Five Finger Death Punch – Afterlife | Album Review

Track List

Welcome To The Circus
Times Like These
Roll Dem Bones
Pick Up Behind You
Judgment Day
Thanks For Asking
Blood And Tar
All I Know
Gold Gutter
The End


Five Finger Death Punch is a popular band and has amassed massive album sales and streams over the years. They sell out arenas and stadiums too, but is their record Afterlife any good? Well, there are highlights and missteps, moments when the music feels fresh and daring and equally segments that feel repetitive.

While not disputing the fact that this act is full of seasoned musicians, Afterlife can be somewhat worn, as lyrically, the album fails to free itself from the shackles of clichés. Though it’s not all bad, as there are songs which really do the record justice in terms of musicality and lyrical content.

The act focus on the technicalities well. Those supreme guitar parts spark fury, and the ferocity is appealing, breathing new life into the metal scene. Though, true, sometimes Afterlife can be easily forgotten and it can be pushed easily as an afterthought.

Some people will argue that Five Finger Death Punch can do no wrong. But of course, there isn’t a band that is immune from criticism and scrutiny. As mentioned, Afterlife has majestic moments and then it fails to rise from a slump.

‘Welcome To The Circus’ begins the record with invigorating guitar riffs are aplenty, but lyrically this song seems overly hyperbolic. It’s a good start, but not a great one.

‘Times like These’ opens softly. The acoustics have substance and this song actually shows the band can be adept at writing well-structured lyrics. The track poetically conveys that the days are numbered. And the solo confirms the band haven’t lost their technical prowess.

‘Pick Up Behind You’ is harsh. Though, it is an engaging track full of sincerity. The lyrical content is bearable, but it’s the technical prowess again that keeps the song afloat. And this band, as we know, can shred.

‘The End’ is a swansong full of punchy instrumentals and intelligent wordplay. It’s a highlight and it reveals true honesty. Not only that, but the rage soars here too.

Afterlife isn’t the most complete album from the megastars but there are segments which truly work. Five Finger Death Punch will not halt their revolution and this is another decent album to add to their ever-growing discography.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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