Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 7 “Good Riddance/Time of Your Life” Recap & Review

Good Riddance / Time of Your Life


Episode 7 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Kate trying video dating for a story. Tully thinks that it is a win-win because it will help her segment and Kate gets to date after her breakup with Johnny. Kate is not sold on the idea but she gives it a try, asking Tully to teach her how to be emotionally detached. She thinks Tully is the best person for the job because she quickly got over Dan leaving for New York.

To help her get over, Johnny, Tully takes Kate clubbing and unfortunately, Johnny and Mutt show up. Tully tries to get them to leave before Kate spots him. Mutt tells Tully that Johnny is having a hard time after the breakup. He has been staying at his place because he cries too much when he is alone. He has been wearing the same shirt because he says it smells like Kate. Mutt is tired of seeing him wallow in sadness and brought him to the club to cheer him up. Mutt tells her that he wishes Johnny was like her, getting over an ex with a snap of her finger.

Tully admits to Kate that she is sad about Dan and has been having a hard time secretly. Kate suggests that she tries to have a long-distance relationship and convinces her to call him.

As Tully calls Dan to bear her heart open, Kate into a guy who she saw on the video dating story and they get along well. He asks her to go somewhere more private but Kate turns him down as she is with Tully. The guy gives her his number and Kate is excited. She asks Tully how the call went and she says she left a heartfelt message for Dan. They decide to call it a day and go home.

As it turns out, Tully never left a heartfelt message for Dan, she froze up when he picked up the call and never said anything.


Kate and Tully get a new job at a fast food restaurant and as fate would have it, Lisa is their supervisor. While working at a restaurant, Tully sees Pat and she worries he might hurt the girl he brought with him. She tries to warn the girl but the girl thinks that Tully is obsessed with Pat. Pat told her that Tully went psycho after he failed to call her following their date when she got drunk and made advances on him.

After her shift, Tully sees Pat fighting with his girl and she is happy that the new girl didn’t get hurt. On the other hand, Kate tries to make amends with Lisa but Lisa turns her down. As they are locking up, Pat tries to confront Tully but she stands up for herself and Kate is proud of her.


Kate is taking Marah for the weekend and Kate asks her to be strict because Marah is grounded because she is flunking school. Kate is excited about her first weekend alone with Johnny since they got back together.

Meanwhile, Kate and Johnny are enjoying their time alone but the new mattress Kate bought stirs up an awkward conversation about being honest. They decide to be brutally honest with each other and they realize they have been suffering because of compromising for each other. The conversation veers from light things like food to career choices and things get real.

They talk about their shortcomings as a couple and get deeply honest with each other. The honesty helps them take some things off their chest.

As Tully and Marah spend time together, Marah gets a text from Ashley and it seems she is interested in getting together. Tully tries to teach her how to play hard to get but Marah wants to move quickly. She gets a second text from Ashley inviting her to watch The Notebook that night at the movie theater.

Though Tully knows Kate would be mad, she agrees to let her go on the date. The food they had ordered earlier arrives and Tully decides to go downstairs by herself and pick it up.

She runs into Dan and is shocked to learn he lives in the same building as her.  He asks to be invited to dinner and she obliges as Marah is at the theater. They catch up and Dan confesses that he always wanted to reach out. After dinner, Dan leaves as he has a girlfriend.

Tully soon gets a call from Marah, she is at a frat party. Ashley got back with her boyfriend and left without her. A boy tried to get Marah drunk so he can have his way with her but she got away and locked herself in the pantry room. Tully asks her to stay on the phone until she arrives to pick her up.

She arrives at the frat party and picks Marah up. They get into an accident on their way back home. She wakes up at the hospital with a police officer guarding her door and Kate refusing to speak to her.

The Episode Review

It was about time that Johnny and Kate had an honest talk and it worked out for them. In their case, the truth did actually set them free from the ghosts of the past.

Tully should not have driven herself to pick up Marah. She had been drinking and actually, she should have never let her go by herself to the theater. She messed up big time and I understand why Kate is so angry at her.

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