Forecasting Love and Weather – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

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Episode 12 of Forecasting love and Weather cuts us back in time as we see Si-Woo on the plane, en-route to the Typhoon Centre. He reflects on Ha-Kyung’s words on how relationships change over time. It’s all up to Si-Woo over whether they’ll be together and he worries about what the future may hold.

Back in the present, Ki-Jun stays by Ha-Kyung’s side while she struggles to comprehend what’s happening to Si-Woo. However, there are big problems stewing in the Situation Room.

Not only is there a Typhoon brewing, Si-Woo’s dad shows up and blames the company for sending his son out in the middle of this.

Si-Woo’s father has appeared in the middle of a restricted area and it eventually turns to Ki-Jun to stand up to him, pointing out how important this place is and how the man is currently obstructing their duties.

Unfortunately, Si-Woo’s father blurts out in front of the whole team how close Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung area, including their relationship they’ve been keeping a secret for so long. Ha-Kyung is silent, clenching her fist as the rest of the workers aren’t quite sure how to process this news.

However, they have bigger problems afoot. The two Typhoons are moving northwest and it’s imminently due to hit the mainland.

For now though, we cut back 16 hours ago to the waiting room. Bo-Mi is okay and she awakens in the morning to be taken home in a taxi.

Um is rejected again, as Bo-Mi is caught in the middle of their parents’ squabbles. Hyang-Rae points out Um has never been there for them, and that this is a rare occurrence – despite him doing his best right now to try and mend the bridges he burned long ago.

Hyang-Rae clearly doesn’t think that people can change though. That much is apparently by her divorce papers on the table, which Bo-Mi ends up seeing when the pair head home later that day. She immediately worries that her family is falling apart.

Meanwhile, Si-Woo arrives at the Typhoon Center and exudes his knowledge in the past weather phenomena that have occurred.

Si-Woo also meets Mi-Jin who’s the senior in charge here. Si-Woo is the one who does the broadcast for the big meeting though, as they mention the inbound typhoons.

The problem with a flashback like this, is that we already know what happens so all this “tension” about the typhoon falls flat.

With Ki-Jun and Yu-Jin’s relationship on the rocks, the latter heads back to see her family while Ki-Jun mopes around at work.

Over on Jeju Island, Yu-Jin runs into Yu-Jin who happens to be with her family out for a walk. Si-Woo is working with the team observing the incoming Typhoon, eventually allowing them to tag along and watch from afar while they work.

Anyway, Yu-Jin’s mother talks to her daughter, claiming that Ki-Jun is a good person. Apart from having a full-blown affair on his wife.

Speaking of weird though, we then cut back to the mainland where Ha-Kyung is just sitting and eating dinner with Ki-Jun. In fact, they’re both pretty pleasant with one another, giving each other compliments.

I dunno about you guys but as someone who has actually been in Ha-Kyung’s position, walking in on their partner having sex with someone else, there’s no way I’d be eating lunch with them. The whole thing reeks of awkward writing.

When Ki-Jun laves a message for Yu-Jin, she looks close to messaging back but there’s a problem. Si-Woo gets distracted by Yu-Jin’s brother in the car and as he sets up a weather balloon, the whole thing suddenly explodes, knocking Si-Woo down.

We then return to the present day. The Director General confirms to Si-Woo’s father than his son is okay and not in a critical condition anymore.

The man’s not happy though, prompting Ha-Kyung to decide they should head out to Jeju Island together and go to check on him. Si-Woo’s dad boards the plane but he’s conked out and fast asleep, while Ki-Jun joins Ha-Kyung who are both worried and very much awake.

In their absence, Hyang-Rae meets up with her husband and hands over the divorce papers. She admits she’s been thinking of this for a long time and doesn’t buy his “excuses” about working and what he’s been doing.

Um admits that he’s been distracted but then the misunderstanding trope hits. Hyang-Raw believes her husband has been cheating on her with Ha-Kyung, given she’s seen him heading over to her place. He tries to explain his position, but she’s not buying it.

Meanwhile, Si-Woo is joined by his father and Ha-Kyung. He promises to make it up to Si-Woo and points out he wants to be compensated for what’s happened.

Si-Woo rejects his father and forces him out, even calling him “this man” too. With bandages wrapped around Si-Woo’s eyes, somehow Ha-Kyung still makes excuses for his father, despite how awful he is.

Outside in the corridor he gambling addict continues his tirade, pointing out he wants to be compensated at least 30 million won.

Eventually Si-Woo leaves his room, grabbing his dad and calling him out for being awful and an embarrassment. Unfortunately, he hits Si-Woo right in the eye – the bad eye – and demands the money from Ki-Jun, who has obviously shown up to support Ha-Kyung. When Yu-Jin figures out why he’s there, she turns and walks away.

Si-Woo also decides to walk away too, apologizing to Ha-Kyung and believing they should break up. As Si-Woo turns and walks away, rain lashes down.

The Episode Review

Well that was a mess – and not in a good way. The problem with flashback episodes is that we already know what’s going to happen and as such, you spend so much time in the past that everything feels like a waste of time.

The whole typhoon drama, for example, is wasted. We already know the typhoon is going to hit, We were literally told that last episode but yet here we jump back 16 hours and actually experience it again. It just feels like a waste.

The other issue stems from how chummy Ha-Kyung and Ki-Jun are now. He had an affair on her and shattered her heart and while I understand they could act as civil acquaintances at work, I can’t see them sitting down and eating lunch together, acting like they’re friends again. Maybe it’s just me but the whole angle the writers are going for here doesn’t quite work.

That’s to say nothing of the misunderstanding tropes and the anticlimactic explosion that Si-Woo suffered from. So he literally just had a bit of a balloon mishap because he wasn’t paying attention.

Don’t get me wrong, the show is still interesting and the way this series ties in emotions to the weather is cleverly written and nicely handled. It’s just a shame that the character and plot isn’t written quite so smartly.

With four episodes left, will Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung get back together? It certainly seems likely but this was definitely one of the worst episodes this season.

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  1. “””
    Anyway, Yu-Jin’s mother talks to her daughter, claiming that Ki-Jun is a good person. Apart from having a full-blown affair on his wife.

    Hopefully this was ironic. “Hannibal Lecter is a very nice neighbor, nice manners. Bit of a strange eating habit, but besides that a very good person”. Sure, except for him being someone that would betray his almost-wife of 10 years, sleeping with another woman before her in their own home and bed. Or try to mess with her financially. Or stalk her. Or act jealous and physically assault her boyfriend because of his bruised male ego (couldn’t deal with his wife having lived with the boyfriend he cuckholded). That they are now going to be chummy chummy is insulting.

  2. ” I understand they could act as civil acquaintances at work”

    I actually think that, considering his horrific betrayal, stalking, jealousy and self entitled bruised male ego, plus the fact that he gaslighted her and wanted her to continue doing his job for him, even being civil would be more than he deserves (and that I would be capable of). They shouldn’t be in each others’ lives.

    I didn’t like her lack of self respect here. This is not about them being suitable or unsuitable, but about her deserving to be treated like he did or not. She did not deserve this. There is no reason she should trust him with her issues when he had just abused her trust in such a horrific fashion.

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