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Episode 15 of Forecasting Love and Weather begins with Si-Woo talking to Ha-Kyung’s mother about his past. He hesitates, eventually admitting that his dad doesn’t work and that his mother has passed away. She doesn’t probe further though, as he sits in silence, thinking about his past.

At the same time, Ha-Kyung happens to be at the hospital where Si-Woo’s dad decides to discharge himself without having any scans done. Ha-Kyung refuses to give him any money and urges the man to get a biopsy scan, just in case there’s anything wrong with him. Eventually he leaves, asking Ha-Kyung not to tell Si-Woo about this. When she heads home, Ha-Kyung finds her mother on the sofa, who admits she’s glad that she and Si-Woo broke up, revealing that she’s spoken to him.

Keeping this from Si-Woo, Ha-Kyung continues to talk to his father behind his back, who heads in for the biopsy after all. While she keeps secrets, so too does Si-Woo as he happens to be staying at the KMA. He tells Um not to tell anyone where he’s been – especially Ha-Kyung. Although when Si-Woo makes it to the office, Ha-Kyung hands over his phone and mentions her mum, sending the office into a wave of amused looks and whispers as they believe the pair are getting closer.

The truth is, Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung are not on great terms and Si-Woo is still vehemently against speaking to his father. Ha-Kyung urges him to talk to the man, knowing his condition, but Si-Woo spits back that he has no intention of seeing his dad. And he doesn’t regret his actions either.

While the news predicts that things are going to be quite cold over the next day and then get better, Ki-Jun and Yu-Jin head to work. They deliberate over whether to have their baby or not, with Ki-Jun all for it but Yu-Jin admitting she’s not ready and feels underprepared. So naturally, Ki-Jun starts looking at baby photos and checking the cost of formula milk online while he’s at his desk.

At the same time, Tae-Kyung hurries out to meet Seok-Ho. However, her mother is still down in the dumps, reflecting on what happened with Si-Woo and worrying for Ha-Kyung’s future. Seok-ho and Tae-Kyung eventually end up fighting as they discuss the latter’s books. Their fight eventually turns to kissing, as the best moment of the whole episode ensues.

Tae-Kyung and Seok-Ho are giggling, kissing, as they tumble through the door and land on the ground together. However, her mum happens to be there and sees them together, angry and shocked.

Back at the KMA, something strange is happening with the ensemble weather. Si-Woo believes they need to overturn the forecast that’s been issued already – and Ha-Kyung agrees with him.

News of this reaches Yu-Jin too, who’s encouraged to head back to the KMA and report on this. The thing is, changing the forecast like this is a massive deal and it could turn her whole team against her. Ha-Kyung is prepared to weather that storm though, as Ki-Jun takes to the news and broadcasts out that the cold weather is going to continue through the weekend.

Ha-Kyung continues to keep her conversations with Si-Woo’s father a secret, who’s taken aback when he learns she and Si-Woo have broken up. Si-Woo admits to Ha-Kyung that he always acts like a kid when his father is brought up. Ha-Kyung forgives him for the misunderstanding as the pair hug. Si-Woo eventually admits he still likes her a lot and wonders whether breaking up was really the best thing or not. Ah yes, a relationship built on lies and misunderstandings, how could this possibly go wrong?

Their little chat is broken up by drama in the KMA office as a massive verbal fight breaks out between Ha-Kyung and the director of Chief Team One. He pushes her and as things escalate, Si-Woo gets involved. Seok-Ho rings Um and urges him to come back to the office for some reason, although that’s obviously not the right time given he’s on his way to seeing his daughter.

Earlier in the episode Um sorted out a reservation for his daughter and wife, determined to make good on his promise last episode to actually do right by them. So naturally, he bails on the pair and chooses work again. So much for him making a change and putting his family first.

Back at the office, the director is knocked out by Si-Woo by accident, leading to a big understanding. The whole thing is made into a comedic affair as dad of the year Um shows up to direct traffic. Given he’s the second-most senior member of this team, Um starts ranting about how he could have been eating dinner and how bad he feels… before actually normally, joking and laughing about at the office, giving thumbs up and high fives over resolving this situation.

Elsewhere, Ki-Jun  admits that he’s not ready to be a dad but is prepared to do the best he can for their child. However, he’ll respect Yu-Jin’s decision to do whatever she wants to do. Hand in hand, they walk together, solidified in their attempts to press through this heartache they’re feeling. However, that night Yu-Jin wakes up with horrid stomach cramps. She could well be having a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Ha-Kyung drives Si-Woo up to the hospital to see his father, who happens to be undergoing tests. It’s not good news. He’s got stage 3 cancer and it seems he’s been in a lot of pain for a while because of this.

When Si-Woo finds out, he heads into the room, struggling to hold back tears as he says “why are you doing this to me?” However, the police show up after a report has been called in for self-inflicted injury. Was this Si-Woo’s doing?

The Episode Review

Forecasting Love and Weather bows out with another poor episode, one that butchers the characters we’ve learned so much about. The worst happens to be senior Um, who skips out on meeting his daughter and mother to resolve a childish fight. Why did he need to be there? He’s not even the most senior member of the team and it ruins what little redemptive qualities he had left.

This whole arc was pointless and its made worse by Um high-fiving and smiling with the others after their big triumph over the director of Team One. It just feels very disingenuous for his character, something that’s only bogged down further by the pointless romance between Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung. The pair have been hot/cold for most of this season and now it seems like they’re getting back together again. Yay?

It’s a shame because this show definitely started brightly but since then it’s petered out and turned into a really mediocre (at best) slog. Hopefully the finale can deliver a show stopping episode but based on this showing, I wouldn’t hold your breath!

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