Firefly Lane – Season 2 Episode 10 “All the World’s a Stage” Recap & Review

All the World’s a Stage


Episode 10 of Firefly Lane season 2 starts with young Tully and Kate hanging out in Kate’s room playing truth and dare. The scene cuts to Kate in her chemotherapy session with Johnny sitting by her side. He teases her about the scarf she is making and soon the nurse comes to check on Kate and take her off the machine.

They head home and Kate tries to make a sandwich but Johnny and Marah keep trying to help which overwhelms her. Marah has her first formal coming up and Kate suggests they go dress shopping together. Marah quickly agrees but Johnny worries if Kate will be up to it.

Kate feels overwhelmed once again with everyone treating her like she is fragile and goes out to catch some fresh air. She tries to call Tully but gets her voicemail. She leaves her a message and asks her to call back.

She later decides to write thank you notes to all the people who sent her banana bread. She is not a fan but similarly, doesn’t want to be rude. Sean stops by to check on her and brings another loaf. Sean asks about her nausea and chemotherapy, just as Kate’s phone rings. When she checks, Kate is disappointed that it is not Tully calling her back.

In the meantime, Tully is on the Southern Coast of Antarctica working on a project about global warming. There is no network so she can’t receive or make calls. She and the team are extremely isolated from human civilization. Tully doesn’t care much as she thinks no one is waiting for her back home.

The director invites her to join them for another project in Galapagos. Tully agrees to take on the job and is looking forward to some sunshine, away from the cold weather in Antarctica.

Back in Seattle, Kate starts losing her hair but she still pushes herself to go dress shopping with Marah. She runs into an old friend who calls her inspiring and offers to help in any way. Kate makes a joke but starts feeling nauseous and vomits.

After she and Marah drive back home and she tries to put up a strong face for Marah. She once again tries to call Tully, she is convinced Tully is ignoring her and has a grudge against her. She leaves a message for Tully telling her that she needs her and things have been really bad.

A few days later, Kate’s mom visits and notes that Kate seems tired. Kate tells her it is normal with chemotherapy, but her mom suggests that Kate should take her mental health into consideration. She asks Kate to think about reaching out to Tully as she could use a friend in her battle against cancer.

After finishing up her project, Tully and her team leave for Santiago, Chile. On the way, Tully realizes that she can check her phone for messages and is surprised to see 18 missed calls from Kate. She quickly makes her way to Seattle and Johnny welcomes her.

Tully asks what is going on and Johnny simply tells her that Kate is upstairs. Tully is surprised to enter the room and find a bald Kate knitting on her bed.


Kate is excited to be back after her 6-week Europe trip with Theo. Tully wants to throw her a welcome-back party but Kate is not sure it is a good idea because Johnny will be there. Tully questions why she is concerned about him when she is supposed to be happily in love with Theo. She assures Kate that they will not be inviting Johnny.

Tully is excited to have Kate back and wants to share a huge milestone in her career. She shows Kate the new ad for the KPOC weekends news show which she will be headlining. Kate is ecstatic for her and Johnny happens to see them. He exchanges an awkward greeting with Kate and a Tully fan interrupts them. Tully is happy to be recognized and says that she does the job to connect with people.

Kate leaves for a job interview as she was fired from KPOC after the fire. The interview bombs because of the sexist remarks the male interviewer keeps on making. Kate shares her frustrations about the interview with Tully, and the latter is mad, deciding to take action and wanting to do a story on the double standards women face in the job market.

She recruits the help of Kate and Johnny to go undercover and record the interviews. Johnny is excited to be working with Kate again.

As expected, the undercover interview proves that women get the short end of the stick in the job market. Tully uses her celebrity status to convince the security guard in the company to allow them inside to confront the manager after finishing the undercover interviews.

Finally, Kate’s welcome party rolls by and everyone looks stoked to see her with Theo. Her dad is especially happy that Johnny is out of the picture. Her mom even tells her that she traded up. As they speak, Johnny makes a surprise appearance to share the good news of Kate being hired back at KPOC. He didn’t know about the party and feels left out. However, what hit him the hardest was Theo’s proposal to Kate who obviously says yes.

Everyone is happy and excited as Tully rushes to get the camera. She is shocked to see the security guy who helped with her story in the house. The guard is angry that Tully is trying to put some boundaries between them and attacks. Luckily, the people hear Tully’s scream and Theo rushes to help her like a true knight in armour.

After the party, Theo stays behind to keep guard and Kate checks in on Tully. Tully is just realizing that stardom comes with stalkers and Kate promises they will take measures to keep her safe. Tully is also worried that Kate is getting married to Theo and that means she will be left alone. Kate assures her that she will always be there for her.


Kate and Tully are in high school and have a new English teacher, Mr Waverly. He is different from their former English teacher and wants to stage a play of Romeo and Juliet. He asks the kids to consider auditioning for the play. Kate is excited as she loves Shakespeare but Tully just can’t wait for high school to be over.

The class starts auditioning but Tully shows no interest in the play. The teacher tries to persuade her to take a shot but Tully still shows no inclination to be part of the play. Kate tries but freezes on stage and reads her lines awkwardly. Tully tries to motivate her and give her hope of being Juliet but Mr Waverly chooses Tully to play Juliet.

Tully is not happy and feels it is a mistake. She is also worried that Kate might feel sad so Tully confronts Mr Waverly and he tells her to consider being in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Kate hides at the school theatre and cries that Coop is also at the theatre to practice as he will play Romeo. Kate is surprised that Coop knows her name and thinks he wants to be introduced to Tully.

Coop tells Kate that he doesn’t understand what the play is about and Kate tries to explain it to him. He pulls her in for a kiss while at the same time, Tully calls out for Kate as she is worried that she may be sad and crying alone. Coop quickly hides and Tully is surprised that Kate seems happy.

The Episode Review

I suppose it took a life-threatening change for Kate to forgive Tully. I am glad that Kate was the first to reach out to Tully once again. She knew that she will need Tully back and it is great that Tully dropped everything and rushed to her side.

I can’t imagine all the thoughts going through Tully’s head as she sees her friend in that last scene. It is clear that we will be crying in this final instalment of Firefly Lane so best to grab our tissues early!

Now that Tully is back, what happens next and where do the girls go from here? I’m sure we’ll find out in the next episode!

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