Florida Man – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Chain

In another bizarre set of events, episode 3 of Florida Man sees a jewel thief break into the county prison to retrieve the phone that has directions to his next robbery. As chaos spreads across the jail, Ketcher takes the opportunity to escape through the same duct the thief came in through.

Delly meets Sonny at his bar, not knowing that Mike had found the truck. She asks for Sonny’s help to find the gold, which he offers to her but we see Delly getting the call from Mike and making an excuse to Sonny.

Mike says they can get scuba equipment to explore the sinkhole where the truck is and retrieve the gold. But he needs help as Delly isn’t capable of doing anything physical. She doesn’t tell Mike that she told Sonny about the gold, which is strike one for Delly. The next strike comes when she lies to Mike again about the USB drive that Moss mentions on the phone to Mike.

They also learn about the impending memorial too. Patsy finds out that Jason will not make a recovery and will die, bringing some calm to Delly’s murder subplot.

Kaitlin is getting more anxious about her situation though as Mike isn’t replying anymore. Sonny is following Mike and isn’t particularly happy about it. Sonny wants to take over from Mike on the operation and give him 10%. Sonny reveals that Andy saw the girl’s body and shows Mike the news posted online. Mike is caught between a rock and a hard place but still decides to do the operation himself.

Delly talks to someone on the phone, promising to meet them the next day and saying she loves them. Iris wants to send someone to the memorial but her request is rejected. Mike goes to visit the sinkhole site where Deacon is working as a surveyor for the government. He says they will bury the place in concrete in four days. That’s how much time Mike has to get the gold out.

The place has minimal security, which might help, while Deacon mentions Patsy misses Mike and invites him to dinner the day after.

Mike sees Deacon’s friend Steve, the foreman. He propositions him with finding the gold but doesn’t tell him that. He only avails his services to use the crane. Complicating matters though is an ex-cop working for Sonny, who has been following Mike and is suspicious of him.

Moss asks Jimmy about the USB drive that has evidence of all the murders he has been involved in, but Jimmy doesn’t know a thing. At the site, Delly and Mike find that Sonny has also come with his two colleagues. If he is not cut into the deal, he will rat out Delly to Moss.

Sonny wants the gold divided into five parts but Delly makes it clear that it’s not happening. Buzz, Sonny’s colleague, finds the truck and a brand-new Porsche in the sinkhole. Mike confronts Delly about telling Sonny about the gold, but it turns out that Mike told Gil in the addicts meeting about it.

Mike talks to Sonny about the plan and intends to do it in one day. Sonny reminds Mike he has no expertise and that his plan is not solid.┬áRay, Sonny’s other colleague, says the church guard who patrols the sinkhole site, needs to be “occupied” for at least an hour and Delly will have to do it.

In conversation, Delly learns from Ray that Mike’s ex-wife is also a cop. She takes her belongings and stays in another room at the motel. Iris goes undercover as Delly’s friend to the memorial and chats up Jimmy to get actionable information. She learns Delly went to Florida and that Mike was sent to find her. Delgado reprimands Iris for going into the memorial, while Iris proposes to go to Florida and learn more about the case.

Delgado is unsure but allows Iris to go. Dori, Moss’ sister, informs him that the police are investigating him. She works in the governor’s office and the two are planning something big.

We then arrive at the night of executing the plan. Delly distracts the guard by acting up, and it works as the clock starts ticking for Mike, Sonny, and the others. Eric and Delly converse about what they really have in life and how their choices have led him to the present moment. Eric’s gospel puts Delly deep into thought. She actually goes over the choices she made encouraged by her dark impulses.

Mike and Sonny make the dive. Buzz talks to the crane operator, Steve, and inadvertently mentions the gold in the truck. He hits Buzz and Mike almost drowns. They see Steve’s body being thrown into the sinkhole as Buzz has come out on top of the situation. Delly hears a man groaning in pain and watches intriguingly as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

There is always something that can go ruefully wrong for Mike, which is the scathing irony of the show’s cinematic universe. And in some way, it brings all the characters together to something that they are chasing. Episode 3 had a wild start and an equally wild end. Ketcher is destined to cross paths with Mike and his group somehow and now that he is out of prison, the possibility gets stronger.

Buzz lost his Porsche as he sent Steve flying into the sinkhole. Iris has now made her way to Florida as well. She has problems of her own with Mike and her career, but they have remained below the surface until now. Maybe Florida will get it out of her?

Delly seems to be playing her own dangerous game. She definitely has some trauma involving Moss in her past. She is letting on way less than what actually happened to her. Episode 3 had great chemistry and pacing once again and this show is turning into quite an enjoyable package.

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