Florida Man – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Please Don’t Wake Up

We do see Florida Man opening the door to Delly’s past in episode 5. On her father Arthur West’s funeral day, she learns a dark truth about him. Arthur used to launder money using his legal business. He used to skim money off his clients, one of whom was Bogdan Yankov, Moss’ father.

Delly’s mother also alleges that Arthur’s suicide was a murder. Bogdan met him for drinks and pushed him down the hotel stairs. As a result, Delly decides to take revenge. She takes a gun and goes to Bogdan’s house. Shockingly, she discovers it is Bogdan’s funeral. That is where she met Moss for the first time.

Did she begin a relationship to trap him and take revenge? It seems a likely possibility now. Moss flies down to Florida since Dutch won’t answer his calls. The group decides to go ahead with the salvaging in spite of public attention.

Moss sees the car he bought for Delly and takes it for himself. Iris comes down to Sonny’s bar and talks to Delly. She doesn’t seem surprised by Iris mentioning her death back in Philly as Delly knows Iris is fishing for something.

Iris seems more interested in Gil Franco’s death though. She also has advice for Delly: if Mike is with her, his addiction is too. Either run before the luck turns or stay and hope that the slots keep it coming.

Delly promises to trade the USB for her freedom. While cleaning the room, Clara gets her hands on it. Moss assaults Benny and gets information on Mike. Patsy reluctantly tries to get Jason’s mother, Angela, to let him go.

Clara stitches up Benny and he accepts he should have listened to Clara when he told him Mike Valentine is trouble. Clara calls Mike about the trouble Moss is causing. Angela is convinced by Patsy to give up Jason. The moment they actually put him down coincides with Tyler listening to the police scanner and a mother putting her son down.

Suddenly, Jason lets out a breath. The doctor decides to watch him for three more days but Patsy starts getting anxious. Mike and Sonny unwittingly get invited to an Al-Anon meeting as they are about to be caught for keeping the salvage gear in the church.

Mike gets real about the time his mother died. She committed suicide using Sonny’s gun while Sonny turned his back on who she was from that day and Mike was deeply affected. Sonny gets emotional and confronts the truth about how Sonny’s mother was in great pain due to cancer. She had no worth being alive and suffering through it. So he made the tough decision to leave the gun unlocked.

He has to live with that reality every day, and Mike came back home early from practice but he wasn’t supposed to. Mike’s hatred for Sonny is all that he had. Sonny tries to tell him that they made the choices in the past because of who they were but should move on.

Patsy tries to call Mike about Jason but cannot get through, while Delly reaches the sinkhole site. What she doesn’t know is that Iris has dropped a bug in her purse and can hear everything. Delly mentions the “gold money” and Iris listens in.

Mike meets with Iris and asks him about Gil’s boat. He lies to her about why he is there and Iris feels betrayed.

Clara finally tells Mike about Moss, and although Delly can’t find the USB, he smells Vicks from the other rooms and she recoils in shock. She knows the smell from the time she spent with Moss after Bogdan’s death.

We then see a flashback of how Delly corroborated the story using the bill from the day Arthur was killed. It was actually Missy who murdered Arthur.

Patsy decides to smother Jason to death while Moss enters Mike’s room and sees Delly, as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Why wasn’t Moss surprised at finding Delly in Florida? His Zen reaction to seeing her is certainly not good news for anyone. Is it the Vicks talking?

Delly’s past did unpack a few things about the present though. She has been with Moss looking for an opportunity to get justice for her father. Moss surprisingly came out to be Arthur’s murderer and given his idiotic representation till now, are we all set for a change for the final two episodes?

Dutch’s death was hilarious and ironically, another irony. Episode 5 also had the series’ most dramatic and emotionally resonant moment: the confrontation between Sonny and Mike. It was brilliantly acted by Ramirez and especially LaPaglia, turning their dynamic in a new direction. Both confessing to their feelings felt like a big burden off their chests and perhaps now they can head back to normality.

Patsy certainly will not be normal if she goes through with killing Jason. Mike will have another trauma and burden for letting Patsy do that. Given how the tides have turned till now, that should not happen. Kaitlin and Ketcher’s small cameos are building up ominously for the central plot in Florida Man. The story has a lot of steam still left go!

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  1. Iris is a cop. She can’t give a gangster the information that leads to Delly’s murder. She would be an accomplice. Also Delly at this point could get protection by reporting Iris to the FBI. She’s investigating outside of her jurisdiction and threatened Delly with a only choice option or be killed.

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