Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Secrets Spilled

Flower Of Evil returns for a slightly slower episode this time around. That’s not to say the show’s backing down on its drama though, which comes out in full force this time. As we soon come to learn, Ji-Won now knows the truth about Hyun-Soo and this proves to be the catalyst for what’s likely to be a very dramatic second half to come for this K-drama.

Episode 6 of Flower Of Evil begins in the past. Hee-Sung drives home and hits a boy on the road -that boy happens to be Hyun-Soo. As Hee-Sung scrambles for the phone to ring the hospital, the weakened Hyun-Soo tells him not to.

Back in the present, Hee-Sung is taken to the hospital and fights for his life. In his groggy state, he makes a promise to himself not to live like Hyun-Soo any longer. Only, when he steps out the room an officer calls him Hyun-Soo. He backs away though and hurries down the hallway until he bumps into Ji-Won.

When he’s brought back to his room, he learns he had hypothermia and might suffer memory loss. As his parents arrive, Mi-Ja bites her tongue in the wake of little Eun-Ja desperate to stay by Hee-Sung’s side. However, he gently convinces her to leave.

Meanwhile, Moo-Jin sees the news about the taxi driver break on mainstream news. This feeds back to Hee-Sung’s parents inside the hospital too, who decide to try and use this to their advantage. Despite Kyung-Choon regaining consciousness, the blow to his head has very clearly given him long-lasting damage.

However, Man-Woo is not willing to take that risk. He decides to work with Hee-Sung and sabotage this man, killing him in hospital. Only, Man-Woo wants Hee-Sung to do the deed instead. As he leaves, Ji-Won discusses with the other officers whether Hee-Sung is strong enough to give a police statement or not. Eventually Hee-Sung decides to do just that, despite Ji-Won acting incredibly nervy.

Detective Choi then arrives in the room, dressed in a hospital gown and actually okay. He’s survived the knife to the stomach and is itching to work. He also happens to be the one asking questions here. However, his line of inquiry catches Hee-Sung off-guard.

He asks exactly why Kyung-Choon decided to torture him rather than simply killing in the conventional way. As he continues, Choi deduces that Kyung-Choon wanted answers. But he wants to know quite what that question is.

As the Detective continues, Hee-Sung bites back and diverts the attention back to the Detective. Hee-Sung tells the man that he knows he wanted Ji-Won to break up with him. Instead, he asks Ho-Joon to take his statement instead.

After receiving a distressing call from the victim’s wife regarding Hyun-Soo, Ji-Won heads in to see her husband. The last 10 days have been hell for her and she’s been traumatized by what’s happened. Not only did she struggle to keep him alive, there’s too many loose ends for her with this case that don’t make sense. This includes a flashback of Hee-Sung in his delirious state looking at Ji-Won and calling her Hae-Su. Even more alarming, he promises not to live like Hyun-Woo any longer. He’s practically admitted to being a murderer here.

With this knowledge, Jin-Won looks upon the old files and starts looking into Hyun-Woo’s past, including his personality and crimes. Determined to get answers, Ji-Won heads to the metal works and breaks into the basement. While she does, Hee-Sung dons hospital gear and has Man-Soo pass over a syringe ready to drug the unsuspecting Kyung-Choon.

Hee-Sung deliberates over his job, given Kyung-Choon is alive and well. Deciding against killing him, Hee-Sung instead asks what it was like when Mi-Sook died. Needing to understand empathy, he listens to the story intently.

Afterward, he asks Kyung-Choon after the key-chain, and in particular just who gave his sister the key-chain at the funeral. Believing he won’t speak, Hee-Sung instead keeps him alive.

At the same time, Ji-Won finds traces of blood all over the basement floor. With this, she realizes that her husband isn’t quite as forthcoming as she first thought.

Meanwhile, Moo-Jin interviews a potential suspect who hands over a tape that may hold a clue to the case. Before we find out what’s on it though, Ji-Won heads to the Chinese Cuisine and uncovers a bag of Hyun-Soo’s belongings. Within that is the familiar fish key-chain we’ve seen so much of. She promises to gather facts and give Hyun-Soo the punishment he deserves.

The Episode Review

Despite being a slightly slower episode this time around, Flower Of Evil is not messing around with its drama. The decision to keep Kyung-Choon alive is a risky one and something that may come back to haunt Hee-Sung in the future.

With Ji-Won now aware of exactly who Hee-Sung actually is, it opens up plenty of possibility going forward for a big cat and mouse game to ensue. How long will Ji-Won keep up this pretense around her husband? It’s certainly an intriguing notion and one that looks set to bubble up into some serious drama to follow.

For now though, Flower of Evil bows out this week’s double bill with another thrilling episode. Roll on next week!

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