Flycatcher – Stunt | Album Review

Track Listing 

Always Selfish
Sodas In The Freezer


New Jersey band Flycatcher dislodge from the pack and go on their own journey through the motions here. The act step up their game, and this record is a indie classic in the making.

Grungy guitar work is present on Stunt, which is an EP of immense workmanship by a band that has developed key components. Their sound is original, and there’s hope coming in thick and fast, while the music simultaneously cuts deep.

Nirvana comes to mind when dissecting this record, as the lyrics may make music fans reminisce, and that’s always a good thing as being compared to a band of that status and caliber will only give Flycatcher a boost.

Stunt is an EP of loud and calm songs, which shows a clear understanding of diversity and melody from a band that break conventions.

‘Games’ begins the record. The vocals come in fast, and the melody is key here when the chorus hits. Those guitar lines increase the quality, which is a theme that extends over to ‘Sodas In The Freezer’, which clearly shows the band’s calm and collected side. Lyrically it’s a masterful stab at rock and poetic wordplay.

‘Quitter’ is another well-developed track, with rock undertones but it also has punk layers, pushing two well-known genres to the limits. It’s a hate-fueled song that stands out as one of the best tracks here.

Overall, Flycatcher has created a record that includes punk and rock sensibilities wrapped in melody and a 20 minute EP that’s well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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