Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 13 “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Recap & Review

Can’t Fight This Feeling


Episode 13 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Johnny feeling anxious at a wedding as Sean leaves to get someone. It turns out that it is Marah’s wedding day and Tully is helping her get ready.


Tully and Kate are hanging out and planning Kate’s bachelorette party. Tully wants them to go all out in Vegas but Kate doesn’t want a  big spectacle. Kate informs her that Marah is the Maid of Honor and Tully says that she gets it. Tully is still pissed that she is not even allowed to be a bridesmaid. To calm Tully down, Kate makes her the official guest of honour.

A few days later, Kate has her bridal shower and Tully goes above and beyond to make everything look and taste nice. Kate’s mom shares her relief that Kate is putting the cancer behind her and she is friends with Tully again.

Tully tries to make everything special and has a wall full of their old photos. She tells Marah about the old days when her mom used to date Coop, and they spot a photo of Lisa-Karen who died when she was young.

As the party goes on, Kate gets pissed that Marah and Tully drove together to the event. Tully tries to tell her that she is overreacting. They get into a fight because Kate is also angry that Tully ignored her wishes and threw her a bridal shower. Kate excuses herself and Tully decides to leave because she thinks Kate doesn’t need her anymore since the cancer is gone.

She tells Kate’s mom, Margie, that she felt abandoned by Kate when they had a fallout and Kate has not forgiven her. Margie asks if she has forgiven Kate.

On the other hand, Cloud tries to assure Marah that it is not her fault that Tully and Kate got into a fight. Cloud tells her that the fight was a way for Tully and Kate to reset their friendship to sort out the root cause of their issues.

Tully returns and confesses that she is angry at Kate, and Kate is surprised as to why. Tully explains that she came back, no questions asked and devoted herself to Kate. She tells Kate that she made a mistake but how Kate handled it was hurtful for her. She notes that unintentionally hurting Marah was the biggest regret of her life and she is sorry for that. She, however, felt abandoned by everyone in the Malarkey family.

She points out that Kate shut her out because she was never truly family. She feels Kate lied to her every time she told her that she will always be family and doesn’t know how to forgive her for it. Kate apologizes and tells her that she is family. Kate explains that it is a process but she is learning to forgive her, and as a result, they make up and everyone is relieved that the Firefly Lane girls are back.

Tully returns home and finds Danny at her doorstep. He asks her if she will be the best woman at his wedding with Celeste, and she says yes.

After the party, Kate and Johnny decide they should ask Tully to officiate their wedding.


Theo and Kate are having dinner and discussing their wedding. As they kiss, Kate can’t help but remember her kiss with Johnny in the office. Theo notices Kate seems off but she says she is simply stressed from the wedding preparations. Theo advises her not to stress too much, to embrace the moment and have fun picking a wedding dress the next day.

The following day, Kate goes to work and attempts to put up boundaries between her and Johnny. Interestingly, they are working on a top bridal looks story and one of the models has an issue and fails to show up. Tully asks Kate to step in. Kate hesitantly agrees and puts on the wedding dress. Johnny is startled when he sees her in a wedding dress and tries to avoid acting on his feelings for her.

He later visits her at home and confesses that he still loves her. Kate is angry at first and tells him that he never wanted to marry her. She blames him for their break-up and says she is happy with Theo. However, they start making out and have some “transcendent sex.”

Kate starts freaking out for cheating on Theo and tells Johnny that it was goodbye sex and they should stop hurting Theo. She admits that she loves Johnny but they have no future together. Her mom calls and she leaves the room to allow Johnny to have a shower and leave. She heads to the verandah to speak with her mom and Theo comes in, turning on the TV to watch Tully’s report on the storm.

Afterwards, he hears the shower running and assumes it is Kate. He starts taking off his clothes to get in but is beyond shocked to find Johnny there. Kate hears an agonizing scream from the bathroom and finds Theo writhing on the floor, clutching the shower curtain. Johnny explains that Theo accidentally slipped and fell, with something popping. The paramedics arrive and unfortunately, Theo popped his balls and lost a testicle. Theo asks for his granny’s ring and ultimately calls off the engagement.

Kate asks Johnny to leave as she is disappointed in herself and for hurting Theo.

In the meantime, Cloud visits Tully at KPOC and asks for her help. Cloud is clearly high and angry that she was kicked out of a restaurant. Tully offers to get her food and help her sober up but Cloud leaves angry after cussing her out. Mutt checks in but Tully refuses to acknowledge Cloud as her mom. On her way out, Cloud causes a ruckus and cusses at the employees at the station.

Tully returns home and listens to Kate, trying not to laugh. She tells Kate not to be too hard on herself but just then the phone rings – it’s Johnny. Kate refuses to talk to him so Tully puts him on the loudspeaker. Johnny apologizes and hangs up before Kate speaks.

It turns out he was outside their door and proposes to Kate. She happily says yes and Tully is relieved that the lovebirds are finally back together. The three of them pop champagne and celebrate.


Kate is at work and her friendship with Lisa-Karen is going well. Lisa-Karen even invites her to dinner with her parents. Coop shows up at the restaurant and Lisa-Karen excuses herself to go have fun with Coop. She and Coop head over to a place called Make Out Point and have sex in the car as it continues to rain heavily.

Meanwhile, Lisa-Karen remains behind to close the restaurant. Unfortunately, she is hit by lightning and dies while taking out the trash. Kate is devastated and Tully is angry with her mom for trying to tell them that Lisa-Karen is at peace.

At school, Mr Waverly tries to help the students grieve the loss of Lisa-Karen. Kate is surprised by how the other students are acting as if they are so heartbroken by the girl’s death. She calls out the students for their behaviour and how they treated Lisa-Karen when she was alive. Tully tries to calm her down and tells Kate that the students are sad. Kate accuses her of not understanding as she was not nice to Lisa-Karen either.

Later, Coop sneaks into Kate’s room and checks in on her. Kate asks him to stay and hold her but they are interrupted by Tully who shows up to apologize to Kate. Kate refuses to acknowledge her apology and is mean to her.

Tully returns and asks Kate to stop being a bitch. Kate admits that she blames herself for Lisa-Karen’s death, and wishes she had stayed as she was supposed to and closed the restaurant. According to her, she was the one supposed to die that night. Tully comforts her and tells her that she is never leaving. The episode ends with Kate getting a concerning call from her doctor asking her to come in for a  PET scan as soon as possible.

The Episode Review

We finally found out what happened to Theo and I feel sad for him. This is probably the worst, yet funny break-up ever on TV. Poor Theo! However, it is still good that Johnny found the courage to propose to Kate as it is clear they love each other. It is about time they stop hurting each other and other people, giving in to their feelings in the process.

The ending scene was heartbreaking. Kate has so much to live for and unfortunately, her future looks grim. We can only hope that she conquers once again but we all know it is wishful thinking.

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