Fool Me Once – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Undeniable Truth

Fool Me Once episode 8 begins with Maya admitting to Shane that she killed her husband. She tells Shane that Joe murdered Claire because she learned the truth about him. Maya was in denial but couldn’t deny it after investigating and finding tangible proof that Joe did it.

How does Maya find out the truth?

After having her suspicions for months, Maya asked Shane to test a bullet for her. The results proved that Joe used one of their guns to kill her sister. She then called Joe and asked to meet him in the park, revealing she knew what he did. Maya knew that Joe would come prepared with a gun, so she switched the deactivated Glock with the one he used to kill Claire. 

Why does Joe kill Claire?

Well, Claire was snooping around, asking about the past and colluding with Corey to take down Burkett Global. Joe couldn’t risk Claire ruining everything and revealing he killed his brother and Theo. He came up with a plan to kill her in her home and make it look like a robbery. He could have gotten away with it until Maya started suspecting him. However, Joe thought he could still get away with it and tried to shoot Maya that night at the park. 

The only problem was that he didn’t know she had switched the guns. After he mocks Maya, saying she can never prove it, she shoots him two times before setting the stage to act like a bereaved wife and blame the motorbike guys. She then shot him one more time to make sure he was dead, and that was a wrap for Joe. 

What happens next? 

Maya asks Shane to drop Izabella and Luca off near their home and leave them to walk. She heads back home and writes a letter for Lily. As Maya thinks about it, she remembers that  Joe used her car a few weeks back. She believes he used her car to transport Tommy and dump him in the storage unit. Her husband truly was evil.

Meanwhile, Rambo confesses to Kierce that he saw Maya shooting her husband. Kierce calls Marty and convinces him to put an ANPR on Maya’s car. Unfortunately, Maya switched cars with Eddie. After a wild drive through town, Marty and Kierce arrive at Lily’s school only to find Eddie picking up his niece. Eddie reveals that his car has a tracker and is parked at Maya’s house. 

Kierce drives to the house and arrests Maya. She asks him for time to confess everything, and they devise a plan to get Judith and the family to face up to what they have been hiding.

How does Maya take down the Burketts? 

She teams up with Corey and Kierce to reveal all the family’s dirty linen on a global streamline. She uses the camera on the digital picture frame and sets it up in Judith’s house. Judith, Caroline and Neil return home after a meeting and are surprised to see her there. 

Maya confronts Judith for trying to make her look insane and admits to killing Joe. Maya also intentionally leaves her gun behind on a table. As Maya and Judith confront each other and talk about Theo, Andrew, Claire, the botched drugs, and everything in between, Caroline is too stunned to speak. Judith argues that they can blame Joe for everything and get away. She believes there is no need to fight over the past and says they could all use a clean slate. However, Maya says it is too late.  

On the other hand, Neil gets tired of the back-and-forth argument and grabs the gun. He says that they can claim Maya threatened them, and they shot her in self-defence. He shoots her three times, killing her. Before dying, Maya smiles, saying it is all over, and Judith realises that Maya was streaming everything. 

The news hits the world, and the Burketts find themselves in legal and financial trouble. Maya’s death saddens Kierce, but Corey clarifies that Maya planned all this. She intentionally left the gun unattended and, in a way, wanted to end things like this. After killing all those civilians and Joe, she was done. 

How does Fool Me Once end?

The show ends with a time jump to eighteen years later. Kierce drops by to visit Lily in the hospital after she gave birth to a beautiful girl named Maya. We learn that Eddie raised Lily according to her last wish. Kierce survived, and Shane is still part of Lily’s life. 

The Episode Review

We never saw this ending coming, but it is fitting after everything. Somehow, this ending is satisfying and sensible. It is unfortunate how things turned out for Maya, but she made her bed. The silver lining is she brought down the Burkett family and got justice for her family and everyone else. 

It was good to see Lily grew up with a loving family, and she is now starting her own. It was a moving tribute to name her daughter after her late mother. We are also glad that Kierce made it and lived to meet his son. He got his wish, and our only regret is that we didn’t see Molly and the boy. It feels like all storylines were perfectly wrapped, and we know why Joe died, who killed Tommy and the motive behind Claire’s and Joe’s murder.

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  1. I found this series ending to be annoying, even though I did enjoy watching it. There were questions that didn’t get resolved for me…who was the shadowy person outside Maya’s home at night? Why did Shane put a tracker on Maya’s car? He seemed very suspicious in the episodes but in the end I guess he was always on Team Maya? And I don’t see Maya ensuring her death by bringing a loaded gun and leaving it on the table…I don’t think she would “commit suicide” by letting herself get murdered when she has a child she obviously loves very much. In my ending she would’ve taken the deactivated glock to the meeting so Neil would be charged with attempted murder. And she could’ve argued that Joe pulled a gun on her and tried to kill her so she had to defend herself, and then for murdering the civilians she could’ve thrown herself on the military court’s mercy to give her a punishment for what she did, for willfully disobeying orders. And then she would get counseling to be able to live with that the rest of her life. For a smart woman she did a bunch of stupid things at the end, imho.

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