Forever Rich Ending Explained: Does Richie get his revenge?

Forever Rich Plot Synopsis

Forever Rich is a story of fame, social media pressure and the cutthroat hip hop world. At the center of this heady cocktail is Richie, who’s on the cusp of a lucrative deal. He needs to produce 3 albums in 3 years, in exchange for a cool 3 million from Sony. Pretty simple right?

However, when muggers hold Richie up at knifepoint that evening and steal an expensive watch (among other belongings), the entire event is recorded and broadcast online.

With Rich’s career in pieces, thanks in part to him sobbing on camera, this hip hop star sets out to recover what he’s lost and make the muggers pay.

Who are the muggers?

Over the course of the story, we soon come to learn that the group after Richie are called the “1112 Street Soldiers.” 1112 just so happens to bee the lock-code to break into Richie’s phone, reinforcing that they’re malicious trolls.

There are a lot of kids involved in this group, but in the end that’s exactly what they are – kids. There’s no hidden agenda here, they’re just rogue fans and after breaking into Richie’s phone, end up broadcasting illicit videos of him having sex with another girl.

Does Richie retrieve his watch?

In the end, Rich does manage to get his watch back, but he resorts to some pretty questionable methods through the film’s run-time to do that.

After the aforementioned video is leaked online for all to see, Rich loses his girlfriend Anna. As she calls him out for his attitude and antagonizes his fear, Richie grabs her around the throat. He realizes what he’s done and lets go – but it’s too late. Anna leaves and doesn’t look back.

Richie organizes a trade-off with the muggers following this incident, although he’s coerced into showing with a bag full of cash in exchange for his watch. To gain the upper-hand, Richie shows up at the meeting spot with a gun instead.

After a big chase sequence, Richie manages to catch up with the ringleader of this group, holding him up at gunpoint and forcing him to strip off. After removing his mask, Richie looks set to blackmail the guy into submission by recording him. Only, he inadvertently ends up shooting the guy in the leg. He does manage to tourniquet the wound, but as police sirens wail, Richie runs away, throwing the gun in the water to avoid suspicion.

It’s assumed that the mugger doesn’t bother to say anything to the police, although if he does then it’s safe to assume CCTV would pick up Richie racing across the streets. However, this is one of the more open-ended moments of the movie.

Does Richie salvage his career?

After posting an online video, bragging about getting his watch back from the muggers, things seem to be on the up for Richie. As he heads inside, ready for his upcoming show, Jess arrives with the good news. A whole host of different record labels have got in touch and want to work with him now.

Giving it some thought, Richie decides to cancel the deal with Sony. Just as he makes this decision, Richie’s mother shows up to congratulate him, excited that the show is sold out.

She’s completely nonchalant to the events of the previous night and even tells Richie that Anna will come back given he’s a “winning ticket.” She’s pretty materialistic and it may well be that she’s pushed Richie to some degree to chase this line of work.

As the camera zooms in, it’s clear that Richie is still haunted by the events of the previous night. It could be that he’s upset about his mother’s attitude, but it would seem more appropriate for him to reflect on shooting that kid in the leg and losing Anna through his rage.

Not only that, he potentially loses his best friend and manager too thanks to the incident in the car (more on that in a minute); so what has he really salvaged after all?

How does Forever Rich end?

As the film reaches its final scenes, Richie heads out on stage and begins singing. There’s a whole crowd there with cameras out, ready to snap his photo and take videos, as our rapper dons his on-stage persona and prepares for his performance.

As mentioned before though, the ending isn’t necessarily a happy one. There’s an air of loss given what Richie has been through and his desire for revenge has made him reckless and lose sight of what really matters.

It’s assumed that Tony has been captured by the police too, given the officers were after them and chasing his car. It’s only because Tony stopped the car, letting Richie out to confront the muggers, does he manage to get away. His case also isn’t helped by the fact the police saw the 1112 mugger, Bilal, skip out the trunk of the car and run away. They have good reason to suspect a kidnapping.

So with Anna gone and Tony assumed to be in trouble with the police, Rich is left with his materialistic mother and a whole host of “yes” men and women. He’s never been more alone and heading out on stage by himself at the end only accentuates that. A decent ending for a film that does have a fair few plot holes and unanswered questions during its climax!


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