused to change her name and chose to maintain her roots. 

In the present time, Gabi tells Sir that she won’t mistreat him like he did to her. Gabi is also surprised that Sir handed her a broken piece of wood that he could have used to kill or harm her. This act shocks Gabi, and Sir tells her he isn’t the monster she thinks he is. 

The Episode Review

Although the fifth episode continues to focus on Gabi and Sir, it also dives into Dhan’s past life. This is the second time he has spoken about his kidnapping, but we are still in the dark about the extent of his trauma. He seems to struggle when he is alone, and we can only imagine how bad it is. 

Secondly, our hearts go out to Margaret again. It is truly cruel how quickly her hope was squashed after realising what happened to the pamphlet. Hopefully, she will be able to reunite with her long-lost son.

No parent deserves to go through what she is going through. Not knowing is probably the worst part of her nightmare. 

Lastly, Mark and Gabi are getting close, and it is good she has a confidant to talk to when things get too heavy. However, we still remember the man in the basement.

Sir is an interesting character that we still can’t gauge yet. He is constantly surprising us with his actions. Gabi ought to be careful with him. We still have no clear inkling of why he allows her to keep him in her basement.

He doesn’t seem too intent on escaping and loves playing mind games with Gabi. Let us see what happens to them in the next episode. 

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