Florida Man – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Sunk Costs

In 1715, we see the contentious trunk of gold in flesh aboard a Spanish ship. The greed of the Captain has already led him into killing two men who upheld their ethics. The Captain wants to keep the gold and not tell the royalty.

When the third man also sings the same tune, The Captain kills him and throws the guy overboard. He ends up at the bottom of the ocean with the gold scattered around him when a storm capsizes the ship.

Why is Sonny Valentine arrested?

When Kike said Sonny was a criminal, he wasn’t wrong. Sonny was running a drug operation through the waterworks canal, something that Kaitlin and Andy had alluded to in the sixth episode. The low-level players in the scheme who were arrested, all wanted to assign the blame to the higher-ups.

Gradually, as they moved up the food chain, they finally got to Sonny. Before this revelation, all we knew about Sonny’s criminal activity was that he used to smuggle cheap and expensive cigars. But Andy finally got him for the drug trade and made sure he stayed in prison this time. Since the DEA got involved, he couldn’t do much else anyway.

What happens in the aftermath of his arrest?

When Sonny and Mike were still in the cell, Mike accused Sonny of planning to cut him off entirely from the gold share. Sonny teared up and accepted the accusation but also said he did it so Mike would not leave him again. It was a sincere gesture but perhaps not the right way to make his point.

Mike did share the sentiment but was unhappy that he was being lied to again. Mike’s bail is posted and he gets out. After Sonny is convicted of the drug trade, Mike learns about Iris, who is fighting for her life in the hospital. Ray is killed but she is in intensive care.

Is Delly working against Mike?

When he gets out and tries to go to the hospital, Moss stops him at gunpoint. Delly is with him and gives the impression that she is with Moss. They force him to the sinkhole and then ask Mike to do all the work by himself.

He finally brings the truck up but when he opens the back shutter, he finds that the truck is empty. Moss prepares to kill Mike but is distracted by Delly. They have a physical tussle but Moss comes out on top.

As he is about to shoot Mike, Delly kills him using Ketcher’s gun. Ketcher, meanwhile, has spotted Mike’s sketch on television and seen his gun. He makes his way toward the sinkhole, where we learn that Delly was actually with Mike the whole time. She says she had no other option but to deceive Moss.

Ketcher wants his gun back and nothing more. He even helps Moss dispose of the body in the truck and send it back to the bottom. Mike and Delly then have a fight when Mike says they need to stop first to check on Iris. Delly gets really upset and says that she has been made a pawn in everyone else’s story will now. No one cares about her and what she has ended up with in the end.

She asks Mike to choose: go with Delly then or leave to be with Iris.

What does Mike choose?

The moments he spent with both of them flash by Mike’s eyes. He chooses to be with Iris and watches her regain consciousness. Iris says she cannot use the recording Mike brought as Moss is dead. She does seem to appreciate the choice Mike made but the reality turns in another direction.

Where does everyone turn up? Who stole the gold from the truck?

Mike takes over Sonny’s bar, who will remain in prison for a long time. Delly asks her mother to help her “disappear” and start afresh. She is heartbroken over Mike.

Dori saw Iris’ good work and recommended her to the FBI. She is now an FBI agent and has flown down with Dori to Florida to figure out what happened to Moss.

Mike has ended up where he was and everyone around him is gone. While watching the news, he sees a man wearing “Alligator boots” being killed by a python. Mike instantly remembers what Buzz said when asked what he would buy when he found the gold: an airboat and Alligator boots.

Mike visits the prison and ekes out the truth from Sonny: he has already stolen the gold. This happened the night before the dinner at Patsy’s house. That is when Ray, Buzz, and Sonny took the gold out and kept it on Ray’s boat, where Sonny crashed since Delly took Sonny’s place. That is why the ground at the sinkhole site where the equipment was stored was wet.

Patsy and Mike seem to be closer since he has apologized and is staying in Florida. Patsy and Deacon are separated for now but she is thinking of giving him another chance. The real owner of the Palm’s Motel shows up as Benny and Clara’s immigrant dream is over.

When Patsy suggests they can find anyone these days as “we all are blue dots blinking on someone’s screen,” Mike gets an idea to track down Delly. He sees that Gil’s boat is missing and uses the number to track Delly down.

When he gets to the boat, he finds that it is empty. Beneath all the clothing in the bed space, he finds the gold. Delly walks in from behind and asks Mike if he has come for the gold or for her. He smiles at her and she smiles back, indicating they are back together.

The Episode Review

This is an extremely satisfying finale. Florida Man picked up pace in the second half and really rattled all doors of ironies and coincides to create a compelling and interconnected narrative. That really seems to be a buzz theme right now. All tangents in the story were resolved, albeit some could have ended differently.

Iris certainly could have been given a more respectful sendoff. She and Sonny are the only ones to have not redeemed themselves or ended up in a place where they could be happy. Ketcher’s character was like a red herring all along.

Clark Gregg directed the final two episodes and he kept himself on the sidelines. It is bizarre how Ketcher only wanted his gun back and wanted to go back home. Perhaps a spinoff could explore his life because he seems an interesting character.

Overall, Florida Man delivers a compelling watch overall, bringing this series to a satisfying conclusion.

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  1. The show does a crappy unfolding of the story near the end. It leaves the viewer questioning how and the hell did all of this happen. Delly was last seen asking her mom to help her disappear, but then ends up with the Gold on a boat at the end….like what??

  2. The captain didn’t throw the man overboard. He’s still on the ship when the storm starts. It even shows both men and the chest of gold coins.

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