Five Nights at Freddy’s (2023) Ending Explained – Do Mike and Abby survive the animatronics?

Five Nights at Freddy’s Plot Summary

Security guard Mike gets a job at a creepy closed down diner, and soon uncovers a conspiracy involving the disappearance of five children during the 1980’s which forced the pizzeria to close down. He discovers weird animatronic dolls at the diner, and must figure out what relevance they have to the missing children.

How does Abby first end up at Freddy Fazbear’s?

Mike starts to neglect his little sister, Abby, as he’s so cut up about his missing brother, Garrett. When the babysitter, Max fails to turn up, (as she’s been murdered by Freddy and his animatronic clan) Mike must take Abby along with him to his night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. When they both fall asleep in the security office, the missing children connect to them in different ways.

For Mike, they connect through his dreams while Abby is encouraged to play with the animatronics, each of them taken over by the ghosts of the missing children. Vanessa turns up and tells Mike not to ever bring Abby here again, promising him she’ll shoot him if he does. 

What happens when Mike wakes up from his dream? 

Mike wakes up after his vivid dream with wounds, which Vanessa puts dressings on for him. She reveals that she has known about everything all along. She explains that her dad used to work at the pizzeria as a yellow rabbit. Her dad was William Afton, who kidnapped five children and put them inside the animatronics. 

While Mike was out, a defunct version of Freddy collects Abby from the house, and kills Aunt Jane. When they get to the diner, the animatronics turn on Abby, and try to kill her. Mike makes his way to the restaurant, with tasers in hand, and knocks down the majority of the dolls, before the yellow rabbit arrives. 

Who is the killer? 

Mike faces off against the animatronics, and Afton reveals himself by taking off the yellow rabbit head. Afton is revealed to be the same man posing as Steve Raglan, who was helping Mike find a job, and urged him to apply at Freddy’s. He tells Mike he killed Garrett, and invites the ghost children to kill him.

Vanessa arrives to help, and Abby has a plan to reveal the full truth by drawing a picture that communicates to the children what the yellow rabbit has done. Afton shoots Vanessa, but Afton then gets stabbed repeatedly and appears to be dead. Mike and Abby are safe, with Vanessa clinging on to her life. 

How does Five Nights at Freddy’s end? 

Time has moved on, and Abby is settled at school, as Mike arrives to pick her up, he reveals to a teacher that Abby still asks to see her old friends. 

In the last scene of the movie, the child version of Freddy is at the back of the restaurant, watching Afton slowly dying in his rabbit costume. 


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