Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

This Must Be The Place

Episode 16 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with a flashforward to 2016, ten years after Kate has died. It is Marah’s wedding day and Tully is conversing with Kate’s ghost. She shares how proud she is of Marah. Kate thanks Tully for sticking with Marah and Tully says it was all thanks to her. There is a knock on the door and Tully is brought back to reality.


The girls have fun listening to Dancing Queen by Abba before Margie calls the girls down for breakfast. A few days later, the girls get their college letter of acceptance. Tully also gets a full scholarship but she is bummed to learn that Cloud was released but never came for her.

Kate tells her that it is okay because they are family and they will spend their whole lives together. She insists that they are family and it will always be them against the world. They sneak out and ride their bikes at night.

A few days later, the girls say goodbye to the Mularkey family and head to college. Cloud watches them leave from a distance and wishes them well. I suppose she thought it was the right thing to do for Tully.


Johnny and Kate are struggling with Marah because she is using her witch costume as a safety blanket. Kate is hoping that Marah will soon feel safe enough to let it go.

Tully is still in New York which she hates. She is preparing to shoot the last episode of her show “Get Up, America!” She was offered her own talk show and is set to be the next Oprah. However, Tully misses Seattle and wants to be reunited with Kate.

A near-death experience in an elevator forces her to take the risk and ask the studio to move the show from New York to Seattle. Luckily, they agree and Tully heads back to Seattle and surprises Kate, Johnny and Marah.

She asks Johnny to be her producer as Kate is too busy being a housewife, which she loves.  Johnny agrees to be her producer and they start off the show on shaky grounds but Tully soon finds her niche with the help of Kate. The girls are happy to be reunited and spend as much time as they can together.

Soon Kate and Johnny have enough money to buy their home thanks to the success of Tully’s new talk show. Kate worries it is too much but Tully assures her that she has earned it. She thanks Kate for being the brains, heart and soul of her show. They check out the ocean view and wonder if anyone can be sad looking at such breathtaking sights.

How does Kate spend her last days?

Kate spends her last days with her family and friends. She tries to have a positive outlook on life. She also has time to bond with Marah as they talk about her dates. She is working on her novel, which is about her life, which she wrote for Marah. She wanted Marah to always have something to remember her with and know about her life.

She was scared that Marah will only remember her as a sick mother but Johnny thinks otherwise. She didn’t allow anyone to read the novel until it is done. Once it is, she gives it to Johnny and asks him to hand it over to Marah after she is gone.

She also gets to spend time with Johnny and say how much they love each other and are grateful for one another.

She also gets to spend time with her mother and Margie shares that she is proud of her and everything she accomplished. These words meant a lot to Kate who was never sure if she met her mom’s expectations of her.

Her impending death puts things in perspective for Sean and he decides to propose to his boyfriend. Kate is sad that she won’t be around for his wedding but is happy for him.

She also makes peace with Tully and apologizes for not keeping her promise to be there for her through it all. Tully confesses that she is scared that she will disintegrate once Kate dies. Tully says that she is not ready to let her go, so Kate makes her promise that when she starts her new talk show, she will dedicate her first show to her.

Kate asks Tully to call Danny back and reminds her that she needs to find her own happiness. She tells Tully it is okay to be happy and she doesn’t need to wait until she is dead. She forces Tully to go see him after she takes her on a fun wheelchair ride through their compound. They also get high and are joined by Cloud and Margie. Of course, Cloud turns the joint down but Margie is all in.

They talk about their lives and the fun times. Margie takes comfort in knowing Kate has had a happy life with Johnny.

What happens to Tully and Danny?

Back in 2006, after Danny got Kate into the trial and Tully confessed she loves him, they end up in bed. The next morning, they wake up still in a blissful mood until they get a call that Kate had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Kate has a few months to live and Tully doesn’t take the news well. She lashes out at Johnny but Kate talks to her and tells her it is time.

After, Tully dedicated herself to Kate and to make sure she has the best of her last moment in life. She keeps ignoring Danny’s calls and messages because she is scared and feels guilty about trying to be happy when Kate is dying.

After Kate’s intervention, Tully heads back to her apartment and runs into Danny. Danny tells her that he is planning to go back to New York. He’s been trying to reach her but she was ignoring him. Tully realizes that she will need to be open about how she feels or she will lose Danny again.

She is ready to have and wants more with him. She apologizes and asks him to stay because she is in love with him. Danny agrees to stay in Seattle for her.

How does Kate die?

Over the last days of her life, Kate’s memory starts lapsing. On the fateful day, Tully and Kate are watching the ocean view from her house. Tully excitedly tells Kate about her moments with Danny. She excuses herself to refill her tea and Kate watches the beautiful ocean view, imagining herself riding a horse on a beautiful sunny day.

She passes away and Tully is heartbroken when she returns from filling her cup of tea and finds Kate dead.

What happens at Kate’s funeral?

Kate knew Tully won’t be able to watch her church service so she left a special care box for her. Johnny gives Tully the box when she arrives at the church.

Inside is a copy of Kate’s book, and a letter saying goodbye and thanking Tully for everything. There is also a signed picture of David Cassidy, a roll of weed with a lighter and an iPod. Tully turns on the iPod and the series ends with her dancing to Dancing Queen by Abba as Kate’s church funeral service proceeds.

The Episode Review

What a sad ending to the story of two Firefly Lane girls who found each other and became friends for more than 30 years. It is unfortunate that their forever in this realm ended here. However, they got a gift that most of us don’t get in this lifetime and that is unconditional friendship through the thick and thin of it all.

It was extremely thoughtful of Kate to leave behind a book to share her life with her daughter. I found that sweet and comforting, while similarly sweet to think of Tully even from beyond the grave and help her mourn.

Nonetheless, this ending was pretty hard to watch and the tears can’t stop rolling. What about you guys though? Let us know what you loved about Tully and Kate. We always look forward to your comments!

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  2. I loved this story and thought the actors did a great job of pulling us into the emotions of the story. It was a tear-jerker and yet not a disappointing ending. I loved the cast choices and thought the excellent acting made the story believable. I may watch it again in the future, even knowing the story line, the whole experience kept my attention and I always looked forward to watching the next episode.

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