Forecasting Love and Weather – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

In Between Seasons

Episode 3 of Forecasting Love and Weather begins with Ha-Kyung wandering home in the morning after her drunken encounter with Si-Woo. Her mum is worried while her sister spies Ha-Kyung crying in her room. She’s convinced this is because of Ki-Jun but of course, this stems from her night with Si-Woo.

Si-Woo too is conflicted, torn like the changing seasons that are upon them. With the weather hot but the time of year still spring, he’s unsure exactly how to approach this day. It’s a nice way of giving some context to what’s happening in his life, and it’s only compounded further by Si-Woo wearing the exact same clothes as the night before.

The chaotic changing of seasons is likened to Ha-Kyung, who’s flustered after leaving her keys over at Si-Woo’s place. This unfortunately forces her to get the bus, which leads to her running late. So late in fact, that she misses the morning meeting and ends up spilling all of her gear over the floor.

Si-Woo does his best to help, even dropping tissues over by her desk when she starts sneezing while communicating on-air. It’s no good though and eventually Senior Director Um is forced to take over.

Si-Woo’s assessment is different to Um’s, as the gang deliberate over whether to lift the high speed wind warning or not. Ha-Kyung decides to assess the situation and check back in 3 hours time.

Si-Woo silently drops back Ha-Kyung’s car keys onto her desk before walking out into the corridor. There, he finds Yoo-Jin, who’s none too happy with him being there.

The various fishermen in the region aren’t happy, with the message board going crazy, lots of calls coming into the weather center and a very frustrated Ki-Jun showing up.

Si-Woo is the one who jumps in though and it gives Ha-Kyung enough courage to lash out and force Ki-Jun back to his department, quick to point out that rash decisions could lead to casualties.

Eventually the team collate more data and realize it’s difficult to know exactly whether they should lift the ban or not for the fishermen. Ha-Kyung chooses a cautionary stance and leaves the ban in place until at least 9pm. Si-Woo is not happy, believing they should lift it but that ship has already sailed (no pun intended!)

After a stressful day at work, Ha-Kyung is encouraged to head home late after a trying encounter at the grocery store. Soo-Ja runs into a woman named Mrs Lee, who asks about her daughters and specifically Ha-Kyung’s wedding. The wedding of course, that was called off.

When Ki-Jun returns home, he finds the place a complete mess and a note from Yoo-Jin telling him that breakfast is in the fridge. She eventually shows up late and questions him about the apartment, especially as she doesn’t know the truth about the apartment.

Funnily enough, both Ki-Jun and Yoo-Jin are clearly going through the motions and individually realizing that the grass isn’t actually greener elsewhere.

That night, the prospective buyer for Ha-Kyung’s gear shows up. It’s Si-Woo. She won’t sell it to him for obvious reasons and tells him to leave.

Instead, Si-Woo gives her some solid advice over selling her items online effectively. Ha-Kyung can’t stop thinking about Si-Woo the whole time and eventually the pair head out for dinner (mostly because Si-Woo tells her to make it up to him for helping her!)

While out though, all of the weather personnel arrive and it causes Si-Woo to help Ha-Kyung make a break for it, skipping out the backdoor. Si-Woo follows and calls out Ha-Kyung for having feelings for him. Si-Woo also admits indirectly that he has feelings for her too but leaves it up to him over what to do.

The Episode Review

This show is just getting better and better! Forecasting Love and Weather delivers a really good episode this time around, with Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung growing closer together and in doing so, there’s a great balance or comedy and romance across the hour long chapter.

The situation involving the weather, and specifically the difficult calls that these men and women have to make in the heat of the moment, helps to give some appreciation over how difficult this job must be to do – and do right.

However, this obviously serves as a backdrop for the ongoing romance between the lead pair and I’d imagine we’ll see them both skipping out on getting together. At least for now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Si-Woo rebound back to Yoo-Jin, who ends up having second thoughts about being with Ki-Jun. That’s just a guess at this point though!

Either way, Forecasting Love and Weather is channelling those classic K-drama rom-com vibes and we are all in for this one!

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2 thoughts on “Forecasting Love and Weather – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review”

  1. > I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Si-Woo rebound back to Yoo-Jin, who ends up having second thoughts about being with Ki-Jun.

    I mean, ex gf does not really deserve him, and I don’t know why he would choose her as a rebound after what she did (cheat on him, sleeping with her lover right before dumping him, which was completely pointless and needlessly lacking any shred of respect for her long term partner, and not even feel guilt or apologize for it, not that it would have mattered given the massive boundary that was crossed). The gf of the man who cuckolded him is much more worthy of her respect, and is in his same position. The only good aspects here is that it would mess with the adulterous couple, which I obviously don’t support -them getting a happy ending would be repugnant-, and also make her realize the extent to which she took something good for granted -if nothing else, he was not the kind of person that would cheat on his long term partner and sleep with his lover in front of her in their own house and bed, like the scumbag she married, not that she had any leg to stand on with regards to honesty, respect and inflicting emotional scars on her long term partner-.

  2. > I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Si-Woo rebound back to Yoo-Jin, who ends up having second thoughts about being with Ki-Jun.

    I mean, on one hand it would be settling the score with Ki-Jun, and the latter certainly deserves it, and it would also be good to see Yoo-Jin check her assumptions and see that the grass is not always greener on the other side. On the other hand, the ex gf never regretted, apologized for or acknowledged her cheating on him, even being caught sleeping with her lover in the bed he shared with his gf of 10 years right before she dumped her boyfriend. Again, completely unbelievable that she wouldn’t simply break things off with the guy and pursue someone unattached with the same ideas on marriage. The betrayal was completely pointless, since she was going to break things off anyway (in the case of the events in the first episode, right after sleeping with her lover), and she could have very well just had a honest, respectful breakup. Pretty strange how she is never really taken to task for this.

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