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Episode 14 of Flower Of Evil begins in the past as Min-Seok shows his son the missing person poster for Mi-Sook. When he suggests Hyun-Soo be the one to kill her, Min-Seok strikes. Only, he actually does so without the blade present, serving as a warning not to mention Hyun-Soo again. This seems to be the start of Hee-Sung’s murderous grudge against him.

This catches us up to the events from last week as Hyun-Soo holds Ji-Won up as a hostage. As soon as the cables are disconnected, Hyun-Soo lets his wife go and tells her to give him 3 days to try and catch the accomplice. It also turns out the silver blade he held to her neck isn’t sharpened and impossible to cut her.

Unfortunately Ji-Won isn’t prepared to let her husband go and slaps on some handcuffs. However, Jae-Sub and the other officers arriving is enough to put them in a tricky position and hide behind the closet. When they leave, Hyun-Soo compromises and asks for 1 day to try and put everything back where it needs to be. With Ji-Won eventually agreeing, she asks for cash as collateral.

Meanwhile, Woo-Chul comes under fire at the police station following what he knows about Hyun-Soo. The entire station ends up involved in a manhunt, desperate to bring this man in and save Ji-Won from her predicament.

Elsewhere, Yeom keeps Mi-Sook inside a cage in the basement. As he questions just what she told Hyun-Soo, flashes from the past come back. She remembers Hee-Sung and the cage. On the back of this, he rings Hee-Sung and asks him how much he wants for Mi-Sook. This explains why he was in the woods that night. Knowing it may be the leverage needed to win this fight, Hee-Sung agrees to meet Yeom with a lot of money to make the exchange.

Moo-Jin convinces Hae-Soo to come and stay at his apartment. After the strange shadowy figure lurking before, he’s not taking any chances. Just then, he receives a call confirming what’s happened with Hyun-Soo, including the news catching wind of his fake persona and what happened in the past.

Elsewhere, Hyun-Soo and Ji-Won head to a motel and think over their predicament. There, Hyun-Soo – teary-eyed and distraught- tells his wife he wasn’t responsible for killing Soon-Young. Moo-Jin doesn’t think so either, knowing the phone call he received lead him to the forest. Unfortunately the evidence found in the trunk of his car says otherwise.

It turns out all of this publicity is just the leverage Hyun-Soo needs. He intends to work with Yeom and use this as proof that he’s not working with the police anymore. He wants to find out who the accomplice is and eventually rings, asking to join forces. Deciding against negotiating, Hyun-Soo leaves it up to him to choose what to do next.

When he hangs up, he cuffs Ji-Won and tells her not to get involved. As he looks to walk away, she threatens never to see him again if he goes. After passionately kissing her, he promises to be back.

As we see from the past, Hee-Jung was the one who killed Min-Seok. He bashed his brains in with a rock giving Mi-Sook enough time to flee. When Yeom learns this, he has renewed passion in this fight.

Hae-Soo leaves Moo-Jin’s apartment and bemoans his cowardice right when she needs him most. After racing after her, the police stop Moo-Jin midway through. They’ve realized he helped cover for Hyun-Soo and as such, is needed to answer questions.

Unfortunately Hae-Soo is confronted by the strange masked figure again at her house. Thankfully, the police manage to catch him. It turns out this isn’t Min-Seok’s accomplice but actually the reporter that’s been following her all this time.

With Ji-Won taken back to the station, she plays them the recording confirming Mi-Sook is alive. She could be just the evidence needed to clear Hyun-Soo of any wrong-doing.

Just then, a teary-eyed Eun-Ha arrives at the station as Ji-Won’s Mother is rushed to hospital. In a strange twist of fate, Hae-Soo is tasked with looking after her. However, she doesn’t disclose that she’s actually her Aunt.

As she arrives at Ji-Won’s house to pick up Eun-Ha’s things, someone happens to be sitting in the living room. Ir’s Hee-Sung. Putting on Ji-Won’s police badge, she adopts her identity and locks Eun-Ha in her room.

Hee-Sung stabs Hae-Soo and leaves her on the ground to bleed out. Snatching up her badge as a trophy, he walks away. As he does, Hyun-Soo meets Yeom in the woods while Ji-Won manages to obtain the dash-cam footage. As the episode closes out, Hae-Soo bleeds out and passes away.

The Episode Review

Hae-Soo sacrificing herself in place of Ji-Won feels like a fitting end for her but it’s still a tough blow to watch. On top of that, the entire vcat and mouse game between Hyun-Soo and Hee-Sung continues and reaches fever pitch as he puts his diabolical plan in place.

That’s not all though, the police investigation continues to heat up and Mi-Sook may be the last puzzle piece needed to solve this nightmare. With 2 episodes to go, this one looks like it’s going to end with a bang and it should easily establish this as one of the best Korean dramas this year.

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