First Kill – Season 1 Episode 2 “First Blood” Recap & Review

First Blood

Episode 2 of First Kill Season 1 begins with Juliette biting Cal and Cal staking Juliette through the chest. When Juliette falls unconscious, Cal flees from the party.

At the party, Ben finds his classmate Ashley unconscious on the floor, blood smeared on her face. A woman sees, catches Ben’s eyes, smiles, and leaves.

Cal takes a bus home. When she feels her neck, there’s no bite mark. At home, Cal’s family searches for her. They go downstairs to find a monster in their home. It’s called a Shambler, and the three of them team up to fight it.

Meanwhile, Juliette wakes up. She pulls the stake out of her chest, and the wound heals itself. She hears police officers and sneaks out of the house without their noticing.

At Cal’s house, the Shambler picks up a pendant. Talia recognizes it as a summoner. Apollo took it from the cemetery, not having known what it was. Talia rushes at the monster and decapitates it.

Juliette gets home, but her mother catches her sneaking back. Margot notices the blood dripping from her mouth and calls the rest of the family to celebrate Juliette’s first kill.

Now that she’s killed, Margot says, they can have Elinor’s consecration ceremony on the next full moon.

The Burns realize the summoner teleported the Shambler into their home. Theo is angry at Apollo. He almost destroyed the last picture Theo has of his own mom.

Cal gets back home. She tells her mom she staked a vampire, but she didn’t disintegrate. Talia says she wasn’t a vampire, then.

That night, Cal dreams of a horned monster that takes the shape of her mother. Her mother tells her, “the worst monsters are the ones that appear to be human.”

Elinor works as an intern for the District Attorney’s Office (aka, her dad’s office). She goes to see Malcolm at the morgue and wants to see Ashley Stanton’s body. She notes that she still has blood in her veins. Her liver is missing, too. 

Malcolm says he’s seen corpses like this before, a long time ago. Elinor charms Malcolm into believing and recording that Ashley fell and hit her head.

Juliette’s dad is worried when he finds out that Ashley died of a head wound. He tells Margot they’re not supposed to slaughter; they’re supposed to feed. He says he doesn’t want Juliette to become like “him.”

Juliette finds out that Ashley died the next day at school. Ben tells her she supposedly died of a head wound, but he saw a lot of blood.

Sebastian rebukes Elinor for paying a visit to Malcolm and using her gift. He says she needs to be wary of her gift. No one else has it, not even her twin, Oliver.

Elinor shows Sebastian what actually happened to Ashley. They think Juliette tore out the girl’s liver.

Theo and Apollo meet with Mr. Cook from the Guild. He thinks everyone should know about monsters. They give the damaged summoner to him.

Sebastian talks to Juliette at home. He tells her he’s proud of her and that she’s always had compassion. He tells her compassion is a gift, not a weakness, and he knows she’ll show more restraint next time she kills.

Elinor, meanwhile, feeds on a man in a bar’s bathroom, but doesn’t kill him. Her eyes shine yellow as she tells him this never happened and that she’ll see him next week.

Elinor and Apollo talk to each other and flirt at the bar, each not knowing who the other is.

At Ashley’s vigil, Juliette starts crying blood. She leaves, but Cal follows after her. She wants to talk, but Juliette runs from her.

Juliette tells her she didn’t mean to bite her, but Cal doesn’t believe her. They start fighting. When Cal hits her face, her hand becomes paralyzed from Juliette’s blood. Juliette runs.

They get in trouble with the principal for going up to the roof. Their mothers come in, and Talia immediately suspects that Juliette is the girl Cal staked.

The mothers stay behind while the girls go to class. Juliette tells Cal she knew Cal was planning to kill her when she walked into the pantry. But all she wanted to do was kiss her anyway. She didn’t mean to bite her.

Talia and Margot talk after the meeting. Margot invites Talia to lunch next Sunday. She accepts.

At home, Elinor wants to hear the details of Juliette’s kill. She shows Juliette pictures of Ashley’s body. Elinor also shows her the stake she found in her room. She knows her sister is keeping secrets, but Juliette doesn’t answer her questions.

Cal returns home to find her dad is back, along with other family members. Her dad tells her she was right. The girl she staked is a Legacy Vampire. That’s why she didn’t die.

Now Cal has led the Burns family right to the Fairmont vampires. And every one of the Fairmonts must die.

The Episode Review

The tension in Savannah escalates with multiple misunderstandings amongst the Burns and Fairmont families. First Kill is unveiling itself more and more as a supernatural Romeo and Juliet retelling. Calliope and Juliette may be skeptical of each other, but there is definitely a spark between them. If only their families weren’t about to go to war.

So far, the series provides a fun twist on standard vampire-teen-romance fare. The lore of the Legacy Vampires and Monster Hunters isn’t too heavy, but enough information is provided to justify the hatred between them and hook us on the series’ conflict. The dialogue remains overstated and cliché, but the connection between Juliette and Cal is palpable and compelling.

For now, the show leaves us with several questions. What happened with Elinor’s twin, Oliver? And is he somehow connected to the mysterious woman at the party and Ashley’s death?

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