Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 12 “Time After Time” Recap & Review

Time After Time


Episode 12 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Tully doing a report on a story about when it is too late to find love. The story is based on a study from two ivy league universities which claimed that single women over the age of 35 are more likely to die in a terrorist attack than get married.

The story doesn’t sit well with Carol and she calls out Tully for not fact-checking the study. Tully feels that she didn’t have to fact-check because all major news outlets are already doing the story. She tells Kate that she hates that Carol is right and devotes herself to fact-checking the story.

The story has already gone viral and women are calling the studio to complain. Kate admits that the story made her feel scared too but Tully reminds her that she is marrying Theo.

Unfortunately, Kate is yet to find the perfect date to hold the wedding ceremony. She has a myriad of excuses and Tully thinks she might not be ready for marriage. To prove that she is ready, Kate randomly selects a date in Spring which is only a few months away. She calls Theo and tells him the date.

Johnny overhears and is crushed. He is not the only one, Tully is also sad as she was hoping to continue being roommates with Kate for much longer.

Tully is also sad because Danny is in New York so she goes therapy shopping. She gets Kate an engagement present. She tells Kate that she will have to issue a retraction on the single women’s story because she did more research and the study was flawed.

Johnny decides to find solace in the bottle and a random woman he meets in a bar. Unfortunately, he is unable to forget Kate and feels like he is cheating on her. He stops the rendezvous from going any further and the woman is disappointed. They leave the hotel room and forget the watch Kate gave him for his birthday. He tries to find it but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Tully issues a retraction and even swears on the evening news without the permission of her boss. This puts her and Johnny in the bad books with the boss. Kate tries to comfort Johnny and he shares that he is sad about losing the watch. Kate asks him not to worry about it but he says it was the last piece of their relationship. Kate kisses him and Mutt catches the kiss on tape.

Kate comes to her senses and remembers she is engaged to Theo. She tells Johnny that it was a goodbye kiss and hurriedly leaves.


Kate and Tully are at work, playing out as waiters at Burger Planet, USA. Coop and his friends are also at the restaurant and are basically being little menaces to society. They keep throwing tissues and chips at each other, making the waiters’ jobs harder. However, Kate is more worried that Tully has a crush on Mr Waverly and might be expelled if she acts on her feelings.

The manager asks Tully and Kate to clean up the mess and Coop tries to scold his friends and help Kate. Kate is still ignoring that Coop doesn’t acknowledge her in public, while Tully feels like Kate is wasting her time. Kate, on the other hand, feels like Tully is playing with fire by trying to seduce the English teacher. They get into a fight and decide to drop the topic.

Tully decides to ask for Mr Waverly’s help to learn her lines. She keeps addressing her as Sam and the teacher is at first unsure what to say. Once it becomes clear that Tully is hitting on him, he puts boundaries between them. He lets her down easily and tells her that he sees her as a child and has no intention to have any romantic relationship with her. Tully is bummed but Kate comforts her and assures her that she will always be there for her.

The next day, Kate asks Coop why he is hiding their relationship and he gives her a sob story about how he has so many pressures at school and home. He says that the only good thing is his time with Kate and he wants to protect their relationship.

Kate melts after hearing the story and they start making out at the back of Burger Planet. They are interrupted by Lisa, who finds hope in the fact that Kate can date a “hottie “ like Coop. Lisa hopes she can get her crush to take her to prom and Kate starts having hope that Coop will ask her too.


Johnny and Kate are getting ready to go to Carol’s retirement party at KPOC. Kate is worried that she doesn’t look good but Johnny assures her she is still smoky fine and a cancer warrior. On the other hand, Danny and Tully are also getting ready. Danny’s girlfriend has a thing and can’t attend the party. Tully doesn’t mind and is looking forward to the event.

They soon arrive at KPOC and remark on how it feels like stepping into a time bomb. Nothing much has changed and even Mutt is still there. Carol greets them and calls Kate brave for her fight against cancer.

The party rages on and they start to reminisce about the good old days. In particular, Kate wants to find out who kissed who, the night she broke up with Theo. Kate is sure that Johnny is the one who made the move but he argues otherwise.

They spend the best part of the night looking for footage that Mutt took on that day to prove who is right. They are unable to find that moment on the tape. It turns out that Kate was the one who made the first move but Johnny goes along with her story to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, Tully and Danny talk about their old selves and Danny admits that one of his dreams didn’t come true. He tells Tully that his girlfriend is pushing him to propose and he is unsure. He doesn’t feel ready, especially as Tully tells him about her marriage to Max.

She advises him to let go of his fears and go for it if he loves Celeste. Tully is living on the perspective that life is short and time is not promised. Kate’s cancer was a wake-up call to her and she is “yolo-ing.” She later has a conversation with Carol and decides to get back to a bigger audience. She starts plotting how to get back and host her own talk show.

After the party, Danny and Tully return home and try to ignore the feelings between them. Tully decides to call her agent Justine and start looking into getting back on a national platform. The next morning, she tells Kate that she is sure she is in love with Danny.

Kate is not surprised; even a blind person can see these two have feelings for each other. She advises Tully to confess her feelings to Danny even though he is dating Celeste.

Tully follows Kate’s advice and prepares a speech on how she will approach Danny. She heads out and is surprised to see Danny and Celeste back from their engagement ring shopping. She pretends that she was heading out to meet Kate but she is heartbroken.

The Episode Review

I am so eager to find out what happened between Kate and Theo. It is clear they broke up but how did it go down and what happened to Theo’s balls?

Danny and Tully have been in love with each other for so long. I hope he doesn’t marry Celeste, that would be a big mistake. It is still unclear if the wedding we saw in the previous episode was for Tully but, let us hope she is marrying Danny!

It is safe to assume that Kate has beaten cancer and is in recovery but for now, there are still question marks about how everything has occurred. Hopefully, we will learn more in the next episode.

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