Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Taxi Driver

Episode 4 of Flower Of Evil begins with flashes to the past as Ji-Won and Hee-Sung go on their first date. While questioning her over why she likes him, he looks up and sees visions of her father standing ominously in the distance.

Back in the present, Hee-Sung visits his hysterical Mother and tells her to calm down. He explains that Ji-Won is in charge of the Soon-Kil case. However, he remains confident that the case will be solved and they won’t be incriminated for it.

Meanwhile, Do Hae-Su is an actor on a movie scene who gets some direction from the Director over how to act alongside a dead body. Mid-shoot, she receives a call from Ji-Won and the two meet. She hands over her business card but suspects it’s to do with Hyun-Su.

Only, it obviously isn’t but we do find out that she’s his sister. As Ji-Won picks up on the words “our Hyun-Su”, she leaves before things get too heated.

While Moo-Jin continues to look into Hee-Sung’s past, Ji-Won quizzes Hee-Sung over his coat and has him wear it while she thinks over the murder. Given there’s a promotion in store, she’s determined to solve it. And that solving comes from sussing out where the owner of the Chinese shop is first.

After forcing Moo-Jin to obscure the police sketch to avoid suspicions, Hee-Sung poses as Moo-Jin and heads off to speak to Soon-Kil’s wife. There, he learns that whoever the killer is clearly knew his routine.

Meanwhile, an old woman hears the news about Hyun-Su and digs through her photo albums. There, she finds a picture of Hyun-Su (who’s actually Hee-Sung) and hurries over to the phone, letting the police know. Moo-Jin finds out and immediately phones Hee-Sung to tell him about the photo Bok Ja has of him.

With Moo-Jin on his side for now, they race off to try and get the picture first before the police. On the way, Hee-Sung opens up about his past but suspects something afoul. It turns out Moo-Jin is recording and he quickly grabs the Dictaphone and deletes the audio clips. As he looks sternly at Moo-Jin, he promises to kill him if he tries anything like that again.

Although they get to the house first, Bok-Ja happens to be tied up and gagged. As he removes the gag, she whispers “careful” at him. Moo-Jin looks up and receives a blow to the face for his troubles.

Outside, Hee-Sung sees the commotion take place and follows the assailant, cornering him. As they talk, he asks for Mi-Sook and slips away. However, Ji-Won happens to see Hee-Sung’s back and suspects him to be Hyun-Woo. The two rush through the trees and eventually Hee-Sung outsmarts her in a warehouse. He seizes his opportunity, tying her to a shelf and rushes away.

With Hee-Sung gone, Ji-Won is eventually saved from her predicament and learns that the photo has been stolen. Only, the person who stole it wasn’t Hee-Sung, it’s actually the killer who was lurking about inside the house.

As we learn more about the past, it turns out the police station has been bugged which is why the killer was able to suss out about the photo and get there first. As they continue digging, they figure out that the taxi driver happens to be a man named Kyung-Choon. He also has the fish key-chain and the pictures on the wall were of Mi-Song.

Hee-Sung struggles to hold it together through a conversation with Eun-Ha on the phone. Sobbing, she desperately asks for her Father to return home. He smiles at her and promises that he will.

While Hee-Sung and our taxi driver come face to face, Ji-Won finds a crucial clue. That clue comes in the form of Hee-Sung’s watch which he dropped inside the warehouse.

The Episode Review

What will Ji-Won do now that she knows about the watch? Given her suspicions regarding the black coat, it seems almost certain that she’ll put two and two together and figure out he may be responsible. If that’s the case, it could pave the way for some very dramatic episodes ahead.

In the meantime though, Flower Of Evil manages to expertly blend this murder mystery with more simple investigative drama. It’s a nice balance and one that this show has, some far at least, managed to maintain. 

Let’s hope that continues going forward as Flower Of Evil is really shaping up to be a great mystery series.


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