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Fool Me Once episode 2 starts with a flashback to when Maya was still working at an army base. She then gets a call from Joe, informing her that something terrible has happened to Claire. Maya immediately flew home, and Joe lovingly comforted her as she mourned her sister.

Presently, Detective Kierce and Marty are still at Maya’s house, trying to find the connection between Clair and Joe’s deaths. Detective Kierce asks more questions on the relationship between Claire and Joe. Maya explains that the two got along and worked together. She is clear that the two were not having an affair.

The detectives soon leave after getting through all their questions. On the way out, Detective Kiece is shocked to discover that Marty lied about being married when questioning Maya. He advises the young detective to stop lying as it is bad policing. 

The following day, Maya drops Lily at a local day-care and heads to work. However, she keeps thinking back to the new lead about the gun. She decides to drop by Eva’s place to ask her some questions. Maya’s work kept her away from home a lot, but she believes Eva would know more about what was happening in Claire’s life before she was killed. Even though Eva has issues with her crazy ex, she is willing to help Maya with her problem. 

Eva reveals that Claire was acting strange a few weeks before she died. She recalls a lunch date with Claire. Apparently, Claire got a mysterious call on her burner phone, and her whole demeanour changed. She excused herself to pick up the call and seemed agitated. Maya gets pissed that Eva never told the police about Claire’s burner phone and never pushed Claire to say more about the call. Eva claims she was scared that Claire was having an affair and didn’t want to ruin her family after her death. Maya leaves after scolding her. 

Elsewhere, Detective Kierce meets with Nicole, his AAA sponsor. She chastises him for missing their meetings and advises him to see a doctor. Kierce is scared to find out what is happening and lose his job if he is too sick. Nicole suggests he visit a private hospital.

After leaving Eva’s place, Maya heads to Claire’s house and checks her sister’s old secret hiding place. There she finds the burner phone, but it is dead. She is interrupted by Eddie, who demands she leaves and give him the phone. Maya asks him if Claire was having an affair, and he gets more angry and starts crying. He denies that Claire was having an affair but admits they were distant at the time of her death. Eddie refuses to let Maya take the phone, and she easily takes him down before leaving. 

By the time he follows her out, she is driving off. This exchange catches Claire’s daughter’s attention, and she asks what phone her dad is referring to. The girl starts having more questions, and Eddie tries to comfort her. He allows the kids to go through their mom’s stuff. They find old stuff from Claire’s teenage years. They find a camera and decide to print the photos in it. This leads them to discover that their mom was pregnant long before they were born.

At the police station, Marty and Kierce continue looking into the two murders and the possible motives behind them. Kierce thinks that the answers might lie with Izabella, the nanny. She might have seen or heard something while working for the Burkett’s.

They visit the nanny, and she says that Maya has gone crazy, hallucinating over her dead husband. She denies taking the SD and lies that Maya attacked her out of the blue. On the affair between Joe and Claire, she says that it never happened. Joe was in love with his wife, but she felt he was too good for Maya. Damn!

In the meantime, Maya charges the burner phone and goes through the content. She finds a number that Claire called multiple times before her death. She googles the number and discovers it belongs to a local arcade club. She visits the club but doesn’t get any answers or new leads. The owner claims he doesn’t know Joe or Claire. 

After a day of sleuthing, Maya gets a call from Judith reminding her about the will reading the next day. While on the phone with Judith, Maya notices the red car that has been following her. She starts to panic as she is at Lily’s daycare to pick her up. However, she ignores it and heads home. She replaces the SD card in the digital picture frame and tries to catch some sleep. 

The next morning, Detective Kierce passes out on his kitchen floor. This makes him anxious to drive his fiancée to her monthly check-up. He initiates a fight and makes her drive. They safely arrive at the hospital and enjoy seeing a scan of their baby. Detective Kierce is scared and wants to protect his family but is not ready to tell his fiancée about his blackouts. 

At the same time, Shane updates Maya on the car following her. So far, he has been unable to find out more. He only discovered that the car belongs to a company called WTCX. It is an anonymous company. Shane promises to look deeper into it while Maya heads to the will reading. 

Shane reveals to Maya that she might need the money to deal with the return of  Corey the Whistle. Maya is displeased to hear this, saying she lost her job because she helped him reveal some things about the army. Apparently, she gave him an audio, and he used only half of it. Shane worries that his return means more trouble, but Maya just wants to move on with her life. 

At the will reading, the family reunites to hear Joe’s last wishes but are surprised when the lawyer announces there is a delay. Unfortunately, they are yet to get the death certificate. Suspicious, ain’t it?

Caroline, Joe’s sister confides in Maya that she thinks it is strange how there is no death certificate. She brings up Andrew’s death. Andrew is their deceased brother. According to Joe, Andrew jumped to his death, but his mom insisted he had a tragic accident at sea. Caroline thinks Joe and Andrew were his mom’s favourites. She asks Maya about seeing Joe’s dead body and claims Judith didn’t allow her to see Joe’s body. 

This is one of the reasons Caroline is suspicious about whether Joe is truly dead. Maya tries to convince her that Joe is gone. The second reason is Caroline discovered that the family is paying Detective Kierce money from one of their private bank accounts. Maya is shocked to learn this.

The Episode Review

The twists and turns just keep getting better. Why are the Burketts paying Kierce while he is investigating the murder of their son? Is he hiding the fact that Joe is alive and conspiring with Judith? It is also confusing why Judith barred Caroline from seeing her brother’s dead body. What is Judith hiding?

At this point, she comes off as guilty of hiding her son, but why would she go to such lengths? Then again, she seemed surprised when the lawyer announced that they were yet to get a death certificate. Did she not cover all her bases? We also need to learn more about Andrew’s death and how it plays into Joe’s murder. Judith lost two kids in suspicious ways, and no one has bothered to look deeper into this. 

On the other hand, who is this Corey guy, and why is he still haunting Maya? What is in the second half of the audio that he never shared, and how will it affect Maya? There are so many questions and no answers just yet. Let’s dive into the next episode and see if we will get a new lead into all these mysteries.

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