Found – Season 1 Episode 2 “Missing While Sinning” Recap & Review

Missing While Sinning

Found episode 2 starts with Gabi working out while watching Sir. We flashback to 2003 when Sir wanted to celebrate Gabi’s first anniversary since the kidnapping. However, she adamantly refuses, and Sir doesn’t provide food to her as a punishment.

In recent times, we can see Gabi’s interview expressing her feelings concerning her kidnapper’s disappearance. She claims to be in a better place now and feels safe knowing her kidnapper has no authority over her. But in reality, we know Gabi holds Sir captive in her basement. Although uneasy with the questioning, she focuses on Jeanie’s case.  

Two of Jeanie’s friends visited Gabi and her crisis management team and narrated about Jeanie’s stalkers. The friends explain how the stalker would sneak into her bedroom and place dead roses to scare her. Gabi’s team starts to investigate Jeanie’s clients to unravel the puzzle of her disappearance. 

Dhan and Margaret go to meet Jeanie’s past clients for interrogation, but one starts running away as soon as he sees them. It turns out he’s not the kidnapper. Margaret and Dhan continue with interrogation with several other clients, and Margaret spots a clicker on the table. 

In the meantime, Jeanie’s mom arrives at the Moseley headquarters. Gabi reassures her that the team is dedicated and will bring her daughter back home safely soon. 

While perusing Jeanie’s case file, Gabi tries to think like a stalker would. But she realises she doesn’t have the monstrous mindset of a kidnapper or stalker. We are briefly taken back to when Gabi was in the kidnapper’s house. 

Gabi prepares food for Sir to help find Jeanie. This time, Sir believes that none of Jeanie’s stalkers could have kidnapped her. He thinks it’s someone who has insatiable desire and obsession with Jeanie. This helps Gabi begin her interrogation from a different angle.

Margaret remembers the painting at Jeanie’s house, chilling with her friends. However, the painting was missing when Margaret visited the place, raising Gabi’s suspicion. 

Gabi and her team arrive at the gallery, and the curator points out that Jeanie bought the painting with a guy friend. When interrogated, the guy disclosed that he was in love with Jeanie but did not intend to kidnap or stalk her. But he revealed contacting Jeanie’s stalker to give her location in exchange for money.

Although he gave a fake location, he became worried when Jeanie went missing. Cops arrested him for the crime of concealing critical information. On the other hand, Margaret spotted the clicker and recalled seeing such a clicker on one of Jeanie’s clients. 

The crisis management team rushes there, and upon their arrival, they find Jeanie trying to escape. When questioned, Jeanie tells them that she staged her disappearance to keep the stalker away. She had even thought of suicide. Gabi consoled her and hacked a scheme to capture the stalker before going public to announce that Jeanie had been found. 

With their intriguing instincts, the crisis management team decides to use Jeanie’s friend as bait to capture the stalker. The hatched plan is successful; shockingly, the stalker is Marsha, the gallery curator. The team brings Jeanie to her mother, who is delighted to see her safe. 

In the meantime, Zeke stays confined in his room due to agoraphobia. He ordered candles for his father’s death anniversary. The package is far from the doorstep, forcing Zeke to retrieve it outside his home. In that process, he trips over the stairs and becomes unconscious. 

Dhan had tried to contact Zeke to no avail. He arrives at his place and finds Zeke unconscious near the doorstep. When he wakes up, Dhan realises how severely traumatised Zeke is.

Like any other crisis management team member, Zeke was also kidnapped. This gave him a phobia that forced him to stay confined in his room. 

At present, Gabi is shaving Sir’s beard, and he asks her if she can remember tokens of love and gifts he gave her. And since Gabi doesn’t want to remember those dreadful scenarios, she intentionally wounds him with a razor. 

The Episode Review

As we learn more about Gabby and her team, we realise there is always something sinister lacking in their past. Each of them have been traumatised by their history, but they put it all behind them to help others.

It was sad to watch Zeke struggle to get the package that was outside his house. His trauma is still so raw and fresh, and it is affecting his day-to-day life. As much as Dhan judges him, Zeke is doing his best. I am glad Dhan is changing his attitude towards him. 

It is interesting to see Gabi’s relationship with Sir over the years. It is diabolically twisted, but somehow, they are dependent on each other. It is especially worrying because once Lacey/ Bella finds out, it can be more triggering for her. 

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