Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 1 “Wish You Were Here” Recap & Review

Wish You Were Here

Season 2 of Firefly Lane starts with a flashback to 1975, as Tully receives a letter from Kate. It had been five months since the girls last saw each other following Cloud’s arrest and Tully being taken to her Grandmother’s place. In one of their many letters to each other, Tully tells Kate that she found an old picture of a man with her mom and she thinks the man is her dad. She tells her that she plans to confront her mom and ask about her dad.

She visits her mom in jail and asks her about the picture. Her mom is not pleased to hear that Tully wants to find out about her dad.  She refuses to tell her anything and tells her to leave it alone.

At present time, Kate is hosting her dad’s wake. Sean asks if she wants to talk about what went down with Tully but she says no. Marah says she is sorry that everyone keeps asking about Tully even though it has been a while since the accident. She brings up the day they learnt the news about Johnny’s accident in Iraq.

In another flashback, we learn what happened that fateful day, Tully rushed to get Kate some ice cream and ended up being served with legal papers in the supermarket. She is being sued for breaking her contract at work. She gets to Kate’s house and she is frantically looking for her passport to fly out and meet Johnny in a hospital in German. Tully offers to charter her a plane so that she doesn’t have to wait for air tickets.

They fly to the hospital but they get stonewalled as they are not immediate family. Luckily, a nurse recognizes Tully and lets them in to see Johnny. Kate is taken aback seeing Johnny lying in a hospital bed and Tully tries to comfort her. The doctor tells them that he might have brain damage, and they need to wait for him to wake up before truly knowing his prognosis.

In a flashback to 1985, Tully sees her mom being arrested when covering a story. She bails her out and takes her to a hotel. She calls Kate to tell her what she is up to but Kate is busy being distracted by Johnny. This is the same thing that happened in 1975 when she called Kate to tell her about her prison visit. Kate was distracted by her new friends. Cloud asks her to get them some snacks and uses that chance to steal Tully’s wallet and leave the hotel room.

At present time, Tully receives a call from Justin Jordan who wants to be her new agent and help her deal with the lawsuit.

In another flashback to 1985, Kate feels concerned after an intern at their workplace, Charlie makes a rude comment about how she is dating Johnny. She asks Johnny about the reason he is dating her and he assures her that he has always known that they will end up together. Later, Tully gets home and she is angry that Kate has been ignoring her since she started dating Johnny.

They get into a fight and Kate decides to cancel her date with Johnny and stay with Tully. They have always found a way to make up just like they did in 1975 when Tully ran away from her granny’s place and showed up at Kate’s place. She asked her to run away together and help her track down her dad.

At present time, Johnny wakes up and Kate is happy that he is finally conscious. She leaves the hospital room to let the doctors run more tests. In the hallway, she overhears Tully speaking to her lawyers. Tully tells her that she is being sued for ten million dollars for breaking her contract. Kate tells her that she won’t go through it alone. They head back to the hospital room and as they are talking with Johnny, the rude intern they used to work with, Charlie shows up. She is dating Johnny now. The episode ends with an accident happening six months later.

The Episode Review

This episode only answered one question that we have been asking since the last season’s finale. We know that Johnny is alive and on the road to recovery. However, we don’t have a clue about the biggest mystery from last season’s cliffhanger, what happened to Tully and Kate’s relationship?

We also have a new mystery about the accident, who got hurt and whether it has anything to do with the soulmate’s fallout. It’ll be intriguing to find out but for now, we’ll have to wait and see!

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