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End Of The Line

The penultimate episode of Flower Of Evil sees the bitter rivalry between Hyun-Soo and Hee-Sung come to an end in the most dramatic way possible. The climax to this one is an absolute gut-wrenching exchange of emotions and all of it capitulates into a shocking final scene.

Episode 15 of Flower Of Evil begins with a home movie from the past. Moo-Jin films and heads inside where he finds Min-Seok and a body writhing on the ground inside a bag. Min-Seok brushes it off as an elk though and Moo-Jin begrudgingly agrees.

Back in the present, Hyun-Soo strikes his deal with Yeom who admits he loves money more than anything else. Moo-Jin meanwhile heads to Hyun-Soo’s house but finds Hae-Soo bleeding out and scrambles to call am ambulance.

At the police station, the officers start going through Park Soon-Young’s timeline from the night she died. She received a delivery at 8.30pm which is the last time anyone can testify she was still alive.

According to the autopsy reports, this puts the estimated time of death way off from what it allegedly should be.

As they continue to debate, Ji-Won arrives with the dash-cam footage. Only, before they can sift through this, Ji-Won receives the dreaded call about Hae-Soo. She’s in surgery while Ji-Won arrives to make sure Eun-Ha is okay.

Moo-Jin laments leaving Hae-Soo alone after what he promised Hyun-Soo. Sitting in the waiting room, he hangs his head in shame.

Hee-Sung phones Yeom, fingering a bottle of rat poison, and asks to meet. While he does, Hyun-Soo finds Mi-Sook and tells her the accomplice is coming after her. He padlocks the cage and passes over the only key to the lock. He promises to keep her safe but she has a hard time believing him after Yeom’s lies.

At the station, the officers find a connection with the CCTV footage outside Ji-Won’s house and the dash-cam footage. Ho-Joon suggests they leak some false information and try to bring the culprit out into the open.

That false information happens to be Ji-Won’s death. The police are determined to make this look realistic after giving Ji-Won herself the tip-off about what’s happening.

Asshe eventually arrives at the police station, she comments how odd it is that the killer doesn’t recognize what she looks like. Jae-Sub contemplates that there may be more than one killer. Or, at least, someone working in collusion with him. The stomach contents don’t match the take-away either.

All of this leads to a freeze-frame footage of someone in a hat. Someone who would do anything to protect their son… Hee-Sung’s Mother. This leads Ji-Won to realize Hee-Sung is the one behind everything.

This puts Moo-Jin in an incredibly precarious situation. Ji-Won phones through and tells him to leave their house after revealing that Hee-Sung is the true killer.

Enraged, he ignores the advice and looks around the house for Hee-Sung. Only, he’s obviously not there. Instead, Man-Woo threatens him with a syringe. Moo-Jin scoffs at this though, bringing back the elk story we saw play out and how this ties to Hee-Sung’s true murderous intent.

Meanwhile, Yeom meets Hee-Sung who shows him Mi-Sook trapped in her cage. After handing over the suitcase full of money, he smells the notes in glee. Only, Hee-Sung is clever. He’s sprayed all the notes with the rat poison and Yeom’s nose starts bleeding. Thinking nothing of it, he leaves but this is ultimately his downfall as we later see him dead on the grass outside.

This is just what Hyun-Soo needed. He fingers a rope in his hands and bides his time. That time comes and he starts choking Hee-Sung out, beating him to the ground. After tying him up, Hyun-Soo tells him he’s not able to provoke him anymore.

As his final trump card, Hee-Sung brandishes the ID card for Ji-Won and tells him it’s a souvenir.

Struggling to contain his rage, Hee-Sung goads Hyun-Soo into becoming a killer. All of this stems back to Min-Seok who classed Hyun-Soo as a failed experiment. Unfortunately when Hyun-Soo phones through for proof, they’ve all been told to lie.

Hyun-Soo snaps, grabbing a knife and threatening to kill the man. Only, Mi-Sook holds him back inside the cage and pleads with him to stop. Hyun-Soo is a man possessed though and he follows Hee-Sung through the woods.

As he does, Ji-Won receives the intel about the police station call. As they (Hyun-Soo) mentioned Eun-Ha on the phone, she realizes that Hyun-Soo has been fed back intel and he may well be about to do something he regrets.

She immediately phones through to that same number and manages to speak to Mi-Sook;. She confirms she’s still alive but asks her to arrive quickly before Hyun-Soo does something he regrets.

Police manage to grab Mi-Sook who tries to reason with Ji-Won. After all, given what happened with the deception Hyun-Soo was beside himself with grief-stricken rage. Ji-Won tells her nothing justifies murder.

Out in the woods, Hyun-Soo looks set to kill Hee-Sung while they’re up on the edge of the cliff. Just before he drives the knife into his chest, she calls out “sweetie” and he drops the knife.

Min-Seok’s apparition watches on from afar as Hyun-Soo continues to sob. He admits to seeing dead people and admits that it’s hard to believe.

However, he eventually drops the knife and walks toward Ji-Won. As he does, Hee-Sung suddenly brandishes a gun and shoots. Hae-Soo awakens from her coma. Hee-Sung is seemingly fatally wounded. As he lets out what appears to be a dying death, the next scene shows Hyun-Soo in a brilliant white room with Ji-Won by his side.

She tells him to rest and he smiles in return, telling her it must be paradise.

The Episode Review

What a dramatic and heart-wrenching ending! That entire climax from Hyun-Soo chasing Hee-Sung through the woods to the clifftop scenes were completely mesmerizing. Both Moon Chae-Won and Lee Joon-Gi ave done an incredible job with these two characters and they really do love each other unconditionally.

I won’t lie – when Ji-Won called out “sweetie” I definitely teared up a bit and this entire scene that followed really sums up this Korean drama. On the surface, this cat and mouse thriller acts as an exciting and enthralling drama.

Underneath that though is a love story so beautiful and pure between two people who would move Heaven and Earth to be with one another. Despite all their ups and downs, they’re loyal to one another.

With the threat of Hee-Sung quelled and the case seemingly wrapped up, the preview for next week does betray the ending slightly. I won’t spoil it here but it seems there may be a few more dramatic spikes along the way. For now though, Flower Of Evil bows out with another fantastic episode.

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