Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange Episode 2 opens with Shun spying on Daigo while he trains late at night. Shun thinks he is doing it out of a guilty conscience or a secret deal, recalling what he had witnessed. Onoda joins him and questions him about what he had been talking about with the sergeant. However, Daigo refuses to claim friendship.

After Daigo leaves, Yuki pops out and claims she has been copying what Daigo has been doing. She tells him that since the morning group responsibility got canceled, Daigo did the equivalent of the entire group. A total of 750 reps.

Inspired by them, Shun begins to do squats. Sargent Yamagami and the higher-up take a look at Shun doing his workout and release a sigh of relief. 

On another day, the five assemble for a test drill. The sergeant briefs them about their duties and allots roles. Yuki gets assigned to the hose, and Daigo and Shun are assigned to the search and rescue while the other two secure the area.

Shun aspires to be the one to save the survivor. They begin the search and rescue with Yuki using the hose to lead them in. Shun’s visibility gets reduced due to the steam and smoke, but he sees Daigo crawl on the ground and remembers the sergeant’s words. He begins to crawl as well.

Daigo gives him signals with the rope connecting them, giving Shun a clue of which rooms haven’t been searched yet. Entering further into the room, Shun almost gives up hope, but then realizes Daigo has already reached the next room.

Shun finally manages to find the survivor dummy and alerts the others by tugging the rope twice. They pick up the survivor and head towards the exit but are stopped by the sergeant and informed that the door is closed due to negative pressure.

The three head in a different direction, and Yuki uses the hose to clear a path for them. They manage to find a stairway to safety. Shun carries the survivor up the stairs and realizes the smoke is getting blacker.

Daigo offers his own mask to the dummy survivor and holds his breath until he reaches the top. Just as he is about to pass out, Daigo offers him his own mask at the end of Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange Episode 2 brings us some more firefighting action, even if it is a training session with a dummy. The chapter does an amazing job of revealing the practices of firefighters in difficult situations. The rope communication and crawling to avoid smoke and find unconscious survivors are very insightful, especially for people who aren’t familiar with firefighting practices.

The anime attempts to make the scene deeper and tries to humanize the dummy by overlaying the picture with an actual human in Shun’s eyes. Considering this is only a training session, is a good move on their part to make the scene more emotionally intense.

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