Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Who Is The Killer?

Flower Of Evil is getting better and better with every passing week. As this pressure cooker situation starts to bubble up, more revelations are revealed with Hee-Sung. The entire hour plays out as a cat and mouse game, more so than the other episodes, and the tension rises to unprecedented levels late on.

All of this builds up to the climax where one question hangs over this one like a dark cloud – if Hee-Sung didn’t kill Soon-Kil then…who did?

Before we get there though, episode 3 of Flower Of Evil begins in the past as Ji-Won is forced to delete a video she’s taken of Hee-Sung. They’re young, in Hee-Sung’s workshop, and he steps up to confront her over her motives. He asks exactly what she’s doing and turning away, she admits the turth.

“I like you,” She says. A silence grows between them as Hee-Sung struggles to keep his composure. Instead, he tells her to leave.

Back in the present, Hee-Sung convinces Ji-Won that everything is okay. With her suspicions quelled for now, Hee-Sung heads downstairs and feeds Moo-Jin his last meal. As he crushes pills and looks to force them in his house, Moo-Jin screams for mercy.

Hee-Sun brings up Moo-Jin’s story online and a subsequent video that’s been uncovered too. Although Moo-Jin pleads with him, telling Hee-Sung he won’t tell a soul, our murderer is cold and calculated. He wants collateral.

Ji-Won arrives at the crime scene and starts investigating. After checking the body, Ji-Won notices on the CCTV footage that a man stood over the victim in a black coat. Thinking back to Hee-Sung, she realizes that he too had a black coat on the previous night.

She keeps her thoughts to herself for now, as the police gather and discuss the potential return of this serial killer.

Woo-Chul takes charge of the case and they go through a list of the victim’s phone contacts. As they get searching, one of those names happens to be Moo-Jin. Realizing that the reporter is in trouble, they scramble over to his apartment.

Unbeknownst to them, Hee-Sung happens to be there already, checking through the laptop for footage. However, Moo-Jin lied and the clips he has aren’t actually of the murder itself.

Rapping at the door sends him fleeing as he realizes Ji-Won is there. Only, he doesn’t get far as he scrambles out to the balcony and rests precariously on the edge.

Just before he’s caught, Hee-Sung rings Ji-Won and informs her that Moo-Jin is with him. Only, midway through talking a little boy sees Hee-Sung up at the apartment and calls him a thief. Promising to get Moo-Jin to visit the station, the officers leave. This allows Hee-Sung to breathe a sigh of relief as the officers leave.

Back at the station, more CCTV footage of the cloaked figure spills out and Choi Jae-Sup seizes his opportunity to phone the driver and try to gather information. Bringing him into the station, he’s questioned over what he and the killer spoke about but it’s cryptic at best. However, he does reveal that the cloaked man had the same job as his Father.

Ji-Won returns home where he finds Moo-Jin okay and standing alongside Hee-Sung. As we cut back in time and see, Moo-Jin begrudgingly agreed to work with him. Hee-Sung found incriminating footage on his camcorder after all. Given this would ruin his career, Moo-Jin is blackmailed into working with him.

Back in the present, Ji-Won patches up Hee-Sung and quizzes Moo-Jin over Soon-Kil’s murder. He’s taken down to the station and admits that this is a serial killer’s doing. He also goes on to admit Hyun-Soo was working with his Father. Moo-Jin is certainly no Hee-Sung though and he fumbles his way through the interview, arousing suspicions with Ji-Won.

As Moo-Jin learns more about Soon-Kil’s murder he realizes one important detail – 3.30am is the time of death. Only, that’s also the time Hee-Sung was with him so he can’t be the killer. Further evidence of that comes in the past, as Hee-Sung saw vision of his Father tell him to kill Moo-Jin. Instead, he rushed away which saw him get hit by a car on the road.

Later that day, news confirms that someone known as “Mr Do” has been arrested. Although the village foreman was definitely Hee-Sung’s doing, he confirms that he didn’t kill Soon-Kil. Only… if it wasn’t him, who was it?

As we cut across to the killer, he doubles over in his black coat and starts coughing blood. With numerous pictures of a woman up on the wall and a key-chain with a fish on, there’s a few clues to show who it could be but nothing definitive. As the episode closes out, we’re left with one important question – who is the real killer?

The Episode Review

With an incredibly tense episode, Flower Of Evil lays all the cards out on the table and starts to turn what we once knew upside down. It turns out Hee-Sung wasn’t responsible for the murder in the Chinese shop after all. Whoever the killer is, it appears they have a serious cough and seem to hold a grudge against Hee-Sung.

The big talking point here though comes from the balcony scene. It was incredibly tense and with Ji-Won starting to close in on Hee-Sung, it really played out that cat and mouse game to perfection.

With deeper characterisation for both Hee-Sung and Moo-Jin, the door is left wide open for the future episodes to come.


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