Florida Man – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Should We Talk About the Corn?

Patsy and Deacon’s family dinner hosts a table for two more – Moss and Delly – as episode 6 of Florida Man begins. However, we turn the clock back 8 hours to let us know what happened leading up to this.

Moss holds Delly at gunpoint just as Mike arrives at Benny’s office. They tell him that the police cannot be called as they don’t legally own the motel. After the hurricane, the original owners deserted it and moved in. Mike plans to go into the room and kill Moss but he decides against it.

Delly confronts Moss about killing her father. She says she should have killed him when she had the chance. Mike goes to Iris, who has put a bug in Delly’s purse. She plays the audio from the room for Mike, showing him that Delly has been playing him. Delly is trying to give Moss the impression that she is working with Mike to get to the gold, and after the job is over, she will dump him and go with Moss. She lies about not knowing where the gold is to make sure Moss does not kill Mike straightaway.

Mike knows it is true but Iris still feels Delly is not on his side. Iris actually seems concerned about Mike, saying the pursuit of a pirate treasure is delusional. Mike offers to wear a wire to get Moss to confess for Iris, as she won’t be able to use the recording from the bug in Delly’s purse since it was placed without her knowledge.

We also learn here that Patsy went ahead with killing Jason. Quite surprisingly, she has no remorse over it. Or at least she isn’t showing any. She sends Tyler to the neighbour’s house for dinner.

Kaitlin shows up at the precinct and mentions Mike Valentine. Andy overhears it and the two get together to concoct a theory. It is quite clear they do not have anything solid and are building castles in the sky. Kaitlin wants to further her dream of becoming an investigative journalist while Andy wants to come out of Sonny’s shadow. Moss wants to surprise Mike and he asks Delly to meet at Sonny’s.

The meeting is quite unremarkable given Mike knows what is coming for him. He also pretends not to know the place, or Sonny, to protect his family. Mike insists that he overheard Delly and Moss’ conversation, which prompts her to check her purse and throw away the bug. Mike’s plan is to veer Moss away from the real site and to Gil’s boat, even though he knows about the truck. When the plan is going well, Deacon walks in. He lets all the secrets out of the bag, including Patsy and his address and the fact that they’re having a dinner party.

Ketcher tries to steal someone’s car at the gas station. When he realizes there is a small girl inside, he puts it back where it was. Sonny asks Mike to take a backseat and let him handle the situation. He is unsure about Delly being on Mike’s side, something even he has started to doubt now. When Kaitlin realizes she has nothing, she takes Mike’s sketch from the station and ironically says, “That is enough for television.” And that is how they got to the dinner.

Mike sees Iris in the distance and is worried she might have fixed a transponder on Moss’ car, but it is not there. Moss concedes to Mike he knows he has slept with Delly. His “easy maths” solution is hilarious and just goes on to show what a bozo this criminal boss is. Mike tries to warn Delly that he is unsure if she is on her side but Delly does not respond and stays silent.

As Andy tears down all his prior investigation into the case seeing he has hit a dead end, Lacy, another front-desk employee at the station, says the plates Sonny asked Andy to run belong to Dutch, the man who was blown up in the port-a-potty.

As everyone else at the table tries to act normally, Patsy breaks loose. She confesses to killing a man that day and is in constant denial about it. She also reveals to Mike and Sonny that she knew their mother had committed suicide, which she got to know from a classmate in front of all the children. Mike left them and Sonny only wanted Patsy to not want to care for her. She also tells Deacon she cheated on him in a canoe.

Everyone leaves the house to go to Gil’s boat, where Mike finds the transponder under his car and throws it onto a truck at a red light. Iris is distracted due to it.

Randy, the dockmaster’s assistant, calls Iris when he sees Buzz and Ray on Gil’s boat. Mike is stopped by the police as Sonny called them in to make sure he stays away from the scene. They find a gun in the car and he is arrested.

At the docks, Ray and Buzz have no idea who Iris is. She walks in with a gun and Buzz attacks her. He jumps into the water and Ray takes over. In the final moments, we see Ray and Iris each putting a bullet in one other. From the looks of it, both have not survived.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 is the perfect final episode before the finale. The eventful chapter was drowned in a scathing sense of irony and the consequences of the characters’ actions coming back to bite them. The plan was completely botched and Moss getting away with the gold seems like a real possibility here. Even if he doesn’t have the gold though, he now has the upper-hand since Iris, Ray, and Buzz are all indisposed. Not Buzz but one could wager how he would react.

That is what a pirate’s treasure has been able to incite in these greedy human beings. Shoving stuff under the carpet does not make it go away. It only empowers the possibility that it will come back to haunt the suitor at a later time – and with intensely more menace.

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