Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 5 “Simple Twist of Fate” Recap & Review

Simple Twist of Fate


Episode 5 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Tully preparing to start her documentary special about her dad. Kate is producing it and is flirting with a sound engineer named Calvin. Cloud changes her mind and shows up to the recording, willing to be interviewed. Kate worries that this will be the first time Cloud and Tully talk about her dad but Tully says it is the only way she can do it.

Cloud tells her that her dad is the younger brother of Benedict Binswanger who left her when she was pregnant. He left her a letter saying he has changed his mind about running away and he will be going to a school in Europe. Benedict gave her money to stay away and not sully his family name.

They investigate what happened to him and discover he changed his name after coming back from Europe and distanced himself from his family. He bought a little restaurant on Orcas Island. They head to Orcas to meet him but the man died six weeks ago.

His wife agrees to talk to Tully and Cloud on camera and she tells them that he never left a letter for Cloud. Their whole breakup was planned by Cloud’s dad and Benedict. None of them realized the truth until that day.

The wife tells Tully that she met her dad a long time ago when she visited the restaurant looking for dirt on Benedict Binswanger. He treated the burn on her hand when she spilt hot coffee and even gave her his aloe plant.

Tully leaves brokenhearted and confronts Benedict Binswanger about his hand in ruining the life of her mother. Being the narcissistic prick he is, Benedict refuses to own up to his mistakes and tells her that Cloud should thank him. Tully calls him a  pathetic lonely -one-term governor who lost his brother because of greed.

In the meantime, Johnny gets an apartment and Kate visits, bringing a housewarming plant for him. He tells her that he is in therapy and working to get better. Charlie shows up and informs Kate that she is working on a book with Johnny. Kate leaves them and heads over to see Tully.

Charlie and Johnny work on their book until late at night. Charlie is hoping to stay over but Johnny sees the housewarming gift Kate brought so he lets her down easy and says he wishes to sleep. He rushes over to Kate’s place and sees her having drinks with  Calvin through the kitchen window.


Speaking of when Tully met her dad, she was working to get dirt on Benedict Binswanger and even went through his trash during our timeline in 1980. She found a receipt from a restaurant on Orcas Island and thinks Benedict Binswanger is hiding a mistress there.  She shares her theory with Dan and plans to visit the island later.

Dan decides to try and follow up on the story immediately but Tully is torn because she wants to stay back and watch over Kate and Johnny who accidentally took ecstasy thinking it is aspirin. Johnny is already on a high but Kate tells her to go chase the story and Mutt can watch over them.

Dan and Tully go to the Island and find that Benedict Binswanger is not hiding some big secret on the Island and everyone refuses to be interviewed. That was when she met her dad and spent the night on the Island with Dan.

Back in the office, Kate and Johnny do some weird things while high on ecstasy. They even rewrite the news script to make it mellow instead of sad. Johnny asks Kate to move in with him and they end the day being in love with love.

The next day, Johnny does his best to smooth their mistake over with the bosses and Kate is worried he didn’t mean what he said while high. He asks her again to move in with him and Kate is elated.


Kate is excited to go on a double date with Eugene and Brad. Kate really likes Eugene and is hoping to get her first kiss while they stargaze. They come up with gestures to let the other know when they want privacy and read a magazine article on how to get a guy hooked. Tully even practices with Sean what she has learnt from the magazine.

The date goes badly for Kate as she is nervous and unable to flirt smoothly. Brad and Tully vibe well and Tully asks for some privacy so Kate and Eugene leave to get ice cream. The kissing triggers Tully’s memory of when Pat raped her so she runs back home.

Sean sees her crying and checks up on her. She tells him that Brad didn’t hurt her but she wishes she could be normal and more comfortable about being intimate. We later see her and Sean getting busy and someone spots them.

The Episode Review

It was not a big twist that Benedict Binswanger is the villain of the story but what will he do now that his secret is about to be exposed? Does he have something to do with that mysterious accident Tully has?

At this point, I am so done with Johnny changing his mind every time. Does he still want to be with Kate or not? He is always doing this and it is confusing. It seems like he thinks she will always be there, waiting for him to choose her. I know they have history but sometimes, you just gotta close the book!

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