Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 16 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

My Morning Star

We begin episode 16 and the finale of Flower Of Evil with both Hyun-Soo and Ji-Won taking their wedding photos together. As we cut back to the present, it’s been 4 months since the crazy ending that shocked the k-drama world.

Ho-joon was the one who shot the killing blow against Hee-Sung, who died instantly. It turns out Hyun-Soo isn’t dead though and still breathing. Unfortunately the accident left Hyun-Soo with a cracked skull and comatose.

As we soon see, Hyun-Soo does awaken but he’s disorientated, believing it’s 2005. Even worse, he has no memory of anything that’s occurred since then. In a cruel twist of fate, this means he doesn’t remember any of the case nor how everything has been resolved. This is a tough blow for Ji-Won to take as she eventually leaves, deciding against asking about the wedding ring he’s still wearing.

It’s the day of Hae-Soo’s court trial and a lot is riding on this. In particular, Hyun-Soo’s statement about what happened that night. After revealing everything that happened with the village foreman, the prosecution turn the attention to Hyun-Soo’s changed identity and deception.

Specifically, they draw attention to Hyun-Soo’s inability to feel emotions. In his mind, he struggles to make sense of the fragmented parts of his past. Unfortunately his silence speaks for itself and damages the case.

In the wake of the court trial, Moo-Jin drives Hyun-Soo back but he’s too caught up on the moments with Hae-Soo. His admission that he didn’t love Ji-Won is something that constantly plays on his mind. They’re interrupted by Ji-Won who claims there’s another witness who could turn the tables for them.

With Jae-Sub’s help, Ji-Won drives Hyun-Soo up to visit his nephew, Jin-Tae. Only, he instead messages Ji-Won when they get there and reveals he doesn’t want to testify. As the rain starts falling, Hyun-Soo watches his wife lovingly…until more flashes from the past come through about him deceiving Ji-Won.

He’s struggling to make sense of what’s right and what’s not and eventually the smile vanishes from his face. Hyun-Soo then decides to give his wedding ring back, much to Ji-Won’s despair.

Eventually Jin-Tae does show up and sits with both Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo, admitting the truth about the rumours he spread. Hyun-Soo tells him he forgives the man and to do what will make him happy without causing guilt.

As they drive home, Ji-Won comments how hard that must have been for him. Only, it turns out Hyun-Soo was deceiving him this whole time and emotionally blackmailing him into testifying. Just like that, Jin-Tae rings and agrees to help.

Ji-Won pulls over by the side of the road as Hyun-Soo admits that he’s completely forgotten about her and doesn’t remember anything. It really is a heartbreaking moment and one that Hyun-Soo admits that he doubts. He can’t trust himself and worse, hates the man Ji-Won is trying to find within him.

After an emotional night, Hyun-Soo heads back home and sees Moo-Jin. He immediately senses that Hyun-Soo has been crying before revealing that Jin-Tae will definitely testify. As Moo=-Jin opens his fridge he finds the place stacked up with egg tarts.

Hyun-Soo admits that he can’t help buying them (they’re Eun-Ha’s favourites of course), but refuses to see his daughter. He decides to give the rest of his inheritance to her instead.

The next day, Hae-Soo receives her result in court. She’s deemed to be not guilty and the act of killing Min-Seong is actually self-defence. Given she was a minor at the time, this swung the voting it in her favour.

On the back of this, Hyun-Soo arrives at the prison to see both Man-Woo and Mi-Ja. He’s determined to try and work out who he really is. Man-Woo however is delirious and sees Hee-Sung as Hyun-Soo, giving him sweets. As Mi-Ja soon reveals, Hyun-Soo truly cares for Ji-Won and what he’s feeling are true.

Later that evening Hyun-Soo meets Moo-Jin and Hae-Soo. She’s leaving to try and find herself but continues to keep in touch with him, ringing and talking on the phone. With Hae-Soo leaving, Hyun-Soo questions exactly how he’s going to continue on without her.

Hyun-Soo heads back to the spot of his first date with Ji-Won; memories of the past come flooding back. This continues when Hyun-Soo goes searching for his old workshop and starts looking around.

In particular, he starts reading notes surrounding Ji-Won with references to how she hates moths and a list of her favourite movies. (Among them is 50 First Dates which is pretty ironic given the amnesia trope here).

When Ji-Won arrives, he asks about the name of the workshop. It turns out it leads back to Roman Mythology about an ugly metal worker with a loving wife. That wife being Venus – better known as “the morning star”. Ji-Won cuts him off though and reveals that she’s moving to Busan for a fresh start to get away from him.

Only, as Hyun-Soo approaches her, he pleads with his wife to stay. He wants to try and find the real person he once was – the one who loved her unconditionally. As they kiss, he agrees to stick with her through thick and thin.

As Ji-Won looks set to leave, she asks whether he wants to come and pick up Eun-Ha with him. He agrees and embraces his daughter. As Ji-Won arrives, the family hug tightly. Hyun-Soo closes his eyes and allows a smile to cross his face.

The Episode Review

Flower Of Evil delivers a very poetic ending that brings everything back to the beginning. It’s cliché that we got the amnesia plot but it works surprisingly well to show Hyun-Soo and Ji-Won’s relationship surviving no matter what.

Now we get to the see the two falling in love all over again but doing so without any lies or secrets being held between them. While the previous episode ended the thriller aspects of this drama completely, this shift across to melodrama and angst nicely adds some final gloss to this excellent Korean drama.

The finale was an emotional rollercoaster and there’s so many intriguing Easter eggs dotted throughout. From Hyun-Soo’s notebook to the true meaning of Morning Star, right the way through to him buying egg tarts at Moo-Jin’s house, all of this combines to produce a really satisfying ending.

The significant final scene of Hyun-Soo finally smiling by himself without mirroring anyone else’s expression solidifies how far he’s come. This is really home to him and Lee Joon-Gi absolutely knocks it out the park with his acting. I’d be very surprised if he isn’t nominated for a Baeksang Award next year on the back of this.

The show ends beautifully too and while the amnesia plot angle is a little contrived – especially for Man-Woo who should have been made to suffer – there’s enough here to enjoy nonetheless. This is definitely one of the best dramas this year for sure and the ending solidifies what a wild ride this one has been.

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  1. Love every bit of this drama. The cast were superb. I could not stop watching until I reach the ending. Hats off to the writers, director and anyone that I missed. This drama had it all. I recommend, must see….

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