Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 14 “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On” Recap & Review

I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On


Episode 14 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with the students at the play rehearsal; it is going as well as it can possibly be. Mr Waverly tells the kids that no play ever goes perfectly but the show must go on.

Kate and Coop rush to their hiding spot to make out and Coop is still a smooth talker. He tries to bring up the prom but Tully interrupts them and he quickly leaves. Kate assumes that he was on the verge of asking her to the prom and is excited. Tully, on the other hand, doesn’t care about that and is not looking forward to it.

On the day of the play, Tully is anxious about messing up but Kate promises to help. Kate is hoping that after the play, Coop will break into a song and ask her to be his girlfriend and prom date. I guess a girl can dream!

Tully doesn’t like Coop and shares as much with Kate who believes Coop is “protecting their relationship” by keeping it a secret.  Unfortunately, Tully is right. Coop asks another girl to the prom and tries to give excuses to Kate.

Tully is also surprised that Cloud remembered the play and wants to watch it. Sadly, Cloud is as high as a kite and keeps interrupting the play with her snide comments. As the play goes on a break, Tully and Coop get into a heated argument and Tully outs Coop’s secret relationship with Kate. Coop tries to deny it and Kate is hurt. In a fit of anger, Coop refuses to resume the play and leaves.

Kate takes up his role as Romeo and the play finishes smoothly. After the play, Coop tries to apologize and acknowledge Kate as his girlfriend. However, Kate tells him it is over and leaves with Tully.


The family and close friends are gathered at dinner to celebrate Kate’s upcoming wedding to Johnny. Tully and Sean give a great speech but it is clear that Kate’s parents have reservations about this marriage. The situation is tense but manageable.

On the day of the wedding, Danny calls Tully to get together since he is in town but Tully tells him she can’t make it. She instead invites him to Kate’s wedding and he agrees to show up if he can make it after his meeting. Thankfully, he manages to make it and Tully is happy to see him even for a short while.

The wedding is barely starting on the right foot. The wedding organizers apparently missed the message that the groom was changed. All the napkins have Theo’s initials and Tully steps in to do damage control. There is also the fact that everyone keeps talking about Theo and bringing him up. In the end, Kate has enough of the taunting and the little mumblings and addresses the guests before the couple says their vows.

She makes it clear that she loves Johnny and that he is not a rebound. She intends to continue loving him and asks anyone with a problem to speak up or forever hold their peace. The wedding goes smoothly after that and the couple enjoy their day. Danny and Tully say their goodbyes after the wedding and hope to meet again.

The next morning, Kate assures Tully that their relationship won’t change even though she is now married to Johnny. Nonetheless, Tully is sad when Kate leaves for her honeymoon.


The family and close friends are gathered at dinner to celebrate Kate’s upcoming second wedding to Johnny. Danny and Tully are in a flirty heated argument and Kate worries it might make Celeste who is present uncomfortable. Tully assures her that it is all good and Celeste loves her. Marah gives a toast to her parents and shares her excitement about college.

Kate starts feeling sick and rushes to the toilet to take her medicine in secret. In the meantime, Celeste has a talk with Tully about Danny and ends up kissing her. Kate finds the whole situation amusing when Tully confides in her.

She advises Tully to let Danny and Celeste figure themselves out or at least wait until her wedding is done before telling Danny what happened. Kate is determined to enjoy her wedding day and wants to keep the return of her cancer a secret.

Everyone is excited about the wedding and Johnny has a surprise performance prepared for his wife. He remembers his compass and goes to the bedroom. He finds Kate curled on the floor in pain. He realizes her cancer is back and Kate confirms it. He is furious that Kate kept the news to herself and he wanted to be there for her.

They agree they will tell everyone after the wedding but sadly, Tully was looking forward to going on a Paris trip with Kate to celebrate her cancer remission.

Meanwhile, Tully finds herself trying to avoid both Celeste and Danny.  Danny corners her and shares he feels trapped but she asks him to figure it out as she needs to help Kate first. Cloud picks up on the weird energy between the three and tells Tully to admit she loves Danny. She finds it funny that Celeste made a move on Tully.

Either way, Cloud suggests a threesome or Danny and Tully sorting their feelings for each other out. In the end, Danny overhears the conversation between Celeste and Tully, so he confronts Celeste and she breaks up with him.

Back to the wedding, Johnny and Kate have a beautiful second wedding as their family and close friends watch them say their vows again. Tully does an amazing job officiating the wedding and capturing Johnny’s and Kate’s love journey in the ceremony.

During the party, Tully notices that Johnny seems worried as he watches Kate dance and realizes that the cancer is back. Tully has a panic attack and Danny tries to calm her down. Tully collects herself and heads back to the party. At the same time, Kate passes out on the dance floor so Tully and Johnny rush to help her.

The Episode Review

This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. We had two weddings and the sad news that Kate’s cancer is back. There was also Danny and Celeste’s break up which was probably the only silver lining in this episode.

It is somehow deeply sad when you compare the two weddings. In the first wedding, Kate and Johnny were full of hope about the future and Tully was worried about losing her friend but it turned out to be a baseless worry.

In the second wedding, Johnny is deeply hoping for a future when Kate is starting to resign herself to the fact there is no future. This time around, Tully’s fear is real because she is in fact losing Kate and she is not sure how she will handle that.

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