Found – Season 1 Episode 4 “Missing While A Pawn” Recap & Review

Missing While A Pawn

Episode 4 of Found starts with a flashback of Gabi being held captive by Sir. He gets angry since Gabi didn’t do her homework and as a punishment, Sir denies Gabi dinner. Gabi finds a note from another girl called Annie, making her realise she wasn’t the only kidnapped girl. 

Gabi and her team spend a karaoke night at Mark’s house. Gabi says it has been long since they partied, and that’s the right time to enjoy. After the night out, Dhan returns to Moseley headquarters and calls Gabi for an emergency case. 

A couple amid divorce reports their missing son. The quarrelsome parents make it challenging to talk with Gabi about their son. Gabi asks them to speak only when allowed. The father had dropped the son, Matthew, at a church for Bible study, and since then, he’s nowhere to be found.

The couple is in distress, but Gabi assures them that she will bring back their son alive and safe. 

Gabi interrogates the church’s security guard, claiming Matthew is a good kid. They immediately spot a hole in the compound, giving them a lead. Gabi goes back home and asks Sir to find a solution to this case. 

A video game console is found in Matthews’ belongings. The data shows that Mathew played games with people worldwide, and there is a chance that one of the gamers could have kidnapped him. Gabi delves deeper to reach a gamer called Xavier.

Upon the interrogation, it’s established that Matthew went missing the day Xavier had a live-streaming event. The team suspects Matthew might have attended the party from where he got kidnapped.

Although Xavier is the lead suspect, he reveals he has never met Matthew personally. However, he could help the team trace Matthew by showing them the videos of their events. 

Amidst all this, the dramatic couple is getting impatient about the failed efforts to find their son. The heated argument makes the wife’s condition deteriorate. We can see she is having a mild attack and is quickly rushed to the hospital. The husband seems caring and loving, and they pray for the son’s safety. 

Dhan discovers a human trafficking gang which might have kidnapped Matthew. Gabriella looks for quick help with this new establishment before it’s too late. 

In the meantime, Margaret talks to the father and tells him that she understands their situation since her son has been missing for 13 years.

Margaret questions the father about the divorced father’s therapy club, and she requests to talk to those parents. Tony is among the friends who get interrogated and says Matthew never liked church people and often referred to them as phonies.  

Amidst this devastating scenario, Gabi gets back to Sir for help. Sir reveals that the kidnapper was a child of the divorced parents, who could also be associated with the human trafficking gang. However, Sir notices that Matthew is fond of the “phonies” word described by Tony.

As a kid, Matthew shouldn’t harbour hatred towards authoritative figures or church people. This makes Tony a suspect of kidnapping. 

Following Sir’s revelations, Gabi heads to Tony’s house and finds his father. The father says that he was suspicious of Tony’s recent behaviours. Margaret and Gabi rummage through Tony’s belongings and find some cards belonging to the gang.

They find a lead to the motel where Matthew is held captive. Tony says the gang forced him to kidnap Matthew against his wish. As they leave the motel, there is a shooting incident that leaves Tony injured, and he’s rushed to the hospital. 

The parents are happy to have their son back safely. However, Tony’s father tells Gabi she’s no different from other evil people since she couldn’t protect his son Tony from getting hurt. Those hurtful words ripped Gabi’s heart. Once she gets back home, Gabi breaks into tears.

As the episode ends, Gabi is still devastated about Annie, who doesn’t know what could have happened to her. 

The Episode Review

I felt it was unfair for Tony’s dad to lash out at Gabi. She did her best to save his kid, too. It is rather unfortunate that Tony was groomed by a gang and taken advantage of. However, it is not Gabi’s fault, and she couldn’t have predicted Tony would get shot.  

The introduction of Annie was an intriguing twist though. We are curious to know what happened to Annie and whether she died. It also makes us question whether there were other girls after Gabi and Bella.

The last scene also left an impact; it is clear that Sir cares for Gabi, but it is hard to explain why. Does he still see himself as her family? The dynamic of their relationship is always interesting since it is so twisted. 

Lastly, when will Lacey find out about Sir being in the basement? She is already suspect that Gabi knows more than she lets on. Let’s wait to see how the drama unfolds in the next episode. 

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