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The Man Who Saved Central City
Flash Of Two Worlds
Family Of Rogues
The Fury Of Firestorm
The Darkness and the Light
Enter Zoom
Gorilla Warfare
Legends of Today
Running to Stand Still
Potential Energy
The Reverse-Flash Returns
Fast Lane
Welcome to Earth-2
Escape From Earth-2
King Shark
Flash Back
Versus Zoom
Back To Normal
The Runaway Dinosaur
The Race of His Life


Following on from a solid first Season, Season 2 of The Flash expands the universe with deeper character arcs and an intriguing overarcing plot about a new speedster and multiple universes. With a relatively unchanged cast and some interesting “doppelgängers” from alternate Earths, The Flash boasts a bigger and bolder series with more twists and turns than before. The visuals are impressive too and with some good acting all round, The Flash proves it’s not just a one trick pony with another great season of superhero entertainment.

Picking up right where Season 1 ended, the second Season of Flash resolves the initial conflict before jumping forward six months. With Central City still reeling from past events, rumours of a new super speed villain named Zoom come to the surface and together with a familiar cast, The Flash sets off to find out who Zoom is, what he wants and more importantly, whether he can stop Zoom from his ultimate goal. Much like last year, the overarching plot is woven throughout a more traditional episodic format. The episodes are more in-depth this time around though, playing on the character strengths from last year to deliver a season chock full of deeper character motivations and angles. With the inclusion of an alternate Earth, the creative script writing is really cleverly done, with more stand out episodes this time around than before.

The Flash has always excelled with its pure superhero action and thankfully, the second Season delivers another visually pleasing series of action set pieces. Whether it be the costume design, the speed streaks from the different speedsters or the actual CGI from the different metahumans’ abilities, the Second Season feels like a show with an increased production budget. Much like last year though, with a 23 episode format there’s a lot to get through and watching this show once a week is difficult, especially with the number of twists and cliffhanger endings which can make for an exhausting watch.

It’s also worth mentioning that the writing feels a little more complicated this time around making the story slightly difficult to follow. With alternate realities, time travel and a plethora of characters and their doppelgänger cropping up in different roles, the sheer amount of complication here could have easily meant the writing suffered. It’s not a deal breaker, and its explained well but there are times where it almost feels unnecessarily complicated for the sake of it.

It’s only a minor gripe though and on the whole, the second season of The Flash delivers yet another solid 23 episodes of superhero entertainment. There’s a lot more to digest here, and the writing feels a lot more creative this time around given the nature of the alternate realities. With great character writing, a compelling plot and some shocking twists and turns, The Flash is one of the most consistent superhero shows on TV. All too often the 23 episode format means a lot of episodes come across as filler or incredibly bland but cleverly, Season 2 of The Flash feels like a self-aware show and because of this, constantly changes it up with some memorable episodes and great twists. If you’re looking for a decent superhero show to get stuck into, you can’t go wrong with The Flash.

  • Verdict - 8.5/10