Forecasting Love and Weather – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Ozone Warning

Episode 7 of Forecasting Love and Weather starts with Si-Woo reeling over Ha-Kyung’s suggestion to live together. Si-Woo looks at this reasonably though and points out that it’s a lot of work and he doesn’t want to mix living together with their relationship this early.

Some of his concerns stem from his nasty breakup with Yu-Jin, who brought up how they’re living together as a reason for their arguing and eventual break-up. So for now, they’re not going to move in.

Yu-Jin talks to Ki-Jun about her feelings and, specifically, how she thought it would be different with him. She doesn’t want to work until she dies and admits that Ki-Jun isn’t the shining knight she expected. She was hoping for a fairytale romance and that obviously hasn’t materialized.

Ki-Jun is confused but manages to receive some solid advice from Myung-Joo, who discusses how making this marriage real is like the game ending for Yu-Jin. Ki-Jun rings Yu-Jin while she’s at work just to hear her voice. What should be a really touching moment ends up feeling awkward for the pair.

Yu-Jin even side-steps around asking him to write an article for her, something her boss suggests to help boost her career.

Si-Woo wakes up in his car and ends up showering at work. Funnily enough, Um happens to be there too, leading to a hilariously awkward moment as Si-Woo follows Um into the dorms and – with a bunk bed present – believes this could be the place he’s looking for. Um is not impressed.

The weather drama this episode stems from an ozone warning on account of the hot weather. Only, these aren’t issued by the KMA. It doesn’t stop the public ringing and complaining though.

Soo-Jin is on the frontlines here, manning the phones and trying to stave off the onslaught of angry people. The Director takes Um aside to talk and asks about his living condition. Um uses the pretense of the extreme weather period as an excuse but interestingly, he and Si-Woo are both in the same boat, needing a place to stay.

Forecast Bureau issues a warning over a complaint call that’s gone wrong. Ki-Jun shows up but Myung-Joo takes the blame. Su-Jin refuses to stand by and listen to this though and begins sobbing, pointing out she started this and it was her call.

Ha-Kyung appears and gently encourages her to look at complaints as a good thing. They’re there to serve the people and it helps to keep them in check. Ha-Kyung handles the situation beautifully and it’s something that echoes how Um encouraged Ha-Kyung in this exact same situation years earlier. He smiles, pointing out just how far she’s come.

After work, HA-Kyung heads out for dinner with Si-Woo, who shows her his phone and the conversation with the realtor. He’s struggling to find a room to rent but this only confuses Ha-Kyung further. After all, why would be go looking for a place to stay when he could have a perfectly good place with Ha-Kyung?

Well, Si-Woo wants to keep his living conditions separate from his relationship. Ha-Kyung thinks it’s just pride. That night, the pair discuss the precarious living arrangements they both have, and Ha-Kyung admits it’s okay for him to show how he really feelings and not hold anything back.

Si-Woo is happy he can be himself, and ends up staying in the dorm room with Um. Only… he happens to b a notorious snorer and keeps Si-Woo up all night.

While this is going on, there’s a whole bunch of drama involving Ha-Kyung’s sister and Shin Seok-Ho. This has been going on for a few episodes now, as Seok-Ho leaves her side dishes in his apartment which stinks the place out.

However, he picks up Tae-Kyung’s book in the store and begins sifting through the pages, chuckling from time to time. The reason though, isn’t good. When Tae-Kyung quizzes him over the book, he points out that the author has done very little research and that the crocodile’s features are completely wrong.

At work the next day, Ki-Jun approaches Ha-Kyung and asks for her help with his article. He hasn’t told Yu-Jin about this and hilariously claims they’re friends. “Friends?!” Ha-Kyung says incredulously, and walks away. In fact, she decides to tell Yu-Jin as well.

For now though, she has bigger problems to deal with. Se receives reports of two of her team using the night-shift dorm room – which happens to be Um and Si-Woo.

While she talks to them both, Um speaks for Si-Woo and reveals he’s been kicked out of the training center. So instead, the pair end up sleeping in their cars in the parking lot.

As they settle in for the night, Ha-Kyung spots them both… and eventually invites them to stay at hers – but on condition of them paying a third of the maintenance fees each.

While Si-Woo heads out to get some beer and dried squid, Ki-Jun comes stumbling in to try and talk to her. And so does Seok-Ho too. When Si-Woo returns home, hilariousness ensues as the entire team happen to be at Ha-Kyung’s apartment.

The Episode Review

Forecasting Love and Weather returns with another solid episode, this time turning the attention across to the issues involving Si-Woo and Um. Both of them are in the same boat, struggling to find a place to stay, and in the end she invites them to stay at hers.

This misunderstanding has been bubbling up over the weeks and finally we see it all explode in a hilarious meet at Ha-Kyung’s door at the end.

This works really well to get all the characters together while also keeping things consistently lighthearted despite the drama.

That drama comes from the idea of living together and making things more serious, something we see echoed with Ki-Jun and Yu-Jin’s relationship too. This works pretty well to juxtapose what’s going on with Ha-Kyung, who’s finally moving forward with her life but also running into a roadblock with Si-Woo.

Forecasting Love and Weather has been a consistently good series so far, leaving everything wide open for where this may go next.

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