Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 8 “All Apologies” Recap & Review

 All Apologies


Episode 8 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Tully being escorted by a police officer. Kate and Johnny refuse to talk to her. She is taken to the police station and her mugshot is taken. Journalists get wind of her DUI and the fact that she had a teen passenger at the time of the accident. They wait for her outside the police station and hound her with questions.

After getting home, Tully tries to reach out to Kate and her family but no one picks up her calls or calls back. On the other hand, her agent tries to smooth over the issue. She asks Tully to exploit the situation but she refuses.

After numerous failed attempts, Tully visits Kate at home and refuses to leave until they talk to her. Johnny opens the door for her and tells her about Marah’s condition. He tells her that Kate doesn’t want to see or talk to her. Tully tries to get past him but he calls her out on her irresponsible behaviour and shuts the door on her.

Tully doesn’t give up and keeps leaving messages for Kate. After a while, Kate sends a message to Tully to meet her at her place. Tully is relieved and heads over right away. She is greeted by Marah who is doing better. Marah sent her the message to try and make her patch things up with her mom. She begs Kate to listen to Tully.

They sit down for a talk and Tully explains her side of the story. Kate tells her she is done cleaning up her mess for thirty years. She tells Tully that she has been so selfish, Tully agrees and apologizes sincerely but Kate refuses to forgive her.  She tells Tully that she can’t look past the mistake she made with Marah. She decides to end their 30-year friendship


The news station hires a focus group to find out why ratings have dropped by 15% and Tully’s boss thinks it is because a woman is at the helm of the show. The focus group are too critical of Tully and it seems like they think she is doing everything wrong.  Her boss gives her three weeks to get the ratings up or she loses her job as a weekend anchor. The focus group gets into Tully’s head and she tries to make changes to win over more viewers.

Kate offers to stay behind with Tully and help her find a solution but Tully asks her to go on her date. They are talking in code about the date because they don’t want Johnny to hear them. He still hears them and tells Kate it is okay if she wants to go on a date. Even though Kate is on her fourth date with Theo, she still can’t stop thinking about Johnny.

Theo shows up for their date but he decides to stay back with Kate so she can be there for Tully in case she needs her. They watch a movie at the office as Tully practices her sign-off. She gets distracted and accidentally causes a fire in the office.  Kate and Theo rush in to try and stop the fire.

Johnny soon arrives at the station after the firefighters arrive and asks Tully to apologize to the boss because he is pissed and she is already on his bad side. Tully refuses to apologize and claims she did nothing wrong. The boss arrives and Kate takes the fall for the fire and apologizes. The boss fires Kate and even though Tully protests and tries to take responsibility, Kate doesn’t let her.


Kate and Tully are excited to be juniors and Tully thinks this will be their year. Eugene asks Kate why she has been avoiding him since the fourth of July. Kate tells him that she wants to be professional and doesn’t want their relationship to affect their AV club.

To celebrate the start of their junior year in the AV club, one of the students suggests they go for a swim at the school’s swimming pool. Lisa warns them that the lifeguard is not there but Tully convinces Kate to join the rest. At the swimming pool, Eugene takes photos of Kate and Tully in their undergarments and places the photos all over the school.

The principal calls Tully and Kate to his office and asks them to give an apology at the assembly. Tully refuses to give an apology and demands one from Eugene for taking their pictures without consent but the Principal tells her that they had it coming prancing around naked. Men! Even in the 70’s, men still got away with this behaviour, it is sickening!

The principal refuses to punish Eugene and decides to give the girls detention and clean up the girls’ locker room on Saturday. Tully argues back and stands her ground and in the end, they get a suspension and kick them out of the AV club. Kate gets angry at Tully because she let her anger get the best of her and it ended up with them getting suspended.

Eugene tries to apologize for his hand in their suspension but Kate doesn’t let him off the hook and gives him a piece of her mind.

The Episode Review

As we get to the final episode of part 1, we are finally getting answers about what happened to the girls’ friendship. Most of us who are parents can understand and even empathize with what Kate is going through. Tully made a series of wrong decisions that night and it nearly killed her daughter. She has every right to be angry at Tully and this breakup is not easy on her either. Put yourself in her shoes, if a friend endangered your child’s life, how would you react?

All her life, Tully has never felt the need to apologize and the people around her such as Kate enabled this behaviour. However, this time the price was too high.

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