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A couple of years back, Netflix changed its business model somewhat to begin incorporating gameshows into its scheduled list of released programmes. And to be honest, it makes sense. They’re relatively easy to produce, allow sets to be re-used and include a pretty simple script that doesn’t deviate too much from episode to episode – sometimes to a fault.

Floor is Lava should, in theory, be a knockout win. With a simple premise and taking cues from shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, Netflix’s gameshow missed the mark with an annoying narrator and some even more annoying contestants.  And that’s before mentioning the constant replays that slowed the pacing down far too much.

So has Netflix made any changes to the formula going into season 2? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, there are more obstacles, more rooms and plenty of opportunities to fall in the lava. At the same time, the show continues to slip up with its narration and even brings back contestants from season 1 too!

The format is very similar but this time there are only 5 episodes rather than 10, with different obstacles courses in each chapter. Of course, these rooms are littered with plenty of  random levers, switches and locks to make the route easier, while the obstacles themselves are all themed around whatever room they’re in. Whether it be the attic, garage or game room, there are a good number of imaginative ideas played out here.

The colourful water (aka. lava) returns of course, with the goal here to avoid falling in. Your legs can be submerged though, as evidenced in episode 1, but falling in completely is off-bounds.

Each room sees three different sets of teams of three battling it out, with the goal being an exit at the other side of the room. There are multiple different paths to success, which are explored by these wacky contestants.

Those who make it through this section are then graced with a final round, involving a massive mock-up of a volcano. Two contestants from each team must cap their volcano with a rock and the team that get there first and do it the fastest, wins the $10k prize money.

If you enjoyed the first season, chances are you’ll be in your element with this one. The changes do certainly benefit the gameshow but at the same time, the series doubles down on its wacky elements too. Every contestant team is “themed”, with matching outfits and gimmicks. It’s something that you’ll either love or hate and personally, it would have been nice just to see ordinary people without the need to throw in rejected ideas for WWE tag teams.

And to top it off? The show includes a final episode featuring “celebs” from different Netflix reality shows, including Hype House and Too Hot To Handle. Make of that what you will.

Ultimately though, this second season feels like one step forward and another step back. There are noticeable improvements with the rooms and the obstacles, but the narration, replays and annoying contestants all make a return, including a celebrity episode that’s definitely going to be an acquired taste.

For those who loved season 1, you’re bound to slip back into this one but those turned away from the drama and over-explaining will find more of the same here, despite a few improvements.

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  • Verdict - 4.5/10

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  1. If its two people per team must cap the volcano why is it some episodes have all three people per team needing to cap the volcano and some episodes only two people.

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