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Episode 11 of Forecasting Love and Weather starts with a phone call to the head office of the KMA, confirming there has been an accident. An explosion has resulted in a casualty close to home. It’s Si-Woo, and he’s apparently lost his sight. How this happened though is left unknown, as we cut back in time and see Ha-Kyung sending Si-Woo to the Jeju Typhoon Centre.

Given it was Ha-Kyung who sent him away, she’s overwhelmed with guilt. When she rings the hospital though, Yu-Jin is the one who picks up.

We then cut back 2 days prior. A heatwave warning has been issued through Gwangju and there’s no news of rain either. Given Si-Woo is on the verge of being sent to the Typhoon Centre, this probably means he’s not going to have much to do. Not yet anyway.

With Ha-Kyung doubling down on work and their relationship still patchy at the moment, Si-Woo decides to leave the following day. The gang agree to throw a staff dinner for him before he goes, but Si-Woo isn’t exactly thrilled with the way Ha-Kyung is comparing him to Ki-Jun.

Si-Woo tells her she needs to be fully committed to their relationship and is quick to point out that they’re not going to get married either. So he leaves it up to her to decide whether they’ll be together in the future while he’s away at the Typhoon Centre.

Elsewhere, Um prepares to meet Bo-Mi who shows up at the KMA. He’s excited to see her and he’s quick to show her off in the canteen too. As they sit with Myeong-Joo and Su-Jin, they both gush over how good Um is at his job and how he’s the best meteorologist in Korea.

When Bo-Mi tries the food, she ends up having an adverse reaction to it, coughing and sporting a bright red neck when she heads to the bathroom. When she collapses, Um races out to pick her up, as she’s rushed to hospital.

It turns out Bo-Mi is allergic to processed ham and getting her to try the food – with Bo-Mi’s father dropping a slice of ham on her plate – has caused his whole world to crumble around him.

Si-Woo sits with Um in the waiting room, reassuring him that he is a good father, despite making this mistake. Hyang-Rae though is furious. She tells him to leave and isn’t going to forgive him. She goes on to mention how much she worries about their daughter.

Meanwhile, Ki-Jun’s life is also crumbling, as he can’t get hold of Yu-Jin. After she’s asked for a separation, she’s not returning his messages. He scoffs, pointing out that he’s been comparing her to Ha-Kyung the whole time, which is probably why she’s left. Ha-Kyung realizes this is exactly what he’s been doing to her and now she realizes that as they talk.

Tae-Kyung continues to work on her drawings, this time turning her attention to penguins. Seok-Ho is there  to offer some helpful words of wisdom. She’s incredibly receptive to him as he continues to discuss the ins and outs of his favourite animal.

Meanwhile, Si-Woo is late to the team meal and instead ends up going out for pizza with Ha-Kyung’s mother. She fusses over him eating pizza and even broaches the idea of Seok-Ho and Ha-Kyung getting married. He points out they’re very different and not compatible, but Mrs Bae hits back and discusses how married couples make sacrifices for one another. It’s an interesting conversation, given how much it resonates with Si-Woo’s current situation, leaving him with plenty to think about going forward.

However, this also has the knock-on effect of messing up the team dinner, where the only people to show up are Ha-Kyung, Su-Jun and Myeong-Joo. They instead decide to turn it into a ladies’ night and double up on drinks too. After a heavy night of drinking, the trio end up stumbling home together. Ha-Kyung eventually ends up blind drunk on her own outside, leading to Si-Woo arriving and talking to her after his own eventful evening.

“I want to make it work,” She eventually says, going on to tell him how she wants to love him and make their relationship work. However, he needs to be the one to make this decision as to whether they’ll continue their relationship or not. In order to do that, he needs to fly out to Jeju Island for his Typhoon gig.

Ha-Kyung eventually wakes up in the morning with a blinding hangover. Si-Woo has already left and Um is going to move back to the KMA given it’s the Typhoon season. This leaves Ha-Kyung feeling sad, given she’s left on her own.

This catches us up to the timeline we began with, as Ki-Jun receives a call from Ha-Kyung to confirm Si-Woo has been hurt. Yu-Jin is there by chance, given they ran into one another on Jeju Island. It’s, of course, quite the coincidence and we haven’t actually seen everything from this timeline either so there could be more to it.

Ha-Kyung blames Ki-Jun for what’s happened, with his behaviour leading them all up to this moment. Because of him hurting her, Ha-Kyung worries that she’s pushed him away and indirectly caused his accident. However, there are bigger problems afoot. A nasty typhoon is moving inbound and the intensity is pretty bad as well. With Um monitoring this across every hour, it seems we’re on course for a lot of bad weather in the future!

As the episode closes out, Si-Woo’s father rocks up looking for vengeance, while our characters are left in a precarious situation going forward.

The Episode Review

Forecasting Love an Weather bows out this week’s episode with a dramatic spike in both air pressure and intensity. The typhoon that looks like it’s inbound could well cause devastation across Korea and it’s bound to be bad news for all those in Gwangju and beyond.

Meanwhile, the episode does well to continue exploring the ties between Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung which dominate this drama alongside the weather issues, which are growing ever-more intense as the episodes tick by.

That makes sense though to be honest, given what we know about our couples and their own drama echoes the weather in a beautifully symbiotic relationship.

The way Si-Woo and Yu-Jin just “randomly” bumped into each other on Jeju Island is pretty suspicious though, and there’s also not a whole lot of detail around how Si-Woo was caught in this explosion. Hopefully we find out in the episodes ahead.

Fir now though, Forecasting Love and Weather bows out with another okay episode, leaving the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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