First Kill – Season 1 Episode 6 “First Severing” Recap & Review

First Severing

Episode 6 of First Kill Season 1 begins with reporters covering Noah’s “unnatural” death at the high school.

Talia tells Cal that they will be leaving Savannah in a few weeks, and that she needs to end her fling with Juliette. This is moments before the girls discover they are suspects in Noah’s murder investigation.

Talia, worried about Juliette’s hold on Cal, tells her family it’s time for a severing. It’s a purification ritual that would supposedly break the psychic bond between Cal and Juliette. Theo says he had to do the same after a vampire killed his mother.

With two kids dead and Sebastian unable to provide information to the community, people cry for his resignation as District Attorney.

Later, the Fairmont and Burns parents meet with each other. Sebastian gives them the memory card from the video that implicated Cal and Juliette. Talia says their son can make the video say whatever they want it to say. They also agree to keep their daughters away from each other.

The Burns start the severing. Theo gives her some of his antibodies during the process. During the severing, Theo hears his mother and sees her die again. That night, Theo dreams again of his mother.

Cal sneaks out to go see Juliette in her room. She tells Juliette that they have to be over, and she has to choose her family. She tells her about the severance ritual. “Then why are you in my dream?” Juliette asks, right before waking up. In the morning, she finds snakeskin boots outside her door. 

Elinor takes Juliette out hunting, and Juliette enjoys herself a bit too much on the feeding. They accidentally kill the man Elinor chose, then throw him into a lake. Juliette hates how much joy Elinor gets out of the whole encounter. She insists to her sister that they did the wrong thing. They don’t have to kill to survive.

Juliette goes to see Ben to ask his opinion on Oliver’s offer. Ben thinks she doesn’t have anything to lose.

Meanwhile, Ben’s mom Bunny poses a threat to both the Burns and Fairmonts, as she’s leading a group called Mothers Against All Monsters (MAAM). She’s also advocating for Sebastian’s removal as DA. Apollo infiltrates the MAAM group by getting in as a self-defense trainer. 

Juliette goes to see Cal. She tells her she has to find a way to stay in Savannah. They tell each other they know they’re meant for one another.

Theo then talks to Cal about what happened to him during the severing. Since, he’s been having vivid dreams about his mom’s murder. He saw her bite marks disappear, meaning that his mother was killed by a Legacy Vampire.

Philippa organizes a meeting in the forest to talk about remembering Noah. There, her dog digs up a body–more than likely Cook’s.

Meanwhile, Sebastian returns to his office to find the building painted over with the message, “Monster Lover.”

The Episode Review

Episode 6 of First Kill makes several intriguing advances in the plot: Theo’s mother’s murder, Juliette’s being nearly swayed against Elinor, and the discovery of another murder in Savannah.

The stakes are high, but the glue of the series that is Cal’s and Juliette’s relationship isn’t exactly holding everything together. Poor writing has left their love story underdeveloped, so everything that threatens their relationship doesn’t land with much fearful anticipation.

I’m curious about a lot of things going into the next episode, but especially this: who left Juliette those snake skin boots? Was it Oliver? If so, for what purpose? 

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