Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 11 “The Breast is Yet To Come” Recap & Review

The Breast is Yet To Come

2006 -2007

Episode 11 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with Kate asking Tully what took her so long. They joke lightly before Kate gets to the heart of the matter and tells Tully about her cancer diagnosis. Kate admits that she finds it exhausting to be the centre of attention and she’s scared.

Tully jokes that she might want to try being a bitch so that no one cares if she dies. They hug and Kate tells her that she has been knitting the scarf for her. They comfort each other and Kate cries in Tully’s arms.

The next morning, Kate wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror. She decides to try and have some sexy time with Johnny. The chemotherapy has left the couple stranded in the “sex desert” but Johnny is understanding and doesn’t want to pressure Kate. She is done with the chemo but since the doctor has said it could take a while, he wants to wait till Kate is ready.

Kate tries to initiate sex between them but feels awkward when Johnny gets close to her breast. She is scared that the rashes might turn him off. The alarm goes off and they decide to try another time. Johnny still tries to cheer her up and assure her that they will get their groove back.

Later, Kate calls Tully to remind her about the hospital appointment. Tully says she remembers and asks how Kate is doing. Kate is ready for her operation and can’t wait to say goodbye to her old boobs and hello to the new ones. Tully tries to cheer her up and keep apologizing, Kate finds it strange but Tully says that she has changed.

Kate admits that things might be weird between them for a while but she is glad they are back in each other’s lives.

After the call, Tully prances around her house naked trying to find something to wear and is shocked to find Danny lounging on her sofa, enjoying some snacks. Danny is also shocked to see her back. He explains that he has been using her home as his man cave. He later shows up to apologize and pick up the cell phone he left behind.

He feels like Tully has been leaving him out because she reunited with Kate. He is hurt and Tully tells him that she didn’t mean to avoid him. She starts telling him about Kate but his girlfriend shows up and they leave.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Kate and Johnny that it is looking good and she can be ready for breast reconstruction in 6-12 months. She asks about their sex life and tries to assure the couple that it will get better. Kate is only focused on getting cancer behind them and getting new breasts, as she doesn’t feel like hers were ever special.

After the hospital, Tully throws Kate a “boob voyage party” for just the two of them. They enjoy their girl time and Kate realizes that she has always had a love-hate relationship with her boobs. They wonder how their breasts have defined their lives and joke around.

In the end, Kate realizes that her breasts are beautiful and she will miss them. Tully tries to encourage her and keep her spirits up about beating the odds.

Tully heads back home and Danny stops by. She tells him about Kate’s diagnosis and comforts her as she admits that she is scared she will lose Kate. He helps her calm down and they decide to watch a movie. On the other hand, Kate and Johnny finally get their groove back and have some steamy sex in the shower.

The next morning, Kate goes to the hospital for her operation and everyone tries to stay strong and hope for the best.


Kate is trying to nurse Marah and is frustrated that she doesn’t have enough breast milk. Marah is also hungry and can’t stop crying. Johnny tries to help by reading her the book on breastfeeding and they start fighting. He thinks that Kate should reconsider giving Marah formula milk. Kate is going through it and feels like she is failing as a mother since she can’t breastfeed.

She is already feeling judged by the women in her Mommy and Me group and the lactation helper is not helping either. She is taking the herbs and following the instructions but so far the milk is not flowing.

Kate is also stressed since Tully is in New York and can’t be there to help. She and Johnny watch Tully’s show and Kate starts wondering if Tully’s breasts have changed.

Kate leaves a message for Tully and tells her how proud she is of her. Of course, she asks about the boobs. It turns out that Tully’s producer thought her big breasts were distracting viewers and wanted her to wear a minimizing bra.

The day rolls by and the lactation helper drops by and tells Kate she needs to bond with Marah and let go of her stress. Johnny and Kate get into another fight though and she takes Marah and leaves for a walk to destress.

She runs into Theo and he is still hurt by their failed engagement. He also holding a grudge because something happened to his testicles while he was dating Kate and now he only has one ball. He is not exactly happy to see that Kate married Johnny and they have a child together.

Kate heads back home to find her mom and Sean and feels even more frustrated. Especially, since her mom thinks that it is okay to feed Marah formula. She feels judged and condemned with everyone giving her their opinions. She, however, feels better after listening to Tully’s voicemail. Tully encourages her to stop feeling guilty and putting pressure on herself to breastfeed. According to Tully, parenting is hard enough without the extra guilt and self-shaming. Boy, is she right on that!

Kate decides to give Marah some formula and stop pushing herself to breastfeed. There is finally peace in the house as Marah sleeps.


Kate is looking at herself in the mirror trying to make her breasts look big by adding tissues to her bra. She wants to impress Coop and Tully tries to fix the tissues in Kate’s bra so that it looks more natural. Kate is still on cloud nine following her kiss with Coop and can’t believe the popular school jock is into her. Tully tells her that Coop is the one who has no idea how lucky he is to have Kate.

At school, Coop ignores Kate in public but is eager to reconnect with her lips in private. He argues that he hates being the subject of gossip and that he wants to protect their relationship as it is so pure. On the other hand, Tully has developed a crush on Mr Waverly. The new crush has set Tully on the thespian road and she is now looking forward to the play.

The episode ends with a flash forward to 10 years later. Johnny and Sean are at what looks like a wedding. Johnny is anxious about the bride showing up but there is a knock in Tully’s room. She is wearing white lingerie and getting ready when she hears a knock. She asks the other party to be patient as they can’t start without her.

The Episode Review

I think this episode did a good job of portraying how most women feel about their breasts. There is always the pressure when we are young to have the perfect breasts. Soon, we grow up and we worry about milk production and whether our breasts are failing us when it comes to breastfeeding. The pressure and judgment that comes with that are the worst.

Later on in life, many women still wonder if their breasts are good enough and a million other things based on the things that are said to them daily about their boobs. I think we could all take a tip from Tully and realize we are more than a great rack!

It is also good to see that Tully and Kate are back. Of course, this has not been easy on Tully too and I am glad she has Danny. Is she marrying Danny in the upcoming episode? Whose wedding was it? I guess we will find out in the next episode!

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