For Life – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

I Predict A Riot

Following last week’s flashback episode, For Life bursts on the scene with a really dramatic episode. It’s one that sets the scene nicely for the finale ahead and also raises some serious stakes for Wallace to deal with. Torn between helping Jamal and looking out for his own case, all of this crescendos into a violent and bloody conclusion that’s sure to keep fans talking right the way through to the finale.

Episode 11 of For Life begins with an ominous first scene, showing Jamal bleeding out. This paves way for our present timeline as Wallace looks over the evidence against Maskins in his cell. While he does, the Captain has a retirement party thrown for him after his resignation last episode. News of this gets around the prison, and in particular Cassius, who calls Wallace over in the yard for legal advice. Although he refuses to help him, this conflict is far from over.

Marie and Henry head to the prison where they feed back the good news to Aaron about Jasmine’s social media chatter. They’ve uncovered some big ties to Maskins, involving a girl and a hedge fund manager that’s been a big donor for Maskin in his Mayorship campaign. This could be enough to really help Wallace in his case and potentially swing it in his favour.

Wallace’s roommate Jamal is beaten by the guards on behalf of Cassius as a warning sign. Jamal tells Wallace to stay away from him though otherwise things will get worse. Soon after, Cassius confronts him in the mess hall and asks Jamal just what he needs to do to get Wallace talking. Getting nowhere, he speaks to the Captain instead and makes a deal to frame Wallace as the rat, especially after Safiya’s idea to toss all the jail cells and take the religious books. This, of course, is how the Captain is smuggling the drugs in to the prison.

Jamal eventually caves and makes a deal with Cassius, desperate for peace. After meeting an old flame, Jamal tells him to live his life and forget him before heading back to the prison and preparing for the worst. He straps magazines to his stomach, pours salt into his pockets and leaves a note for Wallace, telling him to stay away from the gym.

While the Captain is kept under surveillance by Safiya, she watches on the monitors as he leaves the bathroom with a bible – something that immediately rings alarm bells for her. Before she can look further into this however, a fight breaks out in the gym. A fight that quickly becomes a riot.

Jamal tosses salt in Cassius’ eyes and stabs him in the neck. However Cassius is too strong and stabs Jamal in the heart. As he drops to the ground, Wild Bill unleashes his dogs and they pounce on Cassius, beating him down. While Jamal bleeds out and the inmates try in vain to help him, an unprotected Bill is attacked from behind by one of Cassius’ men. In the commotion, Wallace is smashed in the face with weights too.

It’s pure chaos in the aftermath of this as Wallace lies bleeding out on a hospital bed but unfortunately Jamal doesn’t make it, as they load a stretcher up on the ambulance and drive off, which is where the episode ends.

The fight scene at the end has certainly been building up for a fair few episodes and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. While not quite as dramatic or tense as some of the scenes over the years in Wentworth, For Life does a great job capturing the pure anarchy gripping the prison during this time. Seeing Bill and Wallace both getting targeted is certainly a shocker and it’ll be interesting to see what Safiya makes of all this next episode.

For life hasn’t always had the smoothest of rides but this episode is certainly one of the strongest this season. This penultimate slice of prison drama certainly paves way for an exciting finale to follow, and quite what the consequences will be following this riot remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure – you certainly aren’t going to want to miss it.

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