Found – Season 1 Episode 3 “Missing While Widowed” Recap & Review

Missing While Widowed

Found episode 3 starts with Sir reminding Gabi about Isabella, making her question if she remembers everything that happened. This is when Gabi feels shaken, imagining she’s the reason Isabella was kidnapped. It’s Gabi’s fault that she agreed to have a friend, knowing it would result in a kidnapping.

At the Mosely, Gabi feels guilty looking at Lacey now that she knows the truth. Gabi and Lacey’s relationship seems complex, and we can only imagine what it can be in future.

Margaret explains her daily trips to the bus station, hoping she’ll find her son from the crowd one day. While conversing, Margaret’s daughter called Taylor appears, requesting her to sign an emancipation letter. This weighs heavily on Margaret’s heart, which is still troubled by her son’s disappearance 13 years ago.

Margaret lost the custody of her other two children because she was overwhelmed by grief over Jamie’s loss. Taylor doesn’t know that her mother is still buried in grief, but Lacey explains the evening trips the mother makes every day.

Meanwhile, the crisis management team is interrogating the doorman, Cliff, who noticed that Reggie was missing. Cliff is well accustomed to Reggie’s routine, and they routinely chat. 

Cliff hasn’t reported the case to the police because he doesn’t believe they’d care to rescue a black, widowed gay. That’s why he approached Mosley and associates for their dedication towards finding lost people.

As the team gets charged to find Reggie, we realise Gabi is treating Lacey coldly. The strained relationship between Lacey and Gabi is getting louder. 

The team interrogates Reggie’s niece, who claims she was close to her uncle. Stakes are higher when Margaret realises Reggie’s heart medication, meaning he can’t stay without them. Lacey calls Trent to help with the investigation, which doesn’t go well with Gabi. Gabi wants to avoid involving the police as it might jeopardise their search. Meanwhile, Lacey encourages Margaret to stay strong. 

Through her terrific intuition and investigation instincts, Gabi is trying to go through chats. She thinks Reggie’s kidnapper could be a millennial based on the chats. 

Gabi and Dhan also interrogate a banker who reveals that Hollis, Reggie’s niece, has been in charge of his finances. The bank traced unusual money withdrawals to different accounts.

Upon investigation, it’s discovered that Hollis was making these transactions. The banker told Reggie and was devastated. This is enough motive for Hollis to hurt her uncle or hold him captive somewhere. 

We can see Trent and Gabi tracking Reggie’s phone only to find it in a dumpsite. The twist gets complicated as they lose their only means of communication. Hollis’s lifestyle is quite extravagant, giving the team a clue that she might have scammed her uncle.

However, Hollis confesses to scamming men online to finance her lifestyle. As the interrogation continues, Hollis receives a call, allegedly from her uncle. It’s at this point that the investigation takes a different direction.

Lacey is worried about the deteriorating relationship with Gabi. As usual, Gabi approaches Sir for help. After listening to a recorded call, Sir explains that the kidnapper is scared and unstable. It means they can easily hurt Reggie, and the team must plug into action quickly. 

We are taken to Reggie’s house, where Gabi and Margaret are talking while trying to solve the puzzle of the missing person. As the investigation heightens, Julian becomes the person of interest.

Shockingly, he kidnapped Reggie and being his account manager, he could have siphoned Reggie’s finances. Cliff gets all the glory for his swift action to approach Gabi for the missing Reggie. 

The crisis management team also realised Julian drained accounts for more people, and one ended up dead. 

As the episode ends, Gabi and Lacey are facing each other again. But Gabi recalls and realises she never requested a companion. Sir manipulated her into thinking it was her fault.

To punish him, Gabi asks Sir to surrender all the items she had given him to show she’s in control. Gabi visits Lacey to apologise for the cold treatment. On the other hand, Taylor joins Margaret at the bus station on her routine visit. 

The Episode Review

This episode sees Gaby sinking into guilt and questioning if she is to be blamed for Sir kidnapping Lacey. Once again, Gabi fails to notice when Sir plays with her mind. It is dangerous to have an enemy close as they quickly learn how to use your weakness against you.

Gabi needs to prepare herself mentally if she is going to keep Sir in her basement for long. She needs to recognise his moves and anticipate his mental games. She spent this whole episode being curt with Lacey and hurting her feelings. I felt bad for Lacey. 

On the other hand, our hearts go out to Margaret. Losing her son took everything from her, and it is still affecting her.

If anyone deserves a happy ending, it is her. She goes to the bus station every night, hoping to remember something that will help get her son back. The grief is still so fresh for her and heartbreaking to watch. 

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