First And Forever – If We Go Down | Album Review

Track Listing

If We Go Down 
I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary 


First And Forever channel their aggression on their EP If We Go Down. It’s a blast of emo, a continuation of a genre that has taken its fair share of stick over the years.

However, this record has stabilized the genre well, with well-suited guitar moments and stirring lyricism, which tells us tales and chronicles the band’s battles with their mental health and the downsides of love.

Properly emo, the record doesn’t dial down the screams and the raucousness. It blasts through the cobwebs and it breaks through the normal emo sound, giving the listeners a record that will keep them from breaking apart and dislodging from their own lives. Music like this may sound downbeat, even too dark, but it helps the suffering, the lost, and the ones calling out for peace

The band also directs their sound to the people forced to lose their pride, the people who subside into a pool of their own tears. Trying to break away from the callousness of life, the depths of despair, and that haunting feeling, can rip you up, but First And Forever may help put your life back together.

‘If We Go Down’ starts the EP. The daylight has been shrouded out, and the band wants to run away. That guitar riff and those melodies really give the song grooves. It’s a strong beginning.

‘Eulogy’ begins like a love song. Apologies ring out like sirens, and the band tells us they’re haunted. It’s another guitar-driven song.

‘Rivers’ opens slowly and melodically. The band is down on their hopes here, and the tears begin to shed. The song suits the disenfranchised. The smash of guitars really increases the musicality.

First And Forever don’t hold back. Their emo songs will aid the fallen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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