First Kill – Season 1 Episode 3 “First Fight” Recap & Review

First Fight

Episode 3 of First Kill Season 1 begins with Cal dreaming of herself and Juliette in the Garden of Eden. She tells Juliette she shouldn’t feel anything for her, but she’s nothing like the monsters she’s grown to hate. In the dream, a snake slithers up Juliette’s body and attacks Cal.

While the Burns train to hunt Legacy Vampires, Juliette learns that Elinor tossed most of her pills. She knows she hasn’t killed and wants to motivate her to kill before the consecration ceremony.

Ben shows up, as Juliette forgot to cancel her plans with him. He tells her he thinks Ashley was murdered. She brushes him off, and he drives away angrily.

Juliette brushes up on the history of the Legacy Vampires. They descend from Lilith, who embraced the serpent’s bite at Eden, while Eve fled the snake.

Elinor tells Juliette the snake will reject her at the ceremony if she hasn’t made her first kill. If it rejects her, the family will be humiliated and the entire Legacy will scramble the position of “Mother Serpent.” 

Elinor brings Juliette a woman to kill before the ceremony. Juliette refuses. Elinor asks what her plan is when the Malkia refuses the bonding bite.

She brings Juliette a cup of blood to drink before the ceremony and tells her to stall the events while she takes  care of something.

The Burns give Cal the “honor” of killing Juliette. But Cal worries. She confesses to Tess that she wonders whether the vampires really are all monsters on the inside.

Tess rats out Cal to her family, and Tess’ mom notices Cal scratching her neck. Legacy bites, she says, disappear. Their venom alters the mind. With this information, the Guild rules that Cal is out of the hunt. They all set off for the hunt, leaving Juliette at home with Mr. Cook.

Oliver appears at Juliette’s ceremony just as she’s presented. He tells her the Legacy stuff is nonsense, but he came for Juliette. Margot tells him to leave.

Cook wonders aloud what kind of promotion he’d get if Cal started acting “erratic” and he turned her in to the Guardians. When she runs from him, someone else knocks her out and drags her off.

Juliette tells her mother she doesn’t want a place in the Legacy. She asks her to call everything off.

Margot says she herself has already ruined things. She humiliated her own family by running away with a human (whom she made into a vampire). She ran away from her wedding to Henry Davenport because she fell in love with Sebastian. Now her family hates the fact that she is Keeper-in-Waiting.

Margot wants Juliette to make her own choices. She’s figured out that Juliette hasn’t killed yet. But she does have to make her first kill, or she’ll get sick. Juliette says she’ll make the announcement to everyone that she won’t be joining the Legacy.

While Davina releases the Queen Snake, Emerald Malkia, Juliette goes to meet Elinor, who brought with her an unconscious Cal and tied her to a tree. Elinor tells Juliette to drain her. She doesn’t want to lose her Legacy and future position as Keeper.

Then, Oliver appears. He tells Juliette not to drain Cal and starts fighting Elinor off. Cal wakes up and tells Juliette to run. Her family is coming.

The Episode Review

Maybe First Kill experienced budget cuts after the first episode, or perhaps just lost its vision. Either way, the show’s production value has definitely plummeted, and dream sequences have gone from chilling and cinematic to unreal and downright cheesy.

The show reveals some interesting information about the Fairmonts, however, such as the family historically being a matriarchy and Sebastian’s status as a “Made Vampire.” First Kill is also starting to unpack some fascinating dynamics within the family. Each Fairmont seems to have differing and complex motivations.

I would have liked to see more interaction and romantic tension between Juliette and Cal this episode. It seems they’ve each come around to the other’s side too quickly. Hopefully, some conflict will arise to spice up their romance. After all, what’s a romantic teen show without the question of “will-they-won’t-they?”

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