First Kill – Season 1 Episode 7 “First Goodbye” Recap & Review

First Goodbye

Episode 7 of First Kill Season 1 begins with several students being questioned about the body that was found in the forest. The cops tell Cal that they’re looking for a vampire.

Cal brings Juliette home with her, to try to force her parents to accept her. She tells them Juliette is in trouble and needs help.

Juliette confesses to Talia and Jack that the body that was found is Clayton Cook, and she admits that she killed him–but to protect Cal. Cal tells them everything that happened with Cook. The Burns are grateful, but they can’t help Juliette. However, they won’t tell anyone what she’s done to Cook.

JoJo then shows up at the Burns’ door with The Guild. They know it was “Cal’s vampire” that killed Cook, and they’ve come to search their house.

Juliette and Cal run before the Guardians can find them. With no place to go, Juliette calls Oliver to ask him for help. On their way to Oliver, they get stopped by the police at a “monster check.” Suspicious of them, a cop decides to escort them home.

She takes Cal and Juliette over to Juliette’s house. Afterwards, the officer remarks on her radio, “I think we’ve found our monster.”

Theo invites Paolo from the Guild Archives into their home to help him research the Legacy. His research leads him to a ring. He hopes to find it and thus find the bloodline his mother’s murderer belonged to. But the Guild catches him hacking into their library, and he can’t continue his research. When Apollo learns what Theo has been going through, he pledges to help his brother.

Oliver appears at his family’s house, concerned that Juliette never came over. He implies to Margot and Sebastian that Elinor has deceived them, but they force him out of their house.

MAAM soon arrives and starts chanting outside Juliette’s house to “Bring her out.” When Ben stands up against Bunny, she realizes that her son has long known who the vampire is. She comes to the conclusion that Calliope is the vampire. Ben then sneaks into the house and tells Juliette and Cal who the protestors outside are actually looking for.

Later, Theo waits outside a bar, while Apollo goes inside to get information from Elinor. They hook up, and he notices the symbol of her bloodline on her neck. Apollo asks her if she knows of the crescent symbol, but she doesn’t want to talk about Legacy lore.

Theo comes in and is angry to find them hooking up in the bathroom. Things escalate, and the brothers fight Elinor. When Apollo goes to drive a stake through her chest, he misses. Instead, he stabs Theo. Before she leaves, Elinor charms them into forgetting most of the night.

Margot wants Cal to turn herself in, but Cal argues. If cops search her family’s house, they will find their plans to hunt the Fairmonts and discover who the true vampires are.

Cal calls Theo to ask for help. “It’s me, Cal,” Apollo answers. “Something happened to Theo.” He sits with Theo’s head cradled in his lap, blood puddling around them.

The Episode Review

First Kill clumsily introduces the question of who the real monsters of society are–but the theme is an interesting one, nonetheless. Are the real monsters those with fangs? Or rather, those too bigoted to look beyond appearances? 

The penultimate episode doesn’t improve where its dialogue is concerned, but it does offer up some intense (albeit lazy) twists. What is Cal going to do about the community’s suspicions? And is there any chance for Apollo to save Theo?

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