Fireworks – Higher Lonely Power | Album Review

Track Listing

God Approved Insurance Plan
I Want to Start a Religion With You
Goodnight Tomb
Funeral Plant
Jerking Off the Sky
Machines Kept You Alive
Blood in the Milk
Veins in David’s and
Estate Sale
Woods II
How Did It Use To Be So Easy?


This is a fight for hope in the steepness of darkness, and Fireworks try to abort the pain when it comes in thick and fast. The band expertly draws on life experiences with their record Higher Lonely Power, a sonically infused but laid bare compendium.

Lyrically, we’re taken through the wars with this band, and their words describe loneliness and shattered memories; obstacles that can’t be crossed, hearts that belt for resolution. It is a pessimistic album, offering a way in for the disenfranchised and the walking wounded, and it’s a record of progressive hooks and messages flooding throughout.

The instrumentals are technically good here and blistering at times. They’re elegant when they need to be, but most of all they’re a welcomed contrast. The urgency shows that the band also wants to tell their story through this personal collection.

There’s 12 songs on this record. ‘I Want To Start A Religion With You’ begins with solid drumbeats and revealing vocals. Lyrically, the song conveys hopelessness and shame, religion and a desire for closure.

‘Funeral Plant’ begins with a volatile riff. It seems upbeat, but under it all the lyrics tell a bleak story. Those fast, pacey, instrumentals add body too.

‘Machines Kept You Alive’ commits to sorrow and the ways of life. The sadness floods the happiness, and the melodic vocals meld with the thunderous guitar riffs beautifully, with a song that’s heavier than most.

By contrast, ‘Estate Sale’ shows a bitter side. Death is explored, and the song becomes a bleak segment on an album which captures the essence of despair.

Fireworks have created a collection of songs bittersweet in their delivery, but the album is interesting overall.

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  • verdict - 7.5/10

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