‘Fire Island’ Ending Explained: Do best friends Noah and Howie find true love?

Fire Island Plot Synopsis

This queer take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice focuses on a group of Asian-American friends who spend a week-long vacation together at Fire Island, where their main goal is to hook up with other guys for sex rather than find true love.

But for two of the men in the group, Noah and Howie, there is the opportunity for something more meaningful than casual sex when they encounter Will and Charlie, a couple of guys who take an interest in them.

The chances of them finding true love with these guys is slim as Noah takes an instant disliking to Will and Howie feels undeserving of Charlie. However,  their relationships deepen as the film progresses and the likelihood of love ruling over the pride and prejudices that threaten to spoil things seems possible.

So, do Noah and Howie find true love on the island? Or will they be forced to return home with nothing but a few happy memories to look back on?

Let’s take a closer look.

How do Noah and Howie meet Will and Charlie?

On arrival at Fire Island, Noah promises Howie that he will help him hook up with somebody on the vacation. He even promises to not have sex until Howie has had sex with somebody first.

Howie is doubtful about his chances and it is clear that his self-esteem is low. But when they are out walking with the rest of their group, they meet Charlie and Will, two wealthy guys who are staying at a luxurious house on another part of the island.

Howie and Charlie immediately hit it off but the rest of Howie’s group warns him to be careful because of the social differences between him and his newfound friend.

Despite their misgivings, his friendship with Charlie starts to deepen when he and the guys are invited to a party at Charlie’s house. But while he gets to know Charlie a little better at the event, the other guys struggle to socialise with the other men at the party because of the perceived differences between them.

Things get even more awkward when Noah overhears Will saying something negative about Howie. This causes him to act with hostility towards the uptight and arrogant Will when they later get to spend one-to-one time together.

Does the path towards true love run smooth?

Unfortunately not, as Rhys, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend arrives on the island and this causes Howie to feel sad and neglected. He then starts to question the chances of a relationship with Charlie.

As Noah already has a disliking for Will, the chances of a relationship happening between them are also on the rocks. Not that this matters to Noah, as he strikes up a conversation with a guy called Dex and they begin to get intimate with one another.

It would seem that Dex is not to be trusted, however, and Will sends Noah a letter to warn him against the man that is masquerading as a nice guy. This is the catalyst for the change in Noah and Will’s relationship and despite their differences and misunderstandings, they start to build up a friendship.

Do Howie and Charlie end up together?

Howie is already doubtful of his chances of finding love with Charlie and when Rhys arrives, he assumes there will be no chance of a future with the man he has taken a liking to.

Disheartened by Rhys’s sudden reappearance in Charlie’s life, Howie decides to cut the trip short and go home.

However, Charlie genuinely likes Howie and seems to want a relationship with him.

Noah lets Charlie know that Howie has left the island on a ferry and encourages him to make a big romantic gesture, which is the kind of thing that Howie has always wanted somebody to do for him.

Charlie follows Noah’s advice and he steals a boat to catch up with Howie. When they are finally on dry land, Charlie gives Howie exactly what he has been looking for and the two share a kiss.

At this point, it is clear that the two are in love and that they do, in all likelihood, end up together.

Do Noah and Will end up together?

Unlike Howie and Charlie, Noah and Will don’t hit it off the first time they meet. They don’t hit it off the second, third, or even fourth time either so the chances of them ending up together seem very slim.

However, their relationship is based on the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy in Jane Austen’s classic novel so fans of the book (or the other movies based on it) will already have an idea of how their story concludes.

During the course of the movie, the two run into one another several times and they eventually start to realise that they aren’t so different after all. They both have a love of reading for starters as well as the need to protect their friends when they think they might be in trouble.

We can’t say for certain if the two do end up together as they both live in different parts of the US; Noah in New York and Will in LA.

But before the movie closes, the two men share a dance and a passionate kiss, so the foundations for true love are definitely there. As their story is supposed to resemble that featured in Jane Austen’s work of fiction, it can be be assumed that they do find a way to be together, even though we don’t see a proper conclusion to their love story.


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