Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 15 “Moondance” Recap & Review



Episode 15 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Kate picturing herself on a horse, riding without a care in the world. Unfortunately, she passes out at her wedding party and everyone is trying to help her wake up. Emotions are high, but she wakes up and tells everyone she is fine.

She assures everyone that she probably danced too much and will go and rest. Marah and Margie worry that there is more going on with Kate.

In her room, Tully confronts Kate for not telling them that her cancer is back. Kate explains that she wanted to have a normal wedding. Tully tells her that she will not leave her side but Kate asks her to excuse them as it is their wedding night. She asks Tully to get a ride home with Danny and solve their issues. Kate and Johnny have an amazing night as newlyweds and try to only embrace the present.

On the ride back home, Tully and Danny talk about Kate’s new diagnosis and Tully is worried that it’s bad. She is hoping to get Kate into a trial and she will be miraculously healed. Danny tries to stay positive for her.

They also broach the subject of Celeste and the future of their relationship. Danny admits that he knows Tully has feelings for him and he shares the same feeling for her. Tully is cautious as she is worried and scared she is not good in relationships. She asks Danny to allow them to be friends so she can focus on Kate and her treatment.

A few days later, Kate has a talk with a therapist and shares her concerns. Kate says she doesn’t think it is the end and is hoping the alternative therapies Johnny has her on will work. She is also hopeful that Tully will get her on a new drug trial which will give her a better chance of survival. The therapist asks her to talk about herself instead of worrying about Marah and how the rest of the family is feeling.

Kate admits she feels guilty for being sick again and scaring everyone. She knows it is not her fault but still blames herself. The therapist asks her to visualize what she considers to be free and she pictures herself riding a horse.

She later heads back home and meets with Tully who tells her about an upcoming call with a possible trial.  She is certain she can convince the doctor to include Kate in his promising trial. Kate also asks Tully to join them the next night for the Dama Luna (moon ritual)

The next morning, Marah shows up high during the day and Johnny gets angry and yells at her for the things she said to Kate. Marah feels like Kate is dying and it has ruined everything. Kate goes to her therapy session and admits she is frustrated with everything going on. She thinks her friends and family are so focused on trying to save her that they don’t see she is dying. They are not ready for that conversation.

Kate is right; Tully loses it when the doctor turns Kate down because her cancer is too aggressive. Danny tries to comfort her and give her hope about a trial he is looking into. Tully pleads with him to follow up because she wants to save Kate so badly.

She is feeling helpless so she asks Danny to have sex with her with no strings attached. Danny tries to resist but ultimately agrees even though he cautions her it is a bad idea. The next morning, things get awkward in bed and Danny tries to get Tully to let him in. She, however, refuses and asks him to leave.

On the other hand, Kate is feeling inspired to work on her story. Marah is still being mean and Kate invites her to their moon ritual and says she can wear Kate’s sapphire necklace. Marah says she won’t be attending the ritual and Johnny is not too pleased with her. They later have a talk a few days later.

Marah is aware her mom is dying and feels like the adults are lying to her. Johnny tells her that it is not looking hopeful and that they have to be ready for the changes in life. He tells her that they should hold on and make it through together even if they are all scared. Kate overhears their conversation and is moved. She decides to go horse riding and feels great afterwards. She returns home and Johnny is ready to her about her wishes for her funeral.

Before the ritual, Kate brings up her wishes and what schools she wants Marah to look into. Johnny is not ready for the talk especially after Kate gives them a blessing to date if she dies. Tully and Kate are shocked and Johnny leaves as he wants to continue to think positively. Tully also asks Kate to change the topic and give her the details of the night she spent with Danny.

At the moon ritual, Kate shares her feeling about her cancer and Margie gets overwhelmed. She feels it is unfair that Kate is dying when she always took time to look after herself. Cloud comforts her and asks her to rejoin the ritual to help Kate.

The next morning, Danny informs Tully that he got Kate into the trial. Tully is happy and confesses she loves him.


The KPOC team is celebrating Tully’s show being named the number 1 news show on the weekends. It has been 2 years since Kate and Johnny got married. They are also celebrating Johnny getting an award for a story he did on the homeless crisis in Seattle. We learn that Kate is working on a new novel and Johnny gives her a toast.

Kate is feeling so alive and glad that it is going so well. Tully and Mutt agree that they are having the time of their lives. Kate feels nauseous and Tully finds it strange that Kate is vomit way early into the party. She questions if Kate is pregnant but Kate is certain that she is not. She and Johnny have plans and it is not the right time for having a baby.

Tully suggest they steal a pregnancy test from Carol’s desk and find out for sure.  The test comes out positive and  Kate is bummed. Tully says she herself is not ready but their first concern is how to break the news to Johnny.  In the end, they both go to break the news to Johnny and Tully blurts it out as Kate was taking too long. As expected, Johnny is shaken to his core by the news. He tells Kate that plans change and that’s okay.

The next morning, Kate realizes that Johnny is not at a racquetball game as she thought. She and Tully fear he has run for the hills and start planning on how they will raise the kid together. Of course, Tully tells her that she won’t do it on her own. It turns out Johnny went to see his dad and confronts him because he is scared of repeating his mistake. His dad tells him to man-up and that he is in control of his own life and decisions.

Johnny drives back home and apologizes to Kate. He promises that they will be different from their parents and won’t let their kids down. Johnny is sure that with Kate by his side, he can be a good father.


A young Tully and Kate plan their lives as they fill out college application forms. Cloud interrupts them and asks them if they want to smoke a joint. She wants the girls to have more adventures with her and Kate is excited to try. They get high as they listen to music and eat snacks.

In the evening, Cloud suggests they go to the roof and watch the full moon. The three of them have a great time communing with the moon on the roof.  Cloud asks them to join her in dancing and she nearly trips. Kate tries to help her and ends up falling from the roof and breaking her ankle.

Tully suggests they head to the hospital but no one is available to drive them. Cloud offers to drive them even though she is high. They are pulled over by the police and Cloud is arrested after being found with drugs. Cloud is in violation of her parole and the police try to take away Tully but Margie decides to take her in. Cloud is angry but promises to come back and take her.

The episode then ends with a flashforward of ten years. Tully is the godmother of the bride and is excited. A smiling Kate is also present, wowed as usual by Tully’s announcement that she is ready for the wedding.

The Episode Review

I felt sad for Marah, it is not easy coming to terms with losing a parent. The feeling that the end is coming but there is nothing they can do must be frightening and consuming for everyone who loves Kate.

I am glad that Marah still has Tully and Johnny and her grandmother, they will help her through this loss. We have one episode left, prepare your tissues! It is going to be a cryfest!

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