First Kill – Season 1 Episode 5 “First Love” Recap & Review

First Love

Episode 5 of First Kill Season 1 begins with Juliette and Calliope running from Sebastian and breaking into the school.

The teenagers muse that they have a special connection. They explore the school and camp out at the theater stage. Cal promises to never hunt Juliette. Juliette promises to never hurt Cal. “When we’re together,” she says, “all we have to be is Jules and Cal.”

They sleep at school and call their parents the next morning. Juliette’s father apologizes for terrifying her. He says he’s going through some changes. The girls convince their parents to let them stay at school to help build sets for Romeo and Juliet. 

Sebastian and Margot fight over their daughter’s fate. Davina turned him into a full Legacy Vampire so that Elinor would marry Tom Davenport, but Sebastian doesn’t want that. Elinor stops him. She wants it–not for love, but for power. Davina, however, just wants the families to join so that the Davenports will stop trying to overthrow her.

Ben argues with Noah about wanting to do more than just hook up behind Philippa’s back. Something suddenly rushes at them and disappears. Ben gets a picture of it and sends it to Juliette. It’s a zombie.

Noah tells Ben that what they have will never be a relationship and storms out, despite Ben’s warning that there may be a monster out there.

Cal and Juliette go after the zombie. They hear Noah yelling. He’s being attacked by a creature so fast he can’t see it. The zombie rips organs from Noah’s body. Cal and Juliette arrive to find Noah face down on the floor, dead. 

They find the zombie and attack her, but she catches Juliette’s foot. The zombie says she’s Ashley. She was reading her lines to play Lady Montague in the play when they came in. She just wants to go home.

Cal tells Juliette not to trust her; she’s not the same Ashley. The zombie reaches out and grasps Juliette by the neck, so Cal decapitates her.

Juliette struggles to keep herself together at the sight of Cal’s blood, but Cal persuades her to snap out of it. They then hide Ashley’s body together.

The Davenports and the Fairmonts work out the logistics of Elinor’s union to Tom. Elinor protests the part of the contract that makes her agree to having at least 5 children.

Elinor tells Sebastian she wants to back out of the agreement, but Davina protests. When Davina slaps Sebastian, his jaw unhinges, and he devours his mother-in-law in front of Elinor.

When Margot learns that her husband ate her mother, she’s not angry. She tells Elinor that she can call off her engagement.

When Juliette and Cal go to dispose of the zombie, Juliette advances on Cal. She wants to feed, so she tells Cal to run before she’s able to hurt her.

Then, Oliver appears behind Cal and takes hold of her. Carmen appears as well. She remarks that they killed their zombie.

Oliver explains that they killed Ashley for Juliette’s sake. He knew she wasn’t feeding and wanted to help her by leaving a human for her to feed on. Also, Carmen needed a human liver for an elixir.

Oliver says he’s come back for revenge on Elinor. It’s because of her that their parents turned their backs on him. He also says that there’s a spell to turn Juliette human–if she helps Oliver and Carmen.

The Episode Review

Other than a rather on-the-nose recital of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and some shoddy special effects, First Kill seems to find its footing again.

It takes special care to highlight the ever-complex nature of the Fairmont family. There’s Elinor’s thirst for power and the way it interacts with her love for her family; Sebastian’s struggle with an intense physical change; and most interestingly, Margot’s trying to do what’s right for her family despite all the expectations placed on her as Keeper-in-Waiting (and now Keeper).

With Davina gone and Margot the new keeper, there’s certain to be some unrest among the Legacy Vampires. Will the Davenports attempt to dethrone Margot after Elinor’s rejection?

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