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The Gun Collection

Fool Me Once episode 3 starts with Maya looking into Detective Kierce after that bombshell from Caroline about him being on the Burkett’s payroll. She talks to Judith about Caroline’s mental health and expresses her concern. Judith says Caroline is highly sensitive and losing it. She explains that was the reason she didn’t allow her to view Joe’s dead body. 

Maya asks about Detective Kierce, and Judith denies any involvement. Their conversation is interrupted by Neil. Neil asks Maya to leave, saying she is hurting his mother with inconsiderate questions, and denies paying the detective. Elsewhere, Kierce visits the hospital for his first rounds of tests. 

On the other hand, Alexa and Dan look into their mom’s old boyfriend, Alexander. Dan believes Alexander left their mom a note and a  bouquet on her grave. They soon track down Alexander and discover he has recently moved back into town and works for one of the big tech companies. They worry that he was involved in their mom’s death but are uncertain if they can talk to the police or their dad.

Eddie is already struggling, and the police will find their evidence insufficient. They decide to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate further. 

After his hospital visit, Kierce and Marty continue working on the case. They try to get CCTV footage from the park’s surroundings and find a connection between Claire and Joe’s murder. They zero in on Eddie and decide to get his alibi statement on the night Joe died. Kierce asks Marty to drive since he fears he will black out again. They visit Eddie, and he claims he was at a gym the night in question. Kierce and Marty don’t believe him for one second and try to investigate further.

As for our girl Maya, she visits Eva and informs her that she found the burner phone. However, there were no messages, just back-and-forth calls from an arcade club. As they talk, Maya realises that the calls took place before the arcade club opened. She decides to go back before the arcade opens and watch. She finds the red car that has been tailing her parked outside and quickly hides a tracker on it before she is discovered by staff and sent away.

Maya hides and waits to see the owner of the car. She tails the car but unfortunately loses them on the highway. She heads back to work and asks Shane to keep tabs on the car. She tells him about Caroline’s allegations and begs him to look into Kierce for her. Shane calls her during her flight lesson and tells her he lost track of the car when it got into the woods. 

Maya realises the location is close to her and uses the helicopter to track the car. She follows it deeper into the woods and lands the aircraft when she loses the car. Her student is stunned, but Maya is determined to speak to her stalker. Two men accost her, and they are about to get into a serious altercation when Corey shows up and says he will talk to her. 

He takes her to his hideout, and they talk about Claire. Maya blames him for ruining her life and wants to know how he is involved with her sister.  Corey reveals that Claire contacted him in a bid to protect Maya. She begged him not to disclose the entire audio contents, and in return, Claire gave him information on Burkett Global. Maya blames Claire’s death on Corey. However, Corey blames the Burkett family, arguing that Joe and Claire were working together, and they both were killed mysteriously. He believes they came across a big secret and were killed for it. 

Corey reveals that before she died, Claire called him and said that the Burketts have been paying a guy named Tommy Dark for the past 26 years. Tommy runs a security firm for shipping companies. Corey also mentions that a few days before his death, Joe contacted him, asking to meet in person. Sadly, he was killed before that happened. Maya is unsure what to believe, and Corey says he also wants justice and suggests they work together.

Maya starts by visiting Tommy’s company but doesn’t find him. Instead, the secretary quits and asks her to pass a message to Tommy. The secretary informs her that Claire also visited Tommy but never met him. Maya then visits Tommy’s house and is told by the wife that he is away. She asks the wife about the payments, but she is of no help.

Maya leaves her contact card behind but she ends up late to the shooting range and says she is in a mood. Shane tries to find out what is going on, and she talks about Tommy and Andrew. She begs Shane to look into a connection between the two.

On the other side of town, Shane checks out Kierce and tracks him at his favourite food truck. He starts a casual conversation over the case, and Kierce is onto him immediately. Kierce reveals that Maya is not doing well and is hallucinating about her dead husband.

Meanwhile, after Alexa’s football practice, she and Dan visit Alexander’s workplace, and he immediately recognises them. He promises to talk to them later at his house and sends them away. Alexa and Dan visit him at his home, and Dan stays outside to keep watch while Alexa goes in.

At the police office, Marty starts looking into Kierce’s accident. The two detectives find a new lead after securing footage near the park. They spot the bikes Maya mentioned and trace one of the bike’s owners. Surprisingly, the bike belongs to Phil, the football coach.

Another twist crops up when Caroline follows her mom to a secret room in the house and stumbles upon Joe’s clothes. The ones Maya saw him wearing on the nanny cam footage.

Concurrently, Maya heads home and prepares Lily for bed. She then checks Corey’s website and finally falls asleep. She is awoken from her nightmare by the sound of Lily crying. She rushes to the child’s bedroom, but Lily is not on her bed. Maya grabs a secret Glock from her gun collection. Why did she lie about her gun collection? 

The Episode Review

Maya is making us doubt her innocence. Why hide a gun similar to the one used in her husband’s murder? There should be no reason to lie to Detective Kierce if she is innocent.

This episode left us with so much suspense as Lily is missing from her bed. Where is she, and who is in the house? 

Secondly, Judith is acting strangely, and it is not far-fetched to think she is the one messing with Maya. Either Joe didn’t fake his death, but Judith wants to make Maya look crazy so she can take full custody of Lily. If Joe faked his death, why show up at Maya’s house just a day after his funeral?

The questions make our heads spin, and we can’t wait to see what we discover in the next chapters.

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