Forgotten Love (2023) Netflix Movie Review – A tale of human grit and bonds forged in blood

A tale of human grit and bonds forged in blood

Human connection is something that can forge a relationship lasting for ages together; no matter of distance, physical or psychological can break the forged connection. Netflix’s latest offering is one such testament to this claim.

Forgotten Love aka Znachor is adapted from the novel Znachor (meaning The Quack) written by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz. 

The movie is a story about a surgeon called Professor Rafal Wilczur who loses his memory, family and everything else after a rather violent mugging. He was deemed dead, but he resurfaces years later. In doing so, he also reconnects with his long lost daughter. Forgotten Love is a story about human resilience, grit and determination.

Even after years of losing his memory, Professor Rafal has some fuzzy memories about his family and his profession. When he crosses paths with his daughter once again, he is reminded about his love for her The movie touches upon sensitive topics like humanity, love for one’s children and loyalty towards one profession. Professor Rafal’s experiences shape up a rather stirring story to see.

Forgotten Love is a movie for those who want to glimpse into the Polish culture prevalent in the earlier times. It speaks about the social conditions, the medical system in Poland and also highlights the plight of women in the rural lands. Coming from a novel written in 1937, it reflects the social conditions aptly in the film.

Coming to the cinematography and color schemes, the entire movie uses warm and pastel toned hue. The color reflects the sombre mood of the story, with the soft hues bringing out the genteel emotions exhibited by the characters.

The movie’s runtime is around 2 hours and 2o minutes and for a dramatisation like Forgotten Love, it is quite apt as well. Such stories need ample time to be carved out. Even if you plan to watch the film, you need to be patient with this one as the drama unfolds slowly and methodically. Overall though, this is a solid watch.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Love (2023) Netflix Movie Review – A tale of human grit and bonds forged in blood”

  1. I have watched Forgotten Love twice in on a week and I think it is a truely beautiful movie and highly recommend it to anyone. Even my husband enjoyed it.

  2. Masterpiece. The movie should be recognized for its w=excellence of visual storytelling, and its good cinematography tells the story effectively.highly recommended

  3. The original film is in Polish and it is with subtitles. What better way to appreciate it! Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Hello Mary, I just checked the film on my Netflix account. There is a Polish audio and subtitle option so you should be able to watch the film in Polish or with Polish subtitles. Hope that helps.

  5. I tried changing languages for audio and subtitles so I could watch the film in Polish. The timing on the dubbing was ruining my experience. Does anyone know if Netflix is offering it in Polish?

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